MAY 2015
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2015 IASD Annual International Conference, Virginia Beach:

Lodging Discount Cut Off Date is May 15

Volunteers Update

Preliminary Program Available

Vote Now For Board Member Nominees – Deadline May 29

PsiberDreaming Conference Proposal Deadline June 10

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The Spring 2015 issue of IASD's DreamTime Magazine has arrived. Here is a question for you. Have you noticed how, if you leave a copy of this magazine on a table, people pick it up and look at it? Share.

Since this magazine is a member benefit, we ask you to enjoy it online...but not to share the download. For those of you receiving the hard-copy version, however, there is no such restriction. When you've finished reading your Spring 2015 edition, share it with a friend and/or with a local library or hospital. Let people see what IASD membership provides! We are proud of our DreamTime team.



Have you had a life changing dream? Would you like to share it so that others may appreciate the source of inner wisdom that lies within our dreams? In IASD we support dreaming as an important part of our growth, healing and learning process and we wish to illustrate that concept with stories from those who have experienced life changing insight and guidance from their dreams first hand. IASD is therefore planning on publishing a book of dream stories and lessons by those who have experienced life altering changes that were initiated by a dream – and we would love to hear your story.

Life changing dreams are part of what Carl Jung called Transcendence or “transition from one state of being to another…manifesting as a new attitude toward oneself and life.” Jung considered this a necessary part of growing as an individual – or Individuation – and considered dreams to be a natural and necessary part of bringing this about. Jung was not alone, many psychologists and researchers have recognized the problem solving capability and creative insight that dreams provide. The late Ernest Hartmann, MD, stated that change comes as dreams weave new information into established memory, making new connections, providing new insight which can help us make new decisions.

If your life has been changed by a dream and you wish to share your story as a part of this inspiring anthology, a call for contributions of dream stories is now posted on the IASD website.


An art exhibit at the Monona Public Library, Monona, Wisconsin is showing from April 7 - May 31, 2015.

Inspired by a dream, the exhibit is based on the 29 chapter illustrations in Ann E. Aswegan’s book entitled “Awakening to the Song of Your Self: Revelations by Day and Dreams by Night.” Imprinted on vintage embroidered pillowcases, the overall effect is reminiscent of laundry on a line. Recent innovations in heat transfer technology made this high-resolution printing application possible. Cindy Martinelli collaborated with Ann to provide project management, graphic design and technical support.

Although the project was almost three years in the making, both artists experienced a sense of ease and flow throughout their work together. Since the inception of this dynamic initiative, Cindy and Ann have appreciated the synergy of the lyrical words, compelling imagery, and distinctive pillowcases. The combination of these elements creates a gentle, yet profound statement.

The Sunday April 19th edition of The Wisconsin State Journal featured coverage of the exhibit in the “On View” section.


The Dream News team would like to convey our profound apologies for publishing the wrong photos for this article in the last issue of Dream News: Here is the article with the appropriate photos:

The students pictured here attend the third year at the School of Psychotherapy of the Milan Center of Family Therapy, Italy. The class, led by Massimo Schinco, was a lesson dedicated to the emotional value of dreams. The students, sensitive to dreamwork, had experienced other dream group methods, but it was their first time with the complete Ullman Experiential Dream Group Process. They were impressed by the experience, commenting that it was both peaceful and stimulating. As far as Massimo knows, it is the first time that the Ullman method has been applied in a complete form in Milan.

In this issue, Hot Off the Press explores dreams of the homeless and astronauts. The intention of this column is to publish links to evidence-based scientific articles that are written for a non-research audience in the study of dreams.


Skid Robot humanizes the homeless by incorporating them into his art, creating scenes in which the subjects aren't just faceless people down on their luck. Instead, he highlights their struggle by juxtaposing them with spray painted versions of their needs, wants and dreams.



Video interview with the Expedition 30 crew about the types of dreams they experienced while sleeping in space. The crew also talks about Space X's first flight to the ISS, answers reader's questions and more.



