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APRIL 2012
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IASD Office office@asdreams.org


Jacquie Lewis
Dream-News Editor



Author and workshop leader, Jenny Alexander, talks about using dreams in creative work in her new blog “Writing in the House of Dreams” -   She invites guests who have written books sparked by dreams.

Check out Jayne Gackenbach’s website to find old issues of the Lucidity Letter at www.spiritwatch.ca


Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., has published two new books: The African Unconscious and Dark Light Consciousness.


Jayne Gackenbach has two new books and a re-release of a third! The first, coauthored with her son, is titled Play Reality and is available at www.playreality.ca  There is a chapter summarizing for a lay population her research into the dreams of gamers. The second book, Video Game Play and Consciousness, which is edited and scholarly, will be released in September, 2012. There are two chapters on dreams and video game play. Also, Jayne’s book on lucid dreaming, Control Your Dreams, has just been re-released as an ebook. It has an updated afterword and other value-added information, and is available at Amazon http://tinyurl.com/869ttpx

Hear Dr. Marcia Emery on her radio program The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams Thursdays, at 5pm (PT) or 8pm (ET) on Voice America, 7th Wave Channel. The show will be archived on the website following the program. Go to www.drmarciaemery.com to hear past programs and see the lineup for upcoming shows.

April Shows:

April 5
Zoe Neuman
Working With Waking Dreams

April 12
Sheila Asato
Embodying Creativity and Healing in Dreams and Art

April 19
Larry Burke, MD
Guidance Through Synchronicities and Intuition

April 26
Bob Van de Castle & Bobbie Pimm Being
Your Own Dreamworker


Laurel Clark was interviewed for a radio/podcast in March. The radio host is Murray Nabors, Dean of Liberal Arts at Missouri Western State University. His show is "Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World." To listen to the interview, “Personal Growth, Healing, and Understanding Dreams!” visit http://tinyurl.com/7lgl432

Ann Sayre Wiseman would like to know if anyone has used her Paper Stage Method of dreams, and if so, what their experience was. Contact her at: ansayrewiseman@gmail.com


I am conducting research trying to link dreaming, personality, art (poetry) and other important factors. You (anyone over 18) can help me by filling out a brief dream survey.

Thank you for your help,
Ernest Hartmann



March New Members: 21
Marina Abdala
Claude Couture
Tom Crockett
JoAnn Damron-Rodriguez
Lydia Degarrod
Claudia Ermey
Heloisa Garman
Angela Grillo
Traci Gunn
Judy Huston
Marķa Islas
Susan Joseph
Francesca McCartney
Jason Norris
Marilyn O'Brien
Anne Pickett
Deborah Putman
Elizaveta Solomonova
Diane Strock-Lynskey
Michel Vidal-Naquet
Anonymous 1

March Renewing Members: 49
Govind Agarwal
Beverley Ashwill
Sharon Bairstow
Barbara Bluck
Nancy Brzeski
Njeri Damali Campbell
Laura Cariola
Betsy Davids
Patricia Davis
Patricia Dawn
Beverly D'Urso
Sally Gillespie
Elizabeth Grund
Velva Lee Heraty
John Herbert
Robyn Hubbard
Rose Inserra
Martine Jette
Judy Knight
Tom Lane
Joanne Lefferts
Anne Little
Sabine Lucas
Janet McCall
Melba Matula
Angel Morgan
Geoff Nelson
Rachel Norment
Rachelle Oppenhuizen
Billie Ortiz
Paul Overman
Ivar Ozolins
Wendy Pannier
Jennifer Parker
Ralf Penderak
Lloyd Pomeroy
Erla Ronan
Sanford Rosenberg
Diane Rusnak
Patricia Schmieg
Genie Shenk
Walter Stover
Gordon Toombs
Judith White
Anonymous: 4


The 2012 IASD Nominating Committee has invited the following eight members to run for the five three-year board positions that will be vacated as of the June board meeting: : Mark Blagrove, United Kingdom; Laurel Clark, USA; Jordi Borras-Garcia, Spain; Janet Garrett, Spain; Curtiss Hoffman, USA; Tracey Kahan, USA; Linda Mastrangelo, USA; Robert Waggoner, USA.

The Committee members worked long and hard to arrive at a slate of board nominees that reflected gender and geographical diversity, as well as a wide range of skills and knowledge. To cast your vote please visit: https://asdreams.org/vote/ 

The committee also arrived at a slate of executive officer nominees for 2012-2013, which is as follows: Robert Gongloff, Board Chair; Scott Sparrow, President; Laurette Dupuis, Vice-President; Tracey Kahan, Secretary, and David L. Kahn, Treasurer.


