APRIL  2014
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Board Nominations: Time to Vote

2014 Annual Conference Berkeley, California:

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IASD Office

Linda H. Mastrangelo, Editor
Janet Garrett, Copy Editor
Laura Atkinson, Design and Layout
Richard Wilkerson, IASD Office Manager
Jean Campbell, Executive Committee Advisor
Robert P. Gongloff, Editorial Consultant


Inspired by IASD’s annual Dream Ball, the Dream Research Institute in London hosted the UK’s first ever Dream Evening – Dream Ball & Dream Art Sale – on March 7th at St. Peter’s RR Gallery. On the night, the Dream Eve raised over 11,000 on behalf of the DRI and HELP Counselling Centre. London's Sleep Center and "Sleep Artist" contributed art to the sale.

Thank you to the over 160 guests and 30 volunteers who helped to make the event a magical one and thanks to all the support from IASD – a special thanks to IASD Board Member, Ed Kellogg, who made a wizardly appearance, volunteering at the event. IASD Member, Mary Ziemer, organized the Dream Ball and came as the Night Sky.

The evening celebrated the healing power of dreams, and Dr Nigel Hamilton, Director of the DRI, shared his polar bear dream and spoke on “Dreams as Mirrors of the Soul.” The DRI looks forward to hosting a future Dream Ball UK!


Curtiss Hoffman will give a talk on “The Revelatory Power of Dreams: Culture and Consciousness” at the 2014 Arcane School Conference on May 10, 2014. The conference will be held between 1:30 and 5:15 p.m. at Colonial Dames of America, Abigail Adams Smith Auditorium, 417 East 61st Street (between 1st and York Avenues), New York, NY and is open to the public free of charge.


Help spread the word about dreams and the IASD to the public! Many online and print publications are looking for article submissions. You can share your particular knowledge and interest in dreams while educating the public about the IASD.

This month’s feature is an online resource network called All Things Healing. Their website says, “ATH brings together a worldwide community of individuals, healing sites and organizations dedicated to educating and inspiring people in topics related to alternative healing of mind, body, spirit, and the planet. We have brought together a staff of idealistic, dedicated, and knowledgeable individuals who are dedicated to leaving the world a better place than they found it. In doing so, we have created an alternative healing network of practitioners, educators, creative artists and organizations.”

All Things Healing has different departments, one of which is called DREAM MEDICINE. This section already features some excellent articles from IASD members such as Bob Hoss, Ryan Hurd, Amy Brucker and Robert Moss. To submit articles, view the submission guidelines here.

Also, for any editorial types out there, ATH is currently seeking a co-editor and/or assistant editor for the Dream Medicine section. Interested people may contact Sherri Carter for further information.


The launch edition of COLLECTIVE Magazine, an annual publication that showcases dream-inspired creative work, is now available!

The magazine features the work of 40 contributors from around the world and includes 108 full-color pages of feature articles and interviews, an excerpt from a novel, an excerpt from a screenplay, a complete section of poetry, and three distinct "galleries" of visual arts selections - all inspired by dreams.

The magazine is available in digital and print editions and may be purchased on the magazine's website.

Interested in submitting your work for the 2015 edition? The submissions window opens June 15. Check out the website for more details.

In this issue, Hot Off the Press explores the subject of dreams and how we process information. The intention of this column is to publish links to evidence-based scientific articles that are written for a non-research audience in the study of dreams.



Today psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire announces the results of a two-year study into dream control. The experiment shows that it is now possible for people to create their perfect dream, and so wake up feeling especially happy and refreshed.



Have you ever wished you could record your dreams and watch them later? It may be possible sooner than you think . . .



David Cielak
Alaya Dannu
Monica Duncan
Stephen Findley
Ann Glauser
Edward Glauser
Mika Hadar
Guy Hall
Karen Jaenke
Stefano Martellotti
Nancy Mason
Maria Pita
Evelyn Stettin
Tracy Stone
Bonnelle Strickling
Lauren Teller
Bernard Welt
Anonymous: 6


