J e a n n e   S i s s o n


Jeanne Sisson lives in Northfield, Massachusetts, in a beautiful spot overlooking the Connecticut River valley. Her creative energies are balanced between her artwork, three active children, and a supportive husband.

Artist's Statement

I work in many different mediums when planning and doing preliminary studies for paintings, although I find myself drawn to oil painting and batik painting for my finished works. I am fascinated by the human figure and continue to study by attending workshops and taking any opportunity I can to draw from the live model. I am constantly learning from every painting. I am excited by the idea that my artwork is life school, and that my life is artwork. Including dream imagery in my art has enhanced this learning opportunity tenfold. I am so grateful when I am bestowed with the gift of a great dream that just has to be drawn.

"Apple Dreams"
Months after waking up with the vivid image of an apple sliced in half in my head, this picture would often pop into my mind for no apparent reason. One day while driving, I was visited by the sliced apple again and became determined to go home to draw the image. That drawing led to a small watercolor study which led to this larger batik painting.

"3 ½ Dreams from a February Morning"
I love it when I wake up with imagery so vivid it just has to be drawn. I spent that February morning drawing pieces of those dreams in one composition and a few days later was compelled to start the painting. The following are excerpts from my journal that morning…

"A Beginning or an End"
I started this painting four years ago while my father-in-law was dying. I originally intended it to be a therapy piece, trying to paint emotion using color; it was not for public consumption. The painting was only swirling colors and I set it aside, unsure of how to take it further. Occasionally over the next few years, the painting would call me from the corner of my studio and I would set it on the easel. Then I would disappear in a kind of painting meditation adding more color or movement to the canvas. One morning I woke up knowing what to do. The painting needed a figure reacting to the space around it, something to represent the human experience in the emotional tumult of life. Did the answer or direction come from my dreams? Not as directly as some of my other work but I am convinced that my dream life, though sometimes so subtle, still directly affects my artwork and lifework.


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2002 ASD Dream Art Exhibition

19th Annual International Conference for the Association for the Study of Dreams
June 15 - 19, 2002
at Tufts University, Medford, Boston, Massachusetts

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