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PICTURE #1 WAS THE TARGET PICTURE SENT BY JEAN CAMPBELL. It is a black and white photo of five children sitting on the floor with white or light-colored kitchen cabinets with metal door pulls behind them. Each child has a kitchen utensil in his/her hands (wire whisk, wooden spoon, mixer beaters and spatula) covered with batter or frosting which they are happily eating.

PICTURE #2 is a painted pastoral country scene with many animals in the foreground, cows, horses, sheep and in the background 9 people, mostly men it seems, standing or walking/talking, most in pairs. A row of leafless trees is on the left lining a lane leading to a country house with outbuildings, as well as a barn on the far right. Also on the left and in the most distant view are planted fields on the hillside, and on the right a farmer plowing with a horse in one of the fenced-in field areas.

PICTURE #3 is a black and white photo of an older man, possibly a physics professor, wearing a dark suit, bow tie, horn-rimmed glasses and sitting in an old-fashioned chair in front of a blackboard on which is written copious equations and notations.

PICTURE #4 is a painting of an angelic being with white wings, reclining on a white seat of some kind with flowing/ fluid robes, of blue and violet with crescent moons and stars. Some of these are draped over the place where the angel reclines, not asleep, but eyes lowered. The background is the night sky filled with stars and a full moon which is seemingly reflected in the folds of one of the robes as if it is now water. Very peaceful and serene.
AND THE FIRST-PRIZE WINNER OF A BIG BLUE RIBBON IS "MERMAID" FROM AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA QUINTON, THE ONLY ONLINE CONTESTANT WHO CORRECTLY SELF-SELECTED #1 AS THE TARGET. She tuned into the children in a portion of her dream: "Swimming lessons. In my dream I was in the water--a big pool. There were a group of children around talking to each other and asking me lots of questions. I didn't feel as though I was meant to be the teacher, but I was happy to talk to them. It was an interior setting with very bright light all around."

(One wonders about the "pool" imagery and the connection with the target pool! There were other "watery" dreams submitted.)

VALERIE BIGELOW wrote: " I select #2 as the target since many of my dreams last night were about old country houses, stores and animals. There was some mention of children so #1 would be my second choice but I have to go with what I had as predominant images."

"The summary of all my dreams last night is this: There were many themes tonight of OLD HOUSES, some nice, some creepy, COUNTRY STORES and COUNTRY SCENES, animals and conversations. (Excerpts of Valerie's dreams follow, CAPS hers:) "2:30 a.m. I'm given a HORSE to ride and train. I stop at a GROCERY STORE....5:45 a.m. At our OLD ROOMING HOUSE we rented in the summer in the COUNTRY at Greenwood Lake. A woman coming into the apartment there with little KIDS and DOGS. I make a remark about keeping all of them together and she invites me in...She is nervous about going out at night but I tell her this is really a SAFE NEIGHBORHOOD. (In the country - little crime). As I leave her place I get a ride past Old Mamma Degan's house - the old lady in the neighborhood who used to give parties for all the neighborhood kids in the 50's. I then walk down Lake Shore Road past the HOUSE OF AN OLD FRIEND who died 10 years ago. It feels a little creepy to me. I go past the brook and see a HUGE TURKEY (think of Thanksgiving). Back at our lake country house preparing a mashed fruit OLD RECIPE....Talk briefly to a FARMER on the way to class. He has a LARGE FIELD PLANTED in PARALLEL GREEN LINES. I cut across this field to get to class and hope I don't hurt the crops..."
" So there you have it, Rita. If is isn't #2 but instead, #1, I think I make a good case for the ‘displacement' choice. If it is the picture of the little kids and not the farm scene, then tuning in must have given me many dreams of childhood memories in the country, i.e. all the country imagery. But I'm still betting on #2 the Country Scene."

(Note: Interestingly enough, besides childhood or children as imagery, there was food--turkey and a mashed fruit old recipe. Watch for more "food/eating" motifs in the dreams which follow of those who chose another target other than the little eating kids!)
"I sent my dreams in this am. before 9 am EDT, but hadn't been able to view the target pictures until 6:40 pm EDT because I had to get to work and was already "late for work" in order to enter my dream for the contest. So my dream account is not matched up with a target picture. But, regardless, I wanted my dream content in by 9 am for date/time stamping. Given the four pictures I have just viewed, I'd match my dream up with Target picture #4, the female angel. In my dream I dreamed of a large "dove" which sends out "red light" to me to engulf me and take me somewhere. The dove was however just a small part of the dream content that I dreamed. Since the actual target remains unnamed as of right now, I hope my entry will count in the contest and pick Target picture #4 as the one..."

