ASD 2002 Dream Telepathy Contest


"Online Dream Telepathy Contest" event this Saturday night-Sunday morning, March 9-10, 2002.

This contest will work similarly to those held annually at ASD (Association for the Study of Dreams) Conferences.

See for example:


For the target image, on Saturday night Ed Kellogg will randomly select one image from a target pool of 100 images. This target pool has ten categories, with ten objects in each category. Ed will "send" that image through the night. You can choose to tune into the image by telepathy, remote viewing, or through precognition. On Sunday morning Ed will semi-randomly select 4 more images from this pool (semi-randomly because all selected objects will belong to different categories), and will make up a graphic with all five images on it for Richard Wilkerson to post online.


Participating dreamers can view the selection of images online, and post their choice - and the dream that determined their choice - on the "Online Dream Telepathy Contest!" thread:


Alternatively, Ed can send out the graphic file by e-mail on request.
"E. W. Kellogg III, Ph.D." < alef1@msn.com >

Ed will post information on which image actually gets "broadcast" on the ASD Discussion Board thread sometime Monday morning, March 11, 2002.

A Note on Making a Selection


You may have tuned into the dream telepathy target object clearly and directly, in which case the object will have showed up in your dream(s) pretty much as it appears in the graphic. You may also have tuned into the word or even the number. On the other hand, you may have tuned into the object generically, rather than specifically, by category

1. Cactus  Plants
2. Stereo Technology
3. Cow Animals
4. Saxophone  Musical Instruments
5. Pegasus Mythological Creatures


You may also have a personal set of associations with the object, in which case a telepathically received object might have acted as a "seed" thought/image, generating a dream scenario associated with the object in a subjective, rather than in an objective, way.


And finally, the dream object may have showed up in your dream, either in fragmentary form, or simply as an object of its general shape and/or color, but where you misidentified it as something else.


I'll post which target object I actually "sent" on 3/11/02, Monday morning PST. If it turns out that you tuned into this object, "telepathy" seems a good explanation. On the other hand, if you clearly tuned into one of the other objects (which happens often at ASD Conferences) you would need to have done so using precognition, as I did not even select these objects (using a semi-random process) until 830 AM PST Sunday morning!


Good luck! If you enjoyed participating in this event, and would like to see more of the same in the future, please contact the ASD webmaster, Richard Wilkerson at rcwilk@dreamgate.com, or Ed Kellogg at alef1@msn.com



Good Luck!

Ed Kellogg (Facilitator for the ASD website's Paranormal Phenomena" section)
"E. W. Kellogg III, Ph.D." < alef1@msn.com >



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