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Kevin Todeschi – A.R.E./Atlantic University


Register NOW at the conference site for your lodging – the deadline for discounted room reservations is May 15, 2015. After that discounted rooms will only be offered on an availability basis. Contact the hotel at 800-468-2722 or 757-481-9000 and ask for the IASD Conference group rate.

Volunteer positions may still be open. If you wish to be a Volunteer for a $50 conference fee, applications remain open for the wait list and may be opening in the areas of Art Exhibit volunteer. If you apply, and have registered for the conference, you will be reimbursed for the difference if a position opens.

The Program Schedule and presentation listing is available on the conference website.

Go to for Information and to Register.

The Venue • Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center is located on the beach at 2800 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The hotel is directly on the beach, features rooms with sweeping views of the Cape Henry Bay, and is less than a mile from the wildlife sanctuary at First Landing State Park.

The Program • The Conference will feature 6 world-renowned keynotes and featured speakers plus over 120 presenters from 16 countries around the globe offering: 10 morning dream groups; 34 workshops; 29 panels and symposia; various special sessions; and a full research track and poster session. Special events include an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and Reception, a Dream Hike along the shore and wildlife sanctuary, the annual PSI Dreaming Contest, the ever popular costume Dream Ball and other dance, music and artistic activities. The Program is designed to provide a little something for everyone, professionals as well as those simply interested in dreams. It is organized in multidisciplinary tracks which include: Clinical Approaches; Dreamwork Practices; Research and Theory; Arts and Humanities; Education; Spirituality and Religion; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucid Dreams; Dreams and Health; Mental Imagery; Culture and History. Come meet and converse with your favorite authors and personalities as well as a multitude of kindred spirits interested in sharing the joy and benefits of understanding dreams and dreamworking.

CEUs • The International Association for the Study of Dreams is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The International Association for the Study of Dreams maintains responsibility for this program and its content.


In addition to our broad slate of presenters and workshop leaders, the conference will feature six world-renowned keynote and featured speakers: 

Jean Raffa, PhD: A Jungian psychologist and award winning author. Her books include The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth that was nominated for the Benjamin Franklin Award; and her newest book, Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World, which won the Wilbur Award in 2013.


Dawson Church, PhD: An award-winning author whose books include the best-seller, The Genie in Your Genes, and a series of EFT manuals for healing psychological and physical problems as well as improving athletic performance. He is founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, editor of the journal Energy Psychology and owner of one of the largest alternative medicine sites, EFT Universe.

Jessica Payne, PhD: An Associate Professor at the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on how sleep and stress influence human memory and psychological function. She also examines important clinical questions, including how disturbances in sleep and stress influence memory consolidation in individuals with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders such as PTSD, and how this, in turn, influences psychological functioning. She combines behavioral, pharmacological and cognitive neuro-scientific (EEG, fMRI) approaches in this research.

Featured Presenters include:

Rev. Bob Haden, MS: Director of The Haden Institute, a Jungian psychotherapist and Episcopal priest, and author of Unopened Letters From God. He studied at The C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. He is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, and holds Masters degrees in Theology and in the Use of Dreams in Spiritual Direction. He draws upon 30 years of experience in family, individual, marriage, vocational, and life journey individuation counseling.

Stanley Krippner, PhD: Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University, San Francisco, and a past president of IASD. A former Director of the Maimonides Medical Center Dream Research Laboratory in Brooklyn NY, his many books include the co-authored Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans (2007). He was recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, 2002.

Heather Spence: A marine biologist researching dolphins, who will speak on “Dolphin Dreaming.” She is a PhD candidate in Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at the City University of NY, a founding partner in the Global Research and Arts Center for the Investigation and Advancement of Sustainability Solutions, and leads international collaborative conservation projects in the Mexican Caribbean.


For those who tried hard to vote last month, and found the Vote page on the IASD web site to be password protected, we apologize for not being clearer.

Since only IASD members can vote in Board elections, and Dream News goes to our extended database, we could not put the password here. What we failed to do, however, was tell you that. Oops!

If you are a member of IASD, we hope you will vote for Board candidates before the Vote deadline on May 29, 2015.

