APRIL 2011
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laurette dupuis

In the March Dream News we included a photo of Laurette Dupuis. Problem was, it was the wrong Laurette Dupuis. Above is the “real” Laurette Dupuis. Our apologies to both Laurette Dupuis’, especially to our very own IASD one!


Mary Ziemer has developed a lucid dream alchemy website www.LucidDreamAlchemy.com 

Mary Ziemer
She uses alchemical emblems to better understand the characteristics of the lucid dream state. The website looks at lucid dreams from a psycho-spiritual perspective via the lenses of alchemy and surrender. This perspective shows how alchemical emblems can be used to track the transformative process of “awaking in sleep.” The site also includes examples of lucid dreams of surrender and free downloads, including A Guide to Lucid Dreams of Surrender.

Craig Webb sent the following link for Dream News readers because “it links to important issues that seem to affect us all”: www.dreams.ca/wheat

Layne Dalfen introduces to IASD members a new social networking site called http://www.dreamcatcher.net 

dream catcher logo

Fully integrated with leading social network infrastructures such as Facebook and Twitter, dreamcatcher.net is a global social network of dreamers creating a community of sharing dreams and stories of synchronicity. An on-line journal, where you can also post stories of synchronicity in your life, will encourage real sharing amongst friends. Similar to Facebook, each journal post allows the dreamcatcher.net member to opt for complete privacy, "friends only" sharing, or complete public sharing. When you join you’ll see an option to enter a “seedcode,” which is IASD.



IASD luminary, Jayne Gackenbach will be hosting a weekly radio show titled “Video Games: Brain Gain or Drain? You can hear the show at http://tinyurl.com/4xbo94e and it’s available 24/7. If there are any topics, issues or events that you’d like her to cover on the show drop her a line at gackenbachj@macewan.ca  If you have a guest that you’d like to recommend who can address the topic of “technology and consciousness” please let Jayne know. If you have a business, a book or a service that could benefit from aligning with the radio show content, contact Mary Lou Davidson from Matrix Media at MaryLou@matrixmediainc.com  – 941-379-1440.

bernard arthur

Arthur Bernard, Ph.D. has written a book titled God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries.

The book teaches that there are several things about dreams that can turn lives around. It is based on his five years of facilitating dream seminars around the USA and his 30 years of a private psychotherapy practice. It is the first book to show clearly and concisely how dreams can define God in a practical, nonsectarian and universal way. C.G. Jung, the great Swiss Psychiatrist, came to Arthur in a dream and told him who God was! Jung showed him, in the dream, how to take the concept of God and make it accessible and appealing without losing its complexity. This coming closer to a "Higher Power" will help individuals experience the presence of the divine in everyday existence and help actively shape lives in a deep spiritual way.

The book can be purchased at
or at his website, www.dreamtechniques.com

curtiss hoffman

Curt Hoffman
gave a talk at the Northeastern Anthropological Association conference at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire on March 26th, titled "Cross-Cultural Imagery in C.G. Jung's Red Book.” The talk was attended by about 30 participants and was well received, with many questions afterwards.

Dream Workshops in Japan with Sheila Asato
sheila and hiroshi
– Sheila Asato and son, Hiroshi

Dear IASD Friends,

In Japan, there are very few mental health resources available for the long-term resident foreign community. For years, I have been active in the Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese (AFWJ). So in May, I will go to Japan to offer a workshop on coping with nightmares after a crisis at the annual AFWJ convention
www.afwj.org  I will also do several other dream related workshops while I am there, for people in my former hometown of Uaryasu City, which was badly damaged by the earthquake.

I will be following in the footsteps of my son Hiroshi, who volunteered within hours of the earthquake to go help Japan with the US Navy. He is currently in Yokosuka, alternating his time between the US Navy and Japanese Self Defense Forces. Apparently, he is one of very few people in the US Navy who is bilingual and bicultural in Japanese and English. I am so pleased that he is able to give something back to Japan, which has always treated my family and me so well.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers while we are in Japan that we may be of service.

