International Association for the Study of Dreams PsiberDreaming Conference 2009


by Rita Dwyer

Rita Photo

Back in 2007, I was asked if I would share my photos of IASD in an informal 20 minute PowerPoint presentation at our annual membership meeting in 2008 in Montreal at the start of our 25th year of incorporation. Though I was not one of IASD’s original founders, I am a Founding Life Member and have been active in our association since 1984, having held various offices, committee chair positions and advisory roles. I’ve also attended all 26 conferences and lived IASD’s history, experiencing our slow but steady growth to where we are today—a truly interdisciplinary international association with publications, conferences, regional meetings, an extraordinarily strong online presence, student research and art awards, and so much more.

I learned that working with the IASD team is often just that, hard work, but that we also have such joy in doing it. Our Metro DC Dream Community used as a motto when we hosted the 1987 conference in the Washington DC area, “Where there is love there is no labor, or if there is labor that labor is loved.” I’ve labored and loved, as have so many of our officers, directors, committee chairs and members, and volunteers. And we do have fun as you will see in the FlyBy! So will you, if you want to join us in an active role. There is so much yet to do as we continue in our goals to reach out to the public, educating them about the value of dreams.

IASD in Hawaii

Through the years, I also took many photos and other IASD friends shared theirs. My life has been transformed by IASD whose members are like my dreaming family. This FlyBy is like “Mom’s Photo Album”, hence my appearance in more than my share of the pictures is not to showcase my face, but to feature others important to IASD’s history who deserve to be shown in my blast from the past.

Also note that this is a work in progress because our history is ongoing. I narrated the slide show in Montreal, and the PowerPoint was updated, but not used for lack of time, at our closing celebration of IASD’s 25th birthday in Chicago this year. Those who saw it in Montreal have asked to see it again, so here it is for your viewing pleasure. We hope in the future to be able to add IDs to all the pictures or to include narration in a new version, but for now, you will have to content yourself with the visual content and some lists of who’s who, where we’ve been, what we do, etc. If you choose to watch, we ask you to share some of your history with IASD by answering this question here on the FlyBy thread of our PsiberDreaming Conference:

Has your life, waking or sleeping, been transformed by IASD, and if so, how?

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