Hussein Ali
Francesco Ancona
Sheila Asato
Roberta Ascarate
Paula Atwood
Umberto Barcaro
Janet Beach
Ann Bengtsson
Barbara Bluck
Greg Bogart
Fariba Bogzaran
Kirsten Borum
Harry Bosma
Kelly Bulkeley
Jane Carleton
Jean Kathryn Carlson
Neal Chase
Jennifer Closshey
Bob Cole
Kate Connolly
Jonathan De Vierville
Daniel Deslauriers
Laurette Dupuis
Beverly D'Urso
Theodore Esser
Willem Fermont
B. Frey
Jayne Gackenbach
Heloisa Garman
Christian Gerike
David Gordon
Dale Graff
Sylvia Green-Guenette
Velva Lee Heraty
John Herbert
Geri Herbert
Deborah Hickey
Anne Hill
Jan Hitchcock
David Jenkins
Tracey Kahan
David Kahn
David L. Kahn
Philip King
Eric Klinger
Frances Kramer
Thomas Lane
Ilana Laps
Laura Lefelar-Barch
Karen Melady
Katia Mitova
Jill Morris
Pearl Natter
Donna-Marie Newfield
Sarah Norton
Billie Ortiz
Paul Overman
Wojciech Owczarski
Ralf Penderak
Steven Pilgram
Carolyn Plath
Sherry Puricelli
Lisa Rigge
David Rivinus
Elena Sadalskaya
Patricia Schmieg
Michael Schredl
Walter Smith
Suzanne Stewart
Dani Vedros
Michel Vidal-Naquet
Anonymous: 4

Association for Research and Enlightenment


Due to the earlier than usual annual conference dates this year, we are announcing the Board Nominations 2014 Time to Vote this month. All members’ ballots must be received at IASD central office by May 30, 2014. Note that only current members of IASD can vote for Board members, and will receive a link to the ballot page soon.

The 2014 IASD Nominating Committee has invited the following seven members to run for the five member-elected three-year board positions that will be vacated as of the June board meeting: Joy Fatooh (USA), Willem Fermont (Netherlands), Lou Hagood (USA), Linda Mastrangelo (USA), Bobbie Ann Pimm (USA), Massimo Schinco (Italy) and Mara Zadnoff (Canada). Selectees (those five with the highest number of votes) will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the Berkeley conference on Friday, June 6, 2014.

The Committee also arrived at a slate of Executive officer nominees for 2014-2015, which is as follows: Robert Gongloff, Board Chair; Katja Valli, President; Susannah Benson, Vice-President; Laurel Clark, Secretary and Robert Hoss, Treasurer. The Board will adopt the slate of officer nominees, and all officers and new board members will assume their positions, at the board meeting to be held on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.


The conference features four world renowned keynotes and over 150 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and reception, a Dream Hike along the shoreline nature preserve, the annual PSI Dreaming Contest, music and film events, the ever popular costume Dream Ball and an afternoon Cruise on San Francisco Bay.

The Program Schedule and list of presentations is now online, featuring a diversity of tracks including: Research and Theory; Clinical Approaches; Arts and Humanities; Education; Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy; Dreamwork Practices; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucid Dreams; Dreams and Health; Mental Imagery; and Culture and History. Visit www.asdreams.org/2014 and click on the “Program” menu link


To register visit the conference website. Register directly with the Doubletree Hotel for your lodging, and book early to take advantage of the limited discounted room block that is available. On the conference site, click on the Accommodations menu link for special instructions, and note that there are different numbers to call depending on whether you are reserving lodging within the room block or for nights that extend beyond the block.


The IASD Conference Advisory Committee has completed the selection of Keynote Presenters for the 2014 conference. Keynote Presenters for the Conference include:

Barry Krakow, M.D. founded Maimonides International Nightmare Treatment, and is a board certified sleep disorders specialist with more than two decades of research in the treatment of chronic nightmares. He is the co-author of Conquering Bad Dreams and Nightmares, Insomnia Cures, Turning Nightmares Into Dreams (2003), and Sound Sleep, Sound Mind.

Anne Germain, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the neurobiology and treatment of trauma-related sleep disturbances, and PTSD nightmares.

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist, a Marriage and Family Therapist and the Founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute. He is author of four recent books including Dream Tending.

Clara Hill, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland. She was editor of the Journal of Counseling Psychology, has received multiple Psychological Society awards, and is author of 67 book chapters and 11 books including Dream Work in Therapy: Facilitating Exploration, Insight, and Action.


Highlight your presence at the 2014 IASD Conference by advertising in the annual conference program.

Do you have a product or business to promote? Do you host a dream group? Are you an artist who would like to reach out to an international audience? Do you offer ongoing workshops? Are you one of the 90 published authors who belong to IASD?

If your ad has not yet been included in the program, don’t get left out again this year. You can provide us with camera-ready artwork or, with enough advance notice, we will create your ad for you for an additional fee using one of several specially designed templates.

The annual conference program is handed out to every conference attendee and contains key information on events, schedule of sessions, workshops, and much more. Attendees constantly refer to the program on-site and hold onto it for future reference, generating multiple impressions for advertisers. Not all conference attendees are IASD members, so advertising in the conference program increases your exposure.