"As I reviewed my dream content this p.m. I saw that picture #1, with the children licking spoons in front of kitchen cabinets struck me as relevant to my dream also. In my first dream of the night I was looking to feed my dog, who was a lot like a dependent child to me, and searching the cabinets for a can of dog food was central to the dream. The cabinets were metal in the dream, and older and rusty. In the picture, the cabinets were metal, or enamel it looks like.. This put me "on the fence" in deciding which target picture was most relevant: Target #1 or #4".

I'm casting my vote on #4....When the red light emanated from the dove, it engulfed me and I felt a need to "just let go" and be taken wherever the dove wanted to take me....And I think the dream content evolved in a way that I have yet to understand, but feel may be communicating something greater than just target #1. So that's why I've selected #4".
(In GOSHEN GOLLY'S complete dream account, there were other elements related to eating and children, such as "a food expo, a food court, a restaurant, a baby, his family", etc.)



RON DINELLE selected #2. His dream contained "a miniature horse...the colour of the horse was white...I'm thinking a white miniature unicorn figurine made of china." Picture #2 has an impressive white horse standing amongst the other horses and cattle in the foreground.

RICHARD WILKERSON selected #2 Because of the herd of cattle: He dreamt of "moving things ahead of me", some of these things being large pieces of tape that can be slid along. "There is a lot of stuff on the tape. I find I can line them up and push them all together. I herd the tape along the street towards my new house." (There is a big house in picture #2).

PAMELA arrived at her selection of #2 through the process of personal association:

"I dreamt that I am seated at a long table across from a woman. I am eating. The table is clear except for our dishes. There is a large open space across the table from me that seems to be a dance floor. I become aware of hearing Anne Murray's song that has the line "May I have this dance for the rest of my life?" Seems I may even hum or sing along with it. My ex-husband comes walking up with his mouth stuffed full of food as if he'd quickly finished eating and remembered half way through the song that I liked it. He is trying to finish his mouthful so that we may dance. I take a mouthful of food aware that I am stalling in hopes that the song will finish first and I won't need to dance with him..."

"Being seated across from the woman I sense is being across from Jean Campbell the "sender" of the image. The fact that I am eating and the fellow having his mouth full, to me correlates with all the livestock in the foreground of the picture. The open expansive field with the people in it
with outstretched arms I feel I might have interpreted in my dreamspace as the open dance floor area across the table (the food - i.e animals) from me. The line of the song, "May I have this dance for the rest of my life?" personally relates for me to the fact that the image is of a farm and the phrase of having "bought the farm" meaning the end of one's life...etc."

ED KELLOGG made this excellent connection with a non-target picture. He wrote: "First, my dreams last night all occurred in black and white - unusual for me. In one, an annoying older man (mostly bald head, fringe of short gray hair, wearing dark clothing) in a blocky old fashioned black wheelchair (it looked more like a lawn chair - oversize arm supports) invaded my house. In another dream, I find myself sitting in a classroom, in the front near the blackboard, but facing the right side wall, not the blackboard or the class. Another student, a professional mercenary, tells me I seem too well dressed and don't have enough equipment (knives, guns, tools) to survive in the field. I tell him that the creative brain seems the most important tool necessary, and that I've found a way to survive in dangerous situations using nothing more than a Swiss army knife and a creative brain."

DIETER also connected with #3 as follows: "... In the dream, I got out of bed and went down the hallway into the room of my brother (he studied physics). I tried to make someone appear in order to ask him/her about the target. For a few seconds, the dream seemed to turn into a nightmare. I could avoid this by controlling my fear. Then, an elder man appeared. I told him I needed to receive a message from Jean Campbell. I corrected myself and said her name was Cambell (that's how it was spelled on the web page). He pointed out an image on the wall, which I memorized. It was a landscape with a mountain in the background and a river with a large blossom in the foreground. When I looked again, it was three boats swimming in the sea, and a harbor. After waking up I made drawings of the two images..."

