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Lisa Rasmussen is an artist whose dreams have always inspired her life and work. While studying in Italy in June, she discovered a passion for ceramics, and plans to get her M.F.A. with that focus. She is living her dream of creating in sacred sites around the world, and is currently planning an adventure back to Machu Picchu or Bhutan in 2003.

To see more of her work, check out her web site WWW.ETERNALGUILD.COM  (created and maintained by the incredibly talented web mistress Margie Kaplan).

Artist's Statement

My dream world has been prophetic and challenging. Through my dream paintings, I have discovered many layers within my dreams and myself. When we manifest dreams and portray them on canvas, we link the conscious and subconscious mind. Archetypes reside in the dream world, and when you create with them, you can awaken their potential power in your life. "Create, create and create" is the mantra of the universe.

"Sleeping Egyptians" evolved from dreamwork in Jeremy Taylor's dream class. In this fragmented dream, I am walking on a cliff. I walk past a man and his two dachshunds on leashes. He has made a spectacle out of the poor dogs. They are both dressed with fake orange fur and the dogs have hermetic caps on their heads. He is pulling them up and down like puppets. Then I am in a room -- a narrow corridor made entirely of windows. I am lying on my belly (like a child). I look out and I see dolphins creating a spiral in the ocean! Then I turn around and see an amazing view: a mountain with a navy blue, purple and orange glow. It seems to be the in-between time of twilight or dawn. I get uncomfortable because others have arrived at the scene. I worry about my cats. Then I enter a dark room and there are people sleeping on the floor. They are contemporary Egyptians. I see my black cat, Griffin, under a chair. I startle one of the Egyptians and she rises with a cat on her chest. Then the dream jumps to a co-worker in the art gallery. He says that you can get AIDS through the computer.

When I shared the dream with my dream group, I was startled with many "Aha's." I left the group needing to paint the dream. This painting marks a change in my process. Before I painted from the literal imagery and I let the canvas unfold. This painting was from the "Aha" -- the insight I received during dreamwork. I started painting and focusing on the "Aha."

"Zen in the Mayan Rainforest" was dream I had in the rainforests of Costa Rica. One night, we stayed across the Arenal, a magnificent volcano. It was magical to see the active volcano and to hear and feel the spirits of the forest. That night I had a dream of a giant being that looked like an indigenous Indian. The being was in the clouds and was looking down at me.

In the "Catacomb" dream I was walking in a catacomb. I came around the corner and an entity was shackled in a shelf-like area. It had a gold mask on and I could see its eyes. I woke up startled and painted it that morning.


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2002 ASD Dream Art Exhibition

19th Annual International Conference for the Association for the Study of Dreams
June 15 - 19, 2002
at Tufts University, Medford, Boston, Massachusetts

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