* Materials deadline is April 15, 2014!
* You may reserve your space now with prepayment.
* All advertisements are gray scale.
* Sorry, no preferred placement ads available.
* Accepted advertisement formats: pdf, eps, jpg, flattened .psd
* Please email with any questions prior to submitting.
* If you cannot supply a camera-ready advertisements, layout and design assistance is available at a flat rate of $50.00 per advertisement, as time permits, paid directly to designer.
* A downloadable copy of the entire program will be made available on this website as additional marketing and proof of your ad placement.
* See downloadable rate sheet and advertisement specifications in pdf format.

Please contact Laura Atkinson, Advertising Coordinator, for further details and reservation.


Please check out the IASD website for roommate/travel share requests and information.

From Susan Benson, Regional Events Co-Chair

This month we launched the new Regional Events webpage masthead. The design concept grew out of a conversation on the Regional Reps discussion board about translations of the English word “dream.” We have had some very nice feedback on the new look. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the project, and we look forward to being able to share continuing project outcomes. Please visit the IASD regional page link to access the call for presentations for the Southern Californian Dreaming regional conference scheduled for September 13, 2014.

Regional Events Update


Geoff Nelson (Conference host) reports:

The Southern California Regional group of IASD and the Southern California Dream Institute are offering another regional conference on September 13, 2014. We will meet at Marymount California University, the site of two of our previous regionals.

Our keynote speaker will be Deirdre Barrett, PhD, author & psychologist from the Harvard Medical School and a past president of IASD.

In addition to the keynote address, we are planning three sessions of workshops and presentations, including a rehabilitation track, a spirituality track, a labyrinth, a dream art exhibit, and other offerings. Please visit our website for further information. The call for submissions is now live.

See also our Facebook page.


Varieties of Dreaming: 5th European IASD Regional Conference, Rome, November 6-8, 2014.

The conference will invite an interdisciplinary discussion that will focus on diverse perspectives able to provide a comprehensive understanding of what it is like to dream. Nicola Zippel and committee members Giuseppe Lago (Program Chair, Scientific track); Stefano Martellotti (Program Chair, Workshops); and Tisiana Liverani (On-site registration) are hosting the conference, which will be held at the UNICEF Center.

Keynote speakers are: Prof. Bruno Bara (University of Turin); Dr. Med. Ugo Amati (Rome); Professor Jennifer M. Windt (University of Mainz, Germany).

More detailed program information, submission and volunteer processes are available on the IASD website.

Regional Representatives Network

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a Regional Rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a Regional Representative, contact Susannah Benson at: dreamtracking@gmail.com  or Claude Desloges at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca

For corrections or feedback on member contacts from Regional Reps, contact Claude Desloges, (Regional Representative Eastern Canada) at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca

ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE STAFF: There will be no June issue of Dream News!

KID LUCID - By Al Moniz

The IASD Dream-News provides late-breaking news, IASD conference information and links to new articles on the IASD Website. Please forward this IASD Dream-News to interested friends and colleagues so they can also sign up for IASD’s free Dream-News. E-mail Submissions by the first of each month to: IASD Dream-News Editor dreamnews@asdreams.org


The deadline for the IASD Dream-News is the first of each month.
There is no Dream-News published in July.
Submissions by IASD members should be e-mailed to the IASD Dream-News editor.

Please limit your articles to 200 words. The article title should be entirely in capital letters. Any article sub-headings should be in upper and lowercase. Submissions can be submitted in the body of an email message or as an attachment. When sending attachments please include, in the body of the e-mail, your name and an indication that it is an IASD Dream-News item. Acceptable files for attachments are Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF). E-News articles should be submitted in the following format: Verdana font, 12pt., and black ink. No words should be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Feel free to include photos as attachments. Do not imbed photos or logos in text.

The editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions.
Articles over 200 words may be heavily edited. IASD reserves the right to accept or reject any article.

IASD members who would like to inform other members of their presentations, lectures, or workshops should submit their names, the titles of the events, the dates, and locations. Please also include either an e-mail address, website, or phone number so that IASD members can contact you for additional information. Submission of book tour dates and lecture series are limited to the following:
individual, contact information, dates, cities, states, or countries.

The IASD Dream-News accepts notices on member media interviews and appearances.
Members should include the IASD member name, the name of the show or publication, the date, and the topic discussed.

IASD holds no responsibility for the content or quality of non-sponsored IASD events
or individual member lectures, presentations, or workshops.

To subscribe to the IASD Dream-News:

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Please direct any technical problems to Richard Wilkerson at the IASD office: office@asdreams.org

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