(Looking at the figures and formulas on the blackboard might make our dreaming minds have to work hard to makes sense of them.)

ZALEHAH TURNER from Australia dreamt of #3 before the target was sent: ...

"(a lot happened in the dream but the part relevant to No. 3 is:) I'm in a room. He's sitting on a chair, has glasses, has white to greyish hair, has a small frame (though that could be the chair as the chair is a lot bigger than him) and his back is against something flat like a wall. He looks at my file and adds a couple of pages to it. When I put the pages in I see they are photocopied pages of photos and text. They are back to front from the other pages in the file. In the dream I am told to remember them (but I don't). The pages are all in plastic sheaths in a folder. He closes the file (or I do). I see three words on the front cover. They are all taken from a newspaper, cut out and stuck down. One started with "e" (something like eurythmics"). Then he says "That's enough for the file now" or "Your file is complete". I feel it's time to leave..."

THOMINCA's dream included the following imagery which led him to select #3:

"I was back in my small hometown, driving down the main N/S street. My aunt, who was a editor for a college press, was on the radio, discussing a book, comparing it to the movie.... When I left, there were a number of small, brown leather diary-type notebooks on a table, turned in by students for a project.

I'm decoding a series of numbers. I called a school friend on the phone and read part of a sequence them off to him. I don't remember any colors in that part of the dream."

SAO sent an impressive hit on the above: "I see what appears to be a crystal ball partially filled with a luminous liquid which is rising up on the inner left hand side of the ball so that the overall effect or impression is like a quarter moon, only more fluid. The liquid is a very very pale shade of green, like many glow-in-the-dark substances one sees. Jean is touching the crystal ball, and the liquid responds to her touch, and also glows a brighter electric blue where she touches it. This effect is like one of those electronic "eye-of-the-storm" lamps with the little electrode in the center emitting lightening-like arcs of electricity. A sort of "fuzz" of electricity surrounds her fingertips.

The atmosphere of the "room" is in keeping with a "fortune-teller" theme, might be a room of a "psychic reader and advisor"-- I see lots of deep blue with patterns of stars and planets. The room itself seems to be dark blue and there is a window in the background which looks out into a dark blue night sky where the quarter moon pattern is repeated. (a real quarter moon)..."

And a bit of table imagery emerged as well: "I dreamed that part of the contest involved me needing to get a table repaired..."

PAMELA didn't select #4 but had a dream which connected: (In her dream, she said:) "Give me a star and some music and I am in heaven." and my chosen "name" was "Stardancer". So I have a sense that on some level I was checking in ahead to the pictures being shown today and noting this one that I liked."

JEAN TACZAK submitted this dream: " I am walking with another woman up a staircase. We get to the top & overlook a waterfalls - like Niagara Falls."

Her friend BARBARA dreamt of "A young girl...Le Cherie...temporary housing...apple pie... Overlooking water...Teenager - around table - one boy likes Cathy...Street scene - hear music of guitar - someone singing harmonica..." (Note that Barbara's dreams included table and food elements, too.)

RITA HILDEBRANDT selected #4 because of this dream: "I am watching my artist friend Marilyn standing in deep contemplation. I can see her back as she walks around this lake. I see her contemplating her inner child in the lake. (this dream actually has number 4 and some of number 1 in it."

Rita also selected #3 as a second choice because of a dream which included a learning/school theme: "Two of us are being tested. I am given two words to write a story on each word when my name is called. I begin and write with a pencil, very quickly until I am finished with my first word. Then I can't remember my second word and ask the teacher for it. When she gives it to me I don't know the meaning. I ask her for the meaning of the word..."

(And if any of you understand the meaning of the calculations on the blackboard in #3, please enlighten the rest of us who don't.)
Many thanks to all who participated, and apologies that space constraints made it necessary to excerpt the salient parts of some dreams rather than printing them in their entirety. I am also grateful to our sender Jean Campbell, to Richard Wilkerson for his online support in posting pictures and instructions, and to the originator of this contest, Bob Van de Castle, for supplying the pool of pictures. We'll be doing more "exercises" in telepathy following different protocols. Please join us in future events, as well as in dialogue on the bulletin board which has an ongoing thread related to the contest. Watch there, too, for my posting of an overview of ALL results, both online and onsite.

Best wishes for "dreaming true", Rita Dwyer




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