Sheila Asato, Minnesota, USA


anne sayre wiseman

We are collecting amazing dream situations: Extraordinary feats, outrageous endeavors, impossible achievements, dreadful situations that illustrate and celebrate the amazing power of the DREAM imagination. Please send your contribution in as short a paragraph as possible for an article on The Power Of the Image to Ansayre@aol.com  No names will be used. www.annsayrewiseman.com


All Things Healing
is an alternative healing website and online community dedicated to healing mind, body, spirit and planet. We are featuring 39 categories in all realms of healing (integrative medicine, naturopathy, organic living, martial arts, meditation, etc.) and are seeking editors to be a part of our dream medicine page. Those who take this position will be given a total platform for their work, their ideas, their practice, etc. It is a volunteer slot in which the win-win is incredible exposure and to be part of a community of dynamic healing practitioners. The editor's job is to evaluate and bring together articles, videos and stories about different aspects of their category. There are co-editor slots open as well as assistant editor positions. The co-editor slot would entail about 1 to 3-1/2 hours per week while the assistant slot would be around 1-2 hours. 85% of the work is to bring together content "outside" of yourself and the remaining 15% can be your own authored work. If interested in being an editor or submitting articles for consideration (or if you know someone else who would be interested) please feel free to contact:
Eden Kozlowski
Supervising Editor,


Early registration is now closed, but registration is still available at https://asdreams.org/2011/ Please register as soon as possible for your hotel rooms, either at Rolduc or in the surrounding hotels. Rooms are booking up fast. See the details on www.asdreams.org/2011 under the registration site or the Local Hotels/Restaurants page under the Travel/Venue link. A VSD (Dutch Dream Organization) discount has been added to the conference registration which will extend after the 1 April early bird deadline.


Social networking is currently the rage. IASD's Facebook Fan page topped 500 members in March, and is growing daily as more people discover the value of regular updates on dream work and research around the globe. Now we are asking you to use the power of social networking to promote IASD’s 28th Annual International Conference, which is being held in a beautiful location and features some of the most exciting presentations ever.

We have provided some tools for you to use. You'll find them in Conference Newsroom at www.asdreams.org/2011


Join us on Facebook. It's easy. Just go to the IASD main page (or the top of this Dream News page) and click the Facebook link. Once there you can share IASD with all of your Facebook friends.

Put a conference logo (in the language of your choice) on your personal web site or blog. A variety of logo files are available in the newsroom.

The e-version of the conference flyer is available in the newsroom to be sent to your e-mail lists. Remember that the e-version of the conference flyer contains a screen shot and hot link to the Rolduc conference video created by Conference Host, Willem Fermont, and Tamara Gurbis of Phenomenal Films.

Or you can invite friends to watch the video directly by joining us on the IASD YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/iasdreams


We invite you to download and print the following from the Conference Newsroom.printer

A one-page flyer promoting IASD’s 28th International Conference is available. This same ad will be reproduced in color in the Spring issue of Dream Network Journal and in black in white in the upcoming issue of the Lucid Dream Exchange as well as IASD's Dream Time. Also refer friends and colleague to ads in the upcoming issues of five European publications: The Psychologist, Kindred Spirit in the UK; De Psycholoog and Paravisie in the Netherlands; and Psychologie Heute in Germany; as well as ads in The APA Monitor and IASD's APA publication Dreaming.

The print version of the conference flyer is also available for download and printing on the Newsroom page of the conference web site. Note that this is a double-sided version which contains the list of conference presenters, so it may need professional printing. Along with being sent to IASD members in an upcoming mailing, this flyer will be available at the upcoming Montreal Regional Conference and also at the Rubin Museum in New York, which is featuring a series of dream-related presentations involving IASD members.

So spread the word about this exciting conference we are planning. And plan to attend yourself.


Do you have a product or business to promote? Do you host a dream group? Are you an artist who would like to reach out to an international audience? Do you offer ongoing workshops? IASD currently boasts more than 90 published authors among its members. Was your ad included? If not, don’t get left out again this year. Highlight your presence at the 2011 IASD Conference by advertising in the annual conference program.

The annual conference program is handed out to every attendee of the IASD Conference and contains key information on events, schedule of sessions, workshops, and much more. Attendees constantly refer to the program onsite and hold onto it for future reference, generating multiple impressions for advertisers. Not all conference attendees are IASD members, so advertising in the conference program increases your exposure.

Click here for more information and for discounts available to IASD members.


Each year, five member-elected board members complete their three-year terms as directors. At its March 2011 meeting the IASD Board of Directors approved the slate of candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee for the five vacancies effective this coming June. From a field of seven candidates, five will be selected by vote of the IASD membership to serve three-year terms.