The initial list of presenters, presentations, abstracts and the preliminary conference schedule are now available for viewing. The program may change slightly if any last minute conflicts are determined. There will be three world-renowned keynote speakers, over 160 presenters from around the globe, plus a chance to network or relax at our many evening receptions and social events including: the Dream Art Exhibition; the costume Dream Ball; the annual Dream Telepathy Contest; a dream hike along the Bay; and a sunset sail on the “sea of dreams” - a special dessert cruise of the San Francisco Bay.

Go to www.asdreams.org/2012 and click on the “Program” menu link.
The conference program offers something for everyone with Morning Dream Groups plus sessions organized in tracks around the following disciplines and themes: Dream Research and Theory; Clinical Practices; Dreamworking Practices; Spiritual and Religious; Arts and Humanities; Cultural and Anthropological; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucidity; and Education. Our keynotes include: Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum™, “The Dreaming ‘I’ in Universe”; Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., “Dream Amulets Around the World: Ancient and Modern”; and Tracey Kahan, Ph.D., “Self-reflective Consciousness in Dreaming: An Adaptive Edge?” Up to 25 CE credits will be offered for selected conference events. IASD is approved by the APA to sponsor continuing education (CE) for psychologists.


Go to www.asdreams.org/2012  for information on the conference, hotel and restaurant options and to register.

Due to higher attendance than expected, the discounted block of rooms at the Doubletree has been exceeded. However we have negotiated two more options:
• The Doubletree Berkeley Marina Hotel (conference site) has provided an additional 40 rooms at a discounted rate of $139.
• For those with transportation or willing to stay off-site (about 2 miles away) we now have a discounted rate at the Hilton Garden Inn of $119 per night for 30 more rooms.
• Details can be found at the IASD conference site on the “Accommodations” page. Rooms must be booked directly with the hotels. Contact the Doubletree at 510-548-7920 (800-559-4655 for national reservations) and request the IASD conference discount group code IAD. Contact the Hilton Garden Inn at 510-658-9300 and ask for the IASD discounted block rate (or group code SOD). Our “Travel/Venue > Local Hotels/Restaurants” page also contains a map showing various local hotel and restaurant locations within a 3 mile radius.


Highlight your presence at the 2012 IASD conference by advertising in the annual conference program.

Do you have a product or business to promote? Do you host a dream group? Are you an artist who would like to reach out to an international audience? Do you offer ongoing workshops? IASD currently boasts more than 90 published authors among its members. Is your ad included? Provide IASD with camera-ready artwork, or let us create your ad for you, for a nominal fee.

The IASD annual conference program is distributed to every attendee; it contains key information on events, a schedule of sessions and much more. Attendees constantly refer to the program on-site and save it for future reference, generating multiple impressions for advertisers. Not all conference attendees are IASD members, so advertising in the conference program increases your exposure.

IASD Member Discount! Don't delay - the deadline for ads and payment is May 10, 2012! For more information please visit: https://asdreams.org/2012/buyanad.html

Exhibitor Space Unavailable at 2012 IASD Conference

Due to space considerations, there will be no exhibitor tables available at IASD 2012 conference. We appreciate your interest and would like to recommend two possible alternatives:

Advertising space is available in the conference program at https://asdreams.org/2012/buyanad.html Most conference attendees look at this program many times each day. Make sure to provide a link to your products or services, especially since many attendees now bring their electronic devices to the conference.

Along with the conference book store, the conference recording studio, and the IASD products table, the conference will provide a literature table on which printed materials can be displayed. You are welcome to make use of this space.


Sponsored by the Asheville Jung Center in conjunction with IASD, June 28, 2012: IASD and the Asheville Jung Center are pleased to announce a joint Internet symposium on “Carl Jung and Neuroscience.” This event will feature Murray Stein (President of the International School of Analytical Psychology) presenting from Zurich and Margaret Wilkinson (member of the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology) presenting from London, as well as presenters from the 29th Annual IASD International Conference held in Berkeley California (June 22 - 26, 2012). The IASD presenters at this point include Ernest Hartmann, David Kahn, and Stanley Krippner, with moderator Robert Hoss and Sonoma State University host, Laurel McCabe. The seminar will be five hours in duration with a one hour break (11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Eastern time). Other partners in this event include Sonoma State University, the International School of Analytical Psychology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. For information about this joint event please visit http://tinyurl.com/88qs3oy 


Last Chance to Enter – Deadline extended to April 15, 2012. As in previous years, there will be two $500 awards for dream related research and projects--one for best student submission of original scientific research on dreams and dreaming; the second for the best submission of original historical, literary, artistic, or theoretical research. Go to www.asdreams.org/2012  and click on the “Submit Your…” menu link and the Student Award Application item.


