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JANUARY 2011                              VOLUME 9 / ISSUE 1                              Renew/Become a Member

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Tales iof the TiliŠn—
Dream-Based Fiction
by Dolores J. Nurss

You might find this offering a little different from most dream-based fiction, since it comes with notes for every chapter on which parts came from dreams and how the story evolved from dreaming, sometimes with glimpses into the meanings of the dreams for the writer. (This is accessible by clicking Dream Notes at the bottom of each chapter, except where otherwise provided.) You can read the stories for free online (the PayPal buttons don’t work) at  Dolores Nurss adds new material every week on Tuesdays. Currently she’s posting one chapter a week on “The Poison Gamble”. To ask for further clarification on her dreams, contact the writer at

New Dream Workbook
Unopened Letters from God — Using biblical dreams to unlock your nightly dreams

This 208 page book can be used by dream groups as well as by individuals. It is a workbook that can transform your life. It is only when you put yourself into the mix that the experience becomes yours. Everyone in the group will need a workbook.

We often hear people say, “God doesn’t speak to me.” Does God speak to you? The answer is a resounding “yes,” to those who know the dream world. This book will lead you step by step through 14 Biblical dreams, unlocking your nightly dreams, until all of a sudden you realize God is communicating with you in a meaningful and fulfilling way. The language is an ancient language. It is a language that takes you to a deeper place where God’s glory resides. Purchase online:

Dreamer: 20 Years of Psychic Dreams and How They Changed My Life
by Andy Paquette

Dictionaries say that dreams are a sequence of images from sleep. What is left out is that these images are recollections of something else. They are memories of experiences, some fanciful, some shatteringly real. When author Andrew Paquette first dreamed of the future he was able to avert a mugging that possibly saved his life. Over the course of the next twenty years he kept meticulous records of his dreams, discovering in the process that future dreams are not only possible, they are common. Even more importantly, because of their quantity he was able to see that his dreams were not just isolated events, but remembered snatches of a continuum of existence shared by everyone. In this groundbreaking book he destroys the myths of what dreams are, how they are described, what they mean and why they are or are not important. The publisher is O Books in the UK and the book is available at


Register Early for a Discounted Rate for the 28th International IASD Conference to be held at the 14th century Abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, 2011, June 24 – 28. Excitement over this year's IASD conference is growing exponentially so in order to better accommodate participation for all in today's economic climate, the Conference Committee has extended the Early Conference Registration deadline to 1 April, 2011. But don’t delay, the best choice of rooms at the Rolduc conference center may go quickly. To register for the conference go to  Book your lodging directly with the Rolduc conference center by contacting them at email  or Telephone +31 (0)45 54 66 888 and asking for the IASD Conference subscription rate. Please provide your name, address and phone number with your reservation and you will be given further instructions and a confirmation form and code which you will need upon arrival.

Submission Deadlines for Hot off the Press and Poster Papers remains 1 March, 2011 and for Art Exhibit Entries 15 February, 2011. The deadline for standard submissions has passed, but we are taking proposals for paper presentations to be placed on a waiting list. All submissions must be done online so go to the conference web site at  and click on the appropriate button for instructions.


With over 160 presenters from more than thirty countries, embracing a broad range of dreamwork topics, “Dreams and Cultural Diversity” promises to be another truly international, exciting and fulfilling meeting with dream experts from all over the world. With a juried dream art exhibition, receptions and the ever popular Dream Ball, it will be a beautiful blend of learning and fun -- something for everyone!

In addition to the three Keynote Presenters announced last month by the Conference Committee -- Prof. Dr. med Eckart Ruther, Dr. Susan Parman, and Dr. Robert Bosnak, -- the conference will offer some of the most respected and well-known voices on dreams in Europe

Featured Speakers for the 28th International IASD Conference will be Bas Klinkhamer, who last year presented the first, extremely popular, national television program on dreams in the Netherlands; Hans Korteweg, author, lecturer, and one of the founders of the Dutch Institute of Applied Integral Psychology; Jaap Lancee, who is currently conducting research on dreams at Utrecht University; and Victor Spoormaker, currently at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, whose work on post-traumatic stress and dreams is well known throughout the world. Victor Spoormaker’s presence will be limited to the core scientific part within the conference.