Additionally, the IASD Board of Directors has approved the slate of members to fill the open vacancies in the IASD officer positions, as recommended by the Nominating Committee. Following is the list of prospective officers who will serve for 2011-2012: President, Robert P. Gongloff; Chair of the Board, Jody Grundy; Vice President, Scott Sparrow; Secretary, Jacquie Lewis; and Treasurer, David L. Kahn.

According to the IASD Bylaws, the Board of Directors may appoint between four and seven members to be directors. At its March meeting, the Board approved the following to be appointed this coming June to fill Board-appointed vacancies: Jean Campbell, Robert P. Gongloff, Robert Hoss, Jacquie Lewis, David L. Kahn (from Minnesota), and David Kahn (from Massachusetts). They will each serve three-year terms.

Selectees (those five with the highest number of votes by the membership) for member-elected director positions will be announced at the General Membership Meeting to be held at the Rolduc conference, Sunday, June 26. The slate of officer nominees will be adopted by the Board at its second conference board meeting to be held that same day. All officers and directors will assume their positions at the second board meeting at the conference.

Robert P. Gongloff, Vice-President and Chair, Nominations Committee

Vote Electronically

IASD members who have signed an official Electronic Voting Consent Form (required by our Bylaws to vote online) may learn about the candidates and vote for their preferred five electronically by clicking the vote button.

If you have not signed an E-Consent form you may download the form at: http://tinyurl.com/e-consent  Print and complete the form and mail it to IASD, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703. Sorry, no faxes or email attachments. We need your original signature just once to keep on file.

or Vote by Postal Mail
vote 2011 board members
For those who have not signed and established an Electronic Voting Consent Form, please remove the ballot in the upcoming Spring issue of DreamTime magazine, mark your vote for five of the seven candidates, and mail the ballot to IASD, 1672 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703. Alternatively, for those who have not filled out the E-consent form and have concerns about getting the ballot in DreamTime in a timely manner, go to: http://tinyurl.com/e-consent and print a ballot. Then simply mark your vote on that ballot and mail it to IASD, 1672 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703.

Deadline: All ballots must be submitted and received in the IASD central office by June 1, 2011 at the latest, whether sent by electronic vote or postal mail.

Click here to find out about the 2011 Board candidates.


In the past few months the world has been shaken by wave after wave of disasters, attacks and upheavals caused by both natural and manmade forces. Not surprisingly manyJapanese flag dream reports reflect these traumatic events. Some dreams presaged the disasters and many are responses to the ongoing consequences, particularly in Japan, struck by triple calamities of earthquake, tsunami and radioactive nuclear meltdown. Even as the whole world responds with many and varied types of help, so does our IASD community, but we do so uniquely through the medium of dreams and supportive actions that follow these dreams.

During the monthly IASD Executive Committee and the spring board meetings held soon after the Japan tragedy, we shared powerful dreams and actions of IASD members and others regarding the disasters in Japan. Messages from our members and their families in Japan were posted on the IASD Facebook pages (there are two), the World Dreams Peace Bridge, the IASD Bulletin Board and other nets through which we interconnect. The relevance of dreaming in the context of an intense collective catastrophe and need is well known. Recently, the enhanced capacity of the IASD community to respond immediately via social media outlets both within and beyond our own members and families was powerfully demonstrated.

Some will remember how Robbie Bosnak, Jill Fischer and others established a Nightmare Hotline after 911; now there are multiple places where dreaming and emergency needs in a time of tragedy can be accessed. This is a real and palpable instance of the relevance of IASD’s work in community; in our dreams and in our friendships with one another we quite literally provide a refuge space for the terrifying, the saving, and transcending dreams experienced in this current nightmare crisis in Japan.

IASD was also approached by many media sources and individuals for comments and information about dreaming, in particular lucid dreaming, in light of the Tucson shootings regarding dream journals kept by the alleged gunman. Brief statements were posted on the website and on the list serve, which led to much discussion but was not intended as a policy or definitive statement on lucid dreaming. Rather, it was a way for us to “step up” and respond to a public need in the moment, as did many IASD experts who were also approached.

