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The ONLINE ASD 2003 Dream Telepathy Contest

June 30-July1 2003

About the Contest

For many years the Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Conference has hosted a Dream Telepathy Contest. A favorite conference special event, the contest design reproduces in simplified form the experiments of Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner done at the Maimonides Dream Laboratory in Brooklyn, NY and reported in their book Dream Telepathy Experiments in Nocturnal ESP (Penguin Books, 1973). Robert Van de Castle, who successfully participated as a telepathic receiver in the original research at Maimonides, initiated this contest at the second annual ASD conference at the University of Virginia in 1985.

In the past, only those who physically attended the ASD conference could participate in this intriguing event. However, in the last few years the facilitators Bob Van de Castle and Rita Dwyer (with the help of Richard Wilkerson, Jean Campbell, Scott Hughes, Ed Kellogg and Linda Magallón) have opened the Dream Telepathy Contest to those who would like to participate online as well.

How will the ONLINE ASD 2003  Dream Telepathy Contest Work?

The target pool consists of four pictures sealed in opaque envelopes. The pictures are kept secret until the day after the event.

On Monday night, June  30, 2003 about 9:30Pm PST, a designated sender (non-participant) will randomly select one of the envelopes, which he/she will open later on in private. During the night the sender will "telepathically broadcast" the selected picture, in terms of the image itself and of its associated cognitive and emotional content. Try to "tune into" this broadcast while you are dreaming.

Go here to meet the designated sender!

The next morning, Tuesday, July 1, 2003, write down any dreams in detail, paying particular attention to dreams in which you feel that you may have successfully "tuned in".

By 6 AM Pacific Daylight Time the four target pictures will below. Select the best match between your dream and one of the pictures. Email your dream and the Number of the selection to dreamrita@aol.com    (to be sure, describe the picture a little as well as including number)

 Please get your choice in by 9am Pacific Daylight Time.

Here is the official announcement we are sending out online:

The Four Picture Targets -

2 3 4

Winning Picture #1



Select for larger picture

To qualify as an official entry, you must

Submit your dreams before 12 PM EDT  (US Eastern Daylight Time)

July 1, 2003

 Here's how:

  • At the top of your entry, type an identification. You may use your actual name, your e-mail address or make up a chat room name.
  • Type the number of the target picture (#1, #2, #3 or #4) you feel best matches your dream(s).
  • Type the dream(s).

For example:

I am dreaming that...

Then, do one of these:

1. Post your entry on the ASD 2001 Dream Telepathy thread of the ASD Bulletin Board at https://asdreams.org/subidxdiscussionsbboard.htm

2. E-mail your entry to DreamRita@aol.com.

Sometime on Tuesday, July 1 or Wed, July 2,  we will post the target picture, so that you can judge for yourself the success of your efforts. Good dreaming!

The Winning Picture Target


You can read about the ASD 1999 Dream Telepathy Contest at: https://asdreams.org/telepathy/99dwyer.htm

Or the ASD 2000 Dream Telepathy Contest at: https://asdreams.org/telepathy/contest2000/index.htm

How can I Incubate a Telepathic Dream?

Many methods for dream incubation exist, but the key to all of them is focused intent before you dream and clear recall after you awaken.

To concentrate on the contest just before going to sleep, you might simply say to yourself:

"Tonight I will have a vivid dream about the ASD 2003 Dream Telepathy Contest target picture.

Tomorrow morning when I wake, I will have clear, detailed recall of this dream."

In the morning, before you get out of bed, run your dream over and over in your mind. Once the dream is firm in your memory, rise and write out everything you can recall. Even seemingly unimportant dream fragments may relate to the dream target.

Then come view the four picture targets. Be ready to e-mail your dream or post it on the ASD Bulletin Board.

 If you have comments or questions, go to the ASD Bulletin Board.

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