PsiberDreaming Conference 2009

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Sunday, September 27   
Welcome thread
Open House
IASD Fly by
Outer Inn 
Charles Tart PDF Thought Questions
Robert Moss  Thirteen Reasons Why the Dead Come Calling 
Rev. Jeremy Taylor Implications of Precognitive Dreaming to the Future of Consciousness 
Monday, September 28   
Ed Kellogg, PhD  Developing Dream Psi Abilities (Workshop)
Jon Lipsky  Dreaming Together (Workshop)
Ed Kellogg, PhD   - Mutual Dream Contest information posted 
Tuesday, September 29   
Jody Grundy, LPC  with special guests Richard Russo and Kelly Bulkeley, PhD Dreaming of Obama 
"The Green Dancer" Dreaming in Tehran 
Mutual Dreaming Chat   
Wednesday, September 30   
Mena Potts, PhD Psi Dreams: To Tell or not to Tell (Workshop) 
Beverly D'Urso, PhD  Levels of Consciousness and Lucidity while Dreaming or Awake (Paper and Workshop)
Mutual Dreaming Contest (Event)   
Thursday, October 1   
Tony Hawkins  The Edge of Perception 
Dale Graff  Kundalini Dreams: Awakening Latent Energy Within
6 p.m. EDT  deadline for submission to Mutual Dreaming Contest 
Friday, October 2   
Paco Mitchell. MA World Dreams 
Valley Reed  It Was Just Only A Dream 
Cynthia Pearson -  Precognitive Dreaming Contest (Information posted )
Precognitive Dreaming Chat
Saturday, October 3   
Charles Tart, PhD  The End of Materialism
Ryan Hurd Transforming Sleep Paralysis into a Healing
Midnight EDT deadline - Precognitive Dreaming Contest submission  
Sunday, October 4   
Jacquie Lewis, PhD  Dreaming of Different Eras 
Gloria Sturzenacker, MS Following the Call of Creativity to Psi-Facilitated Deeper Meaning (Workshop) 
Precognitive Dreaming Contest (Event) Select and post target  9 a.m. - 10 a.m. EDT
Monday, October 5   
Harry Bosma  From Dreaming to Reality Creation: Why Dreamers Have an Edge
Deborah Koff-Chapin Touch Drawing; Touching Dreams: Creative Expression as a Source of Vision and Transformation 
Tuesday, October 6   
Scott Sparrow, PhD  The Theory and Application of the Five Star Method of Dream Analysis
Laurel Clark, DM, DD  Friends, Strangers, Soul Mates and Other Dream Characters 
Ed Kellogg Dream Remote Viewing Contest Information posted
Wednesday, October 7   
Lou Hagood  Playing With Dreams 
Sasha Savsunenko  Dream Mapping in the Ukraine and Russia 
Dream Remote Viewing Chat  
Thursday, October 8   
Stanley Krippner, PhD  Creativity and Chaos in Dreaming and Waking States 
Terrance DePietro  A Polymagical Journey 
Dream Remote Viewing Contest Event 
Friday, October 9   
Robert Waggoner  The Dimensions of Lucid Dreaming 
Jeff VoVillia  Dreams Surrounding Pregnancy and Miscarriage 
6 p.m. EDT Submission Deadline for Dream Remote Viewing Contest 
Saturday, October 10   
Final day of reading and discussion 
Sunday, October 11   
Closing Reception Presenter, Volunteer and Participant Announcements of Upcoming Dream Events 
The PsiberDreaming Forum will remain open in read-only mode for participants for two weeks following the conference

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Disclaimer: The points of view presented by conference participants and presenters do not necessarily represent the point of view of The International Association for the Study of Dreams.

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