The point of these examples is that we have increased opportunities and requests to share our knowledge and practices about dreams with a wider public, especially in time of crisis or social need, and we are rising to these occasions from the unique capacity of our organization. IASD regional development has grown significantly in the past few years, and while in some cases the number of members may be small, the solidarity and impact of a regional group may be great indeed. We see this demonstrated in a very moving way with our regional membership group in Tokyo, Japan following the disasters.
Additionally, the Japanese IASD regional group was greatly helped by the larger IASD world community through Internet access to those outside Japan even when local access to friends and loved ones in their own country was severed. There are numerous stories to tell about the dreams and the activities undertaken within Japan and worldwide as our IASD community activated dream and practical linkages. I hope all these stories will be told, including the awe producing dream of Jennie Parker who gave Jean Campbell permission to share it with the broader community. To see her dream and others, or to share your own, please go to IASD’s Facebook page - now linked to our Bulletin Board - or go to the BB directly.

In this one-year anniversary photo of the Japanese Regional IASD group you see Takanari Takjiri, Misa Tsuruta, and Shuhei Enomoto. In the following two letters Shuhei eloquently expresses their devastation and recovery and one of the ways they have decided to help: by translating the nightmare response pages on the IASD website into Japanese and posting them to our Japanese language gateway. Misa Tsuruta plans to do workshops with children experiencing post-traumatic stress. Watch our IASD communication networks for other avenues of assistance within Japan and in our world IASD community.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Jody, Richard, and Scott,

Thank you so much for considering us. All three Japanese members of IASD are safe with their family, relatives and friends. We all live in Tokyo or nearby Tokyo. There are no days we can't hear people talk about the earthquake and nuclear plant. Two weeks has passed, my energy is beginning to bounce back slowly from the earthquake. I have had several dreams. I am moved deeply that dreaming imagination doesn't stop, even though the outer, real world is in catastrophic. I wonder what I can do for this situation as a member of IASD. So Takanari, Misa and I would like to translate the IASD nightmare information page for Japanese people who have had traumatic nightmares caused by suffering this triple event: earthquake, tsunami, and radioactive meltdown. I would like to know if I may have permission to do so. Actually on the day of 11 March, our cell phones didn't work, but we were able to use the Internet. This time, I feel the internet is one of the best resources. The nightmare pages are so neutral and offer comprehensive information, in brief, that Japanese people who fear theirshuhei enomoto nightmares could feel relief, I think. Here is the link to IASD pages. http://tinyurl.com/3rg82wa  I would love to know if IASD can make the international gateway on the web or make the Facebook page a Japanese language version of the nightmare information. Let me know what you think of this plan. And any feedback would be very welcome.

Shuhei Enomoto

April 2, 2011

Hi Jody,

Thanks for thinking of us. The earth and our hearts were shaken. Things around us are gradually better than two weeks ago. We are adapting ourselves to the new situation, scheduled blackouts, less frequent trains. So I feel tired, I need more time to rest and recharge this weekend. I guess this is a natural physical response to the earthquake. Feeling the being of dream images I will rest more relaxed. You can use the picture of us at our one year anniversary meeting. And here is good news! I almost forgot to mention it because the earthquake has strong impact! My colleagues of the Japanese Society for Embodied Dream Work and I have translated Robbie Bosnak’s book, Embodiment. Then the Japanese edition of Embodiment will be released April 6 from Sogensha, the publisher that published Jung’s Red Book in Japanese.

Thank you for supporting strongly.

It seems very fitting that IASD’s work on nightmare help following disaster, begun in the US after 911 disaster, is now carried forward as an aid to the people of Japan at the very time that the Japanese Society for Embodied Dream Work releases a Japanese edition of Robbie Bosnak’s book, Embodiment. Even as we mourn the terrible losses in Japan we celebrate the amazing spirit of the Japanese people and of our own IASD Regional groups who so embody the spirit of hope.

Jodine Grundy,
IASD President


Spotlight on South Texas Scott Sparrow

by Scott Sparrow, Regional Representative for South Texas

I suspect that few of you have been to the Rio Grande Valley of deep south Texas, probably because it’s not on the way to anywhere—unless you are drawn to the white beaches of South Padre Island, or to the shops and restaurants of nearby Mexico. But it’s an interesting area, on the same parallel as Miami, and steeped in a rich Anglo-Hispanic cultural tradition. As a native of the area, I have a deep appreciation for its people, flora, and fauna, and think that it’s a great place to live.