If you would like to VOTE NOW, send an e-mail to  and IASD's Administrative Officer, Richard Wilkerson, will send you the vote password. Thank you for your patience.

The 2015 IASD Nominating Committee has invited the following seven members to run for the five member-elected three-year board positions that will be vacated as of the June board meeting: Claude Desloges (Canada), Jordi Borràs García (Spain), Curt Hoffman (USA), Clare Johnson (Germany), Linda Schiller (USA), Misa Tsuruta (Japan) and Mary Ziemer (England). Selectees (those five with the highest number of votes) will be announced at the General Membership Meeting at the Virginia Beach conference on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

The Committee also arrived at a slate of Executive officer nominees for 2015-2016, which is as follows: Scott Sparrow, Board Chair; Susannah Benson, President; Laurel Clark, Vice-President; Joy Fatooh, Secretary and Robert Waggoner, Treasurer. The Board will adopt the slate of officer nominees, and all officers and new board members will assume their positions at the board meeting to be held on Friday, June 5, 2015.

Join us for two weeks of nonstop fun and dreaming in September/October at the online PsiberDreaming Conference.

This year's theme is "Leaping Into the Mystery: The Psi-ence of Dreams." So we are actively seeking proposals which investigate the science of psi. A total of 24 presentations will be selected. Simply send your presentation title, a brief description of what you'd like to present, and your contact information before June 10 to Conference Host, Jean Campbell, at

Bobbie Ann Pimm, Regional Events Committee Chair

Dreams, Shamanism, & Mythology

Congratulations to Mara Zadnoff and The Toronto Region of the International Association for the Study of Dreams for a successful two-day conference on dreams, shamanism, and mythology featuring world-renowned dream researcher and psychologist Stanley Krippner. This conference took place in downtown Toronto on April 18 & 19, 2015.

Here is the write-up for this conference:

Toronto played host to world renowned dream researcher and psychologist Stanley Krippner for a weekend of deep learning, sharing and exploration into our dreams, our myths, and the Shamanic practices of indigenous cultures. More than 50 were in attendance to hear Stan and Toronto area dream teachers Dr. Teresa DeCicco and Rosemary Gosselin.

Rosemary spoke on the cultural aspects of dreaming, and their relationship to our collective unconscious—explaining how our dreams are calling us to connect more deeply with our roots. Teresa spoke on how science and spirituality each explain the nature of dreaming, and how both are required to understand and explore the rich world of dreams.

In Saturday’s session, Stan described the practices of several Shamanic cultures and the importance of dreams in the lives of indigenous cultures.

Shamanic cultures practice one or more of the 5 D’s (Dreaming, Drumming, Dancing, Drugs and Deprivation) to achieve deep altered states of integrative consciousness. Stan also taught the group a variety of techniques for working with dreams; our own and when working with dream groups.

The conference was viewed as a “wonderful weekend,” “well organized” and “stimulating” with those in attendance wanting to learn more about up-coming Toronto events and to learn more about IASD.

DreamWork: DreamPlay

The one-day conference held in New York on April 25, 2015 at the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis Greenwich Village was a great success! The host for this conference was Lou Hagood. Presenters included: Michael Vannoy Adams, Deirdre Barrett PhD, Fariba Bogzaran PhD, Larry Burk MD, Lou Hagood, Michael P. Jenkins and Robert Waggoner. Lou is continuing the conference discussion with a weekly seminar discussing the writers included in the conference and practicing dream play.

The speakers break for lunch at the first New York Regional conference in Greenwich Village, hosted by Lou Hagood on April 25. Shown are Fariba Bogzaran, Robert Waggoner, Deirdre Barrett, Mike Adams, Mike Jenkins, Larry Burk & Lou Hagood.

Regional Representatives Network

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly.

If you do not have a Regional Rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a Regional Representative or for corrections or feedback on member contacts from Regional Reps, contact Bobbie Ann Pimm at


Due to the annual IASD conference, there will be no June issue of Dream News. We will have our next newsletter in July. Thank you and hope to see you in Virginia Beach!


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