Spotlight on Alaska, USA  
Stephen Parker
, IASD Member from Fairbanks

Jody Grundy has asked me to be the Alaska regional rep. Since I am apparently the only IASD member residing here, my goal is to double the membership this year. (I feel blessed that Alaska found me more than thirty years ago; the archetypes feel very close by, particularly with much less noise and interference from civilization.)

I have a particularly strong interest in prodromal dreams, after being warned of heart problems by a dream of a malfunctioning red, four-cylinder engine. Among many other blessings, this dream journey has led me to join IASD, to write a book with numerous dream images (Heart Attack and Soul: In the Labyrinth of Healing), attend a recent art show at Commonweal in Bolinas, California (“Images from the Cave of the Heart”) and accept an invitation to speak about prodromal dreams at a conference of molecular biologists in Hawaii.

You can find me on Facebook as “Jung Hearted”, and at the website www.jungquotes.com

Consider moving to Alaska -- dreams come streaming down from the north, and we can double Alaska IASD memberships.
Stephen Parker

From Membership Chair, Diane Rickards

Thank you to Stephen Parker for contributing to the membership column this month, and for working toward doubling membership in Alaska this year! Stephen will be presenting at the IASD International Conference in June, contributing to the dream and art panel.

During this season of greening and growth would you, as an IASD member, encourage someone toward renewal by asking him or her to join our dream community?

This year my focus as membership chair is to bring forward dream news from IASD members, which remind us that dreams are perhaps the most rudimentary yet elegant way that we have to re-member and re-connect within ourselves, with the world around us and with other dimensions of existence.
Diane Rickards -

Regional Representatives

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a regional rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a regional rep, contact Jodine Grundy, grundyj@fuse.net

Join IASD'S Facebook page and visit out new fan page

Be sure to join our Facebook group page! We have 489 friends and growing!

Please let your Facebook friends know about IASD’s group page, fan page (with 1065 Likes) as well as its website.

Also, check out IASD’s new page on Google+ by going to http://tinyurl.com/8yxxxur  As mentioned last month by Ryan Hurd in Dream News, Google+ is growing 10 times faster than Facebook.

Please help us reach a lot of new people by taking a few minutes to post the urls of these IASD sites on your Facebook page. When you have time, please remember to update your IASD member page!


“April showers bring May flowers” is a familiar phrase. But in the case of IASD regional events there are showers and flowers, all at once it seems, as we see the many events on the April calendar. Enjoy reading about our dream events around the world this month. And it’s not too late to attend if you’re in the neighborhood! You’ll see more announcements and information about regional events and the regional representative network in coming columns.

Please watch the 2012 annual conference schedule for opportunities (still in the planning stages) to meet with others from your region. The regional reps annual lunch meeting will be held Monday, June 25.

Dreaming with you,
Jody Grundy, Regional Events Chair
Email: grundyj@fuse.net

“A Day of Dreaming” Southern California Momentum: April 21, 2012
By Geoff Nelson

The Southern California Regional Committee of the IASD is keeping the momentum going for dreaming in our area. After two successful Regional events, in April of 2008 and September of 2011, we are holding a small event on Saturday morning, April 21, 2012. With three workshops and a panel discussion, we are offering “A Day of Dreams” to those in the area who have shown interest in our previous events. Our goal is to build the dreaming community here in our area and spread the good news of the IASD. We are considering another full day regional conference in 2013. We trust that occasional small events like this one on April 21 will maintain and build interest in opportunities for dream work in Southern California. See program details on our Southern California Dreamers IASD webpage here: https://asdreams.org/2012la/index.htm

“Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways” April 19-22, 2012
By Susannah Benson

After several years of planning, dreaming and imagining this conference gathering, we are ready to open the doors. Visit www.dreamnetworkaustralia.com.au to view the program and to read presenters profiles and abstracts. This conference is co-sponsored by IASD and DreamNetWork Australia and draws speakers and participants from Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, as well as the US and Canada. We are looking forward to welcoming you and extend our wishes for a safe journey to all participants traveling to the conference. Look for a full report of our conference in the June Dream News.

