PsiberDreaming Conference 2009
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Rave Reviews for Past Conferences 

"Bravo!", "Incredible!", "a wonderful experience," "amazing!", "topnotch", "I am really thrilled," "great conference," "please, please do this frequently," "I don't know how many accolades I can give you, too many to count, I believe. The conference was simply great!! Good presenters, topics, participants, and great energy."

"Outstanding job to everyone! This conference is always so "edifying" to me. It is most definitely food for the mind, body, and soul; food for thought that fills me up and stays with me. Thank you so very much!" G.G.

I will never be the same after this conference. Thanks. It is a good thing. B.A.

"I do appreciate how you've managed to keep costs down and made this forum accessible to such a diverse audience. I could never have attended if you hadn't. I am grateful!" D.N.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the people who make this conference possible. For me it jump starts my dreaming when things have gotten slow in that realm." V.B.

"... thank you very much for this conference . It really, like the earlier ones, was amazing....Thank you for all your papers and for your ideas. I noticed the generosity each of you had in answering the questions and almost all of you responded to ALL questions that were asked - that's amazing - and at the same time you engaged deeply in your own topic and on other presentations as well" K.T.

"This year (conference) has been potentially life-changing - now I have to do my part to fulfill this potential. A big, big thank you to all the organizers and volunteers that made this conference happen...." J.G.

"I found it enlightening. I learned some new things and also the conference nudges me to spend more time recording my dreams." P.S.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed attending this conference and I really like the format. Being able to access the presentations and bulletin board anytime has made it a very convenient way to participate in this event. The topics and presenters were top notch. I found the papers to be very concise and very applicable to psidreaming. I feel that I have been left with a lot of techniques to try out as I continue my dreaming journey.
I liked the diversity of remarks on the bulletin board posts. There was a lot of support and encouragement here, and a lot of interesting dialogue, whether people agreed or disagreed with one another. There was just such a great spirit of camraderie here among all of the psiberdreamers."

"Great idea having a conference focused on just one aspect of dreaming - PSI. Sigh!"

"First and foremost, I am really thrilled with the online aspect of the conference. A more in depth exploration of dreaming, especially as to dream recall, analysis, and control, has been on my list of things to do for a number of years now. But if I had had to expend the time, energy, and financial expense of airfare, hotels, etc, physically traveling in person to a conference like this, I am sure it would still be on my to do list.

I am so amazed and grateful to have had the opportunity for such a stimulating and rewarding interactive learning experience from the comfort of my own home!

As to content, the dream contests, of course, were a favorite, because I have never participated in any exercises of this type before, and I really like the hands-on approach. Now that I've got my feet wet/got the ball rolling I'm more motivated to continue on my own with efforts along these lines." K.C.

"As a newcomer to the field of dreams, I felt this conference offered something for dreamers at all levels of research experience and expertise. The material was well documented and coherent." S.

"It was unique to my experience of conferences. Being online, people at different levels/types of experience may interact better than in reality where there could be social guards that would hinder networking." D.T.

I don't know how many accolades I can give you, too many to count, I believe. The conference was simply great!! Good presenters, topics, participants, and great energy. M.B.

"There was a feeling of excitement and great energy. The presenters and workshops were well rounded. I believe that everyone could find at least one (or two or more!!) subjects that interested them.  The personalized feedback was phenomenal!  I loved seeing everyone else's artwork!!!"

"What I loved most was the interaction with the participants, both daily and in our DREAMS. I had never has a sense before of how much people share dreamscapes. I have had telepathic dreams with close family members, but the exercises we have done really demonstrate that we dream in a sort of matrix (one participant's word) of impressions, ideas and emotions shared with people it seems, who have similar interests and pursuits." V.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this conference and I hope it becomes part of the ASD's ongoing program. I especially liked being able to join in on my own timetable, and become immediately engaged in whatever was happening." R.G.

"...please do this frequently. For people who cannot come to a regular conference every year (or at all), in particular, this is such a fantastic opportunity to practice psi-skills, to learn and to meet other dreamers. Thank you again, it was great." B.

This was an awesome experience. I have learned so much the last two weeks and have been inspired by presenters, art, dream sharing you cannot imagine the impact. I thoroughly liked the fact that I can "log in" at the time best convenient for me.... this was an 'at your pace' thing.. I could go back and re-read posts, presentation papers, etc." E.D.

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