As for dream-related activities, the area seems to be waking up. In recent years, I have integrated dream analysis into my graduate counseling courses at the University of Texas-Pan American, and discovered that dream work is easily the most popular topic in my repertoire. I have just written a chapter for a book on dreams in education, based on my experience in teaching dream analysis to counselors in training. Last fall, I was invited to speak on dream analysis at the annual Counselor Institute sponsored by the nearby University of Texas-Brownsville. I have also created an online mini-course titled, “Incorporating Effective Dream Analysis into Your Counseling Practice,” and made it available to my interested UTPA students, as well as to anyone who visits my website www.dreamanalysistraining.com  Atlantic University in Virginia Beach (where I also teach online courses) has been approved to offer National Board of Clinical Counselors (NBCC) CE’s for the course, so if anyone wants CE’s for the mini-course, AU is available to provide them.

A local psychotherapy practice recently sponsored me for a dream analysis CE seminar for professional therapists, which drew over 40 providers. Encouraged by the turnout, I am exploring venues for other dream seminars, including a possible regional IASD meeting or conference for the near future. I am joining a respected practice in the area, and will be able to use that affiliation as a platform for offering therapeutic dream groups, as well as training for professionals. I am also planning an upcoming dream work weekend in my new home in McAllen. Having lived in a secluded outpost on the Lower Laguna Madre (60 miles from McAllen) for over a decade, it’s been difficult pursuing dream-related teaching activities. But now that I am moving to the population/cultural center of the Rio Grande Valley, I am looking forward to introducing dream studies in general, and the work of IASD in particular, to a multicultural community that is clearly ready for the good news that we have to offer.


Please feel free to contact Scott Sparrow or Jeff Vovillia at any time with membership questions or concerns. We always welcome new volunteers. You are the future leaders of IASD and we want your energy, help, and visions.

Scott Sparrow, Membership Chair: gscotspar@gmail.com
Jeff Vovillia, Membership Assistant: jallenvov@yahoo.com


Our thanks to Sheila Asato, who has been the Regional Representative for Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. She is passing the baton to David. L. Kahn. Also, Christianne Riedel will be assisting Deborah Coupey with regional rep duties in France. Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly.

If you do not have a regional rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD. To become a regional rep, contact Scott Sparrow, Membership Chair: gscotspar@gmail.com


Be sure to join our Facebook group page! We have 337 friends and growing!

Please let your Facebook friends know about IASD’s group page, fan page, (with 551 Likes) as well as its website www.asdreams.org  You can help us reach a lot of new people by taking a few minutes to post the urls of these three IASD sites on your Facebook page.


IASD’s Executive Committee recently proposed a name change for Affiliate members and the IASD board voted on this change at the 2011 spring board meeting. Affiliate Membership will now be called Organization/Corporate Membership. This name change does not affect the status or other agreements previously understood and posted on our website with our Affiliate members. We welcome our newest Organization/Corporate member the Haden Institute, North Carolina. Bob Haden is the contact person.


We are pleased to announce that an anonymous donor who has generously provided funding for the Student Research Award for the past 6 years has graciously agreed to prostudent award vide matching funds for the 2011 competition! The IASD Board of Trustees will provide the balance of funds.

As in previous years, there will be two $500 awards. The first is for the best student submission of original scientific research on dreams and dreaming. The second is for the best submission of original historical, literary, artistic, or theoretical research. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit papers.

All participants must submit their presentations in electronic form, preferably through email to office@asdreams.org or if necessary by mailing the files, copied to a CD or a DVD, to the IASD office by April 15, 2011.

IASD-Student Research
1672 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703 USA
Mark on any mailed box "OK to leave on left porch."

Text submissions must not exceed 6,000 words. Participants should submit text in MS Word, and artwork in .jpg, .tif, or .pdf formats.

Participants may also electronically submit videos in AVI formats, or music in MIDI or MPS formats. In the case of papers with multiple authors -- in terms of the ideas presented as well as the description of the results -- the contestant must indicate clearly, in either the text of the paper or in an accompanying letter, what portions are the submitter’s work.

Submissions must include a copy of your student ID. Alternatively, you can fax a copy to the IASD Office at 1-209-724-0889, or scan and email an attachment to office@asdreams.org Include a note or cover letter that this is for the IASD Student Research Award. Participants must specify for which of the two awards they are applying.

Winners will be announced at the IASD Annual Meeting, which will be held at the Rolduc Conference Center in the Netherlands, June24 - 28, during the General Membership meeting. Check the schedule of conference events to find out the exact date.
Curtiss Hoffman, Student Research Awards Chair




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Fred Sligson
Marie Thermidor

Long-time IASD member Jon Lipsky died March 19, 2011. Our condolences to his family and loved ones.

kid lucid april 2011


Berkeley IASD Office Photo Gallery: Projects and Visitors, 2011

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