“Boundaries in the Mind,” an international seminar featuring Ernest Hartmann, M.D. , April 14, 2012, Milan, Italy. Host: Centro Milanese di Terapia della Famiglia (CMFT) and Dr. Massimo Schinco. Although this is an event sponsored by CMFT for students and teachers, the center has opened admission to external participants. During this extraordinary event Dr. Hartmann will discuss boundaries, dreaming and poetry. Consecutive translation from English into Italian will be provided. To register go to segreteria@cmft.it  While this is not an IASD hosted regional it is an IASD supported event, due to the central role of Dr. Schinco in arranging for Dr. Ernest Hartmann--past President of IASD, renowned researcher, author and promoter of IASD--to be the presenter. Contact Dr. Massimo Schinco for more information: SCHINC07@massimoschinco.191.it

Calendar of 2012 – 2013 Upcoming Regional Events

2012 Calendar

IASD Southern California Dreamers: Whittier, CA. Saturday, April 21, 2012, 9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Contact: Rev. Geoff Nelson ggnelson@ix.netcom.com

DreamNetWork Australia: IASD Regional Australasia Conference: “Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways,” Sydney, Australia, Thursday to Sunday, April 19-22, 2012. Contact: Susannah Benson www.dreamnetworkaustralia.com.au

IASD & the University of Bern, Institute for Sport Science: Fourth IASD European regional conference: “The Dream Connection,” University of Bern, Switzerland, September 7-9, 2012, Friday to Sunday. Contact: Dr. Daniel Erlacher, Host: daniel.erlacher@ispw.unibe.ch

Toronto Dreamers: IASD regional meeting, Toronto, Canada. Sunday, April 29, 2012, 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Contact: Mara Zadnoff mara@healgently.ca

New England regional event, Boston, MA (Proposed, TBD). One day event Fall, 2012 Contact: Curt Hoffmann teximus@comcast.net

IASD supported event: “Use the Ullman Four Stage Method of Dreamwork” Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D., Infinity Foundation, Highland Park, IL, Saturday & Sunday, June 2-3, 2012. Contact Jacquie: lotusdream@comcast.net

2013 Proposed Calendar

Southern California Dreamers: Third regional conference. Spring, 2013, one-day event. (TBD). Contact: Geoff Nelson ggnelson@ix.netcom.com

Colloque Reve 2013: Fourth regional conference, Montreal. Canada. Spring, 2013, one-day event. (TBD). Contact: Claude Desloges claude.desloges@videotron.ca

Toronto Dreamers: IASD quarterly meetings. Also, possible one-day regional public event (TBD). Contact: Mara Zadnoff mara@healgently.ca


The IASD Dream-News provides late-breaking news, IASD conference information and links to new articles on the IASD Website. Please forward this IASD Dream-News to interested friends and colleagues so they can also sign up for IASD’s free Dream-News. E-mail Submissions by the first of each month to: Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D., IASD Dream-News Editor jacquie@asdreams.org


The deadline for the IASD Dream-News is the first of each month.
Submissions by IASD members should be e-mailed to the IASD Dream-News editor.

Please limit your articles to 200 words. The article title should be entirely in capital letters. Any article sub-headings should be in upper and lowercase. Submissions can be submitted in the body of an email message or as an attachment. When sending attachments please include, in the body of the e-mail, your name and an indication that it is an IASD Dream-News item. Acceptable files for attachments are Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF). E-News articles should be submitted in the following format: Verdana font, 12pt., and black ink. No words should be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Feel free to include photos as attachments. Do not imbed photos or logos in text.

The editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions.
Articles over 200 words may be heavily edited. IASD reserves the right to accept or reject any article.

IASD members who would like to inform other members of their presentations, lectures, or workshops should submit their names, the titles of the events, the dates, and locations. Please also include either an e-mail address, website, or phone number so that IASD members can contact you for additional information. Submission of book tour dates and lecture series are limited to the following:
individual, contact information, dates, cities, states, or countries.

The IASD Dream-News accepts notices on member media interviews and appearances.
Members should include the IASD member name, the name of the show or publication, the date, and the topic discussed.

IASD holds no responsibility for the content or quality of non-sponsored IASD events
or individual member lectures, presentations, or workshops.

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