Titles for featured presentations include:
Bas Klinkhamer: Workshop on Dreams: The Way of My Work is the Search for the Duality Between Ego and Soul in the Dream
Hans Korteweg:  The Dream as a Piece of Art: The Dream as a Message
Jaap Lancee:  Cognitive Behavioral Self-Help Treatment for Nightmares
Victor Spoormaker: The Role of Disturbed Rapid Eye Movement in Sleep in the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Insights From Neuroimaging Studies

For more on the conference featured speakers, for early registration, and for all other conference information go to



A call for dream art entries for the 2011 IASD Conference is posted online. Go to  for all information and forms. It promises to be a fantastic exhibition with professional exhibition space appropriate for art display…and awaiting IASD talent to cover the walls! So work hard, produce lots and pick the best to submit to the International Dream Art Exhibition. Deadline is 15 February, 2011.


During the first month and a half of the 2010 IASD Pledge Drive, nearly $7,000 in funds for Research Grant Awards, Student Awards, conference scholarships and IASD's general fund have been donated, more than reaching the halfway mark for anticipated pledges and donations.

What is missing? We have received several donations of $500 or more. What we are missing is YOU!

As usual, the Pledge Drive will end at the end of January. Particularly in the US, many people use this period to assess the value of nonprofit donations for tax purposes.

Become a patron of the Dream by simply adding $50 to your current Individual membership. For $25, a quarter of a complimentary membership can be given by IASD's Membership Committee to a student or volunteer.

Thanks to all who have donated. All information about the Pledge Drive, including access to the organization's donation forms and a list of current donors can be found on the IASD web site.

Donate now at


IASD on Facebook is steadily growing! If you are already on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of the group:

The IASD presence will also grow faster if you occasionally comment on the posts, as this activity is shared on your own personal friend feed, so all your friends see the dreaming goodness and can pass it on themselves.

A Dream of a Radio Show

On her internet radio program Twin Talk, Dr. Margery (Mercy) Runyan will broadcast a show on 1.7.11 featuring Dr. Sally Rhine Feather. Rhine Feather is the director of development at the Rhine Center and business manager for the Journal of Parapsychology. She will discuss the founding of the Rhine Center in Durham, North Carolina by her parents, JB and Louisa Rhine, their early work with ESP, the continuing work at the Rhine Center on consciousness, and her own research on ESP, The Gift: The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People (2005) and psychokinesis.

Dr. Mercy is practicing psychotherapy in Ft. Myers, FL this winter. For more information, go to  and

Stanford Class Invites IASD Members to Speak

IASD member Ryan Hurd will guest lecture at Stanford University in late January as part of the 40th anniversary of William Dement's popular course Sleep and Dreams. His lecture topic is the "Peril and Promise of Sleep Paralysis."Stephen LaBerge will also be presenting during the class.

The Sources of Dreams Questionnaire

Josie Malinowski, a PhD student in Leeds, UK, is recruiting people to complete a questionnaire she has designed as part of her PhD thesis, which is investigating the ways in which dreams and waking life are related. The questionnaire has been designed to look at where some of the content of our dreams comes from – from our imaginations, our memories, our current life experiences, our worries, and so on. She needs as many people as possible to complete the questionnaire, and it will be running until late in 2011. To take part, please go to the following link:

Josie welcomes all questions, comments, and criticisms, so if you have anything you would like to discuss with her regarding the questionnaire or her dream research in general, please contact her at

The Creative Nightmare Project
J. F. Pagel MS/MD
Rocky Mt. Sleep
University of Colorado School of Medicine

The most common symptom of PTSD is nightmares. Most if not all treatment strategies for PTSD include the suppression of nightmares using either medication or behavioral therapies. Current treatments can lead to improvement in symptoms, but are associated with more than 70% persistence and recurrence rates as well as higher rates of divorce, homelessness, and suicide. Fortunately, while trauma too extreme to emotionally integrate does not always lead to PTSD, it leads many of us to have nightmares associated with the experience. Our work with successfully creative directors, screenwriters and actors at the Sundance Filmmaking labs has demonstrated that nightmares are common and often used creatively in their work. There are suggestions from writers as diverse as Freud, Jung, Hemingway, Stephen King and Tim O’Brien that the nightmares of war and trauma can be used in creative works. It is our hypothesis that at least for some, the creative expression of such nightmares could have therapeutic value for both the individual and society as a whole.

For this project we are looking for individuals that have used such nightmares in their creative work. Our approach for interviews would be along the line of that used by Oliver Sacks in his work: one or more nightmares described in detail; the associated creative production ideally including an example of writing or picture of the creation; the individual’s perception of meaning of the nightmare and the work; a sketch of personal history as well as approaches used in attempting to treat, suppress or integrate the experience; and whether that process of creation could be considered useful or helpful.

Dream, Dreams, Dreaming! They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere! And they’re Making an Impact.

Robbie Bosnak checked the use of the words dream, dreams, dreaming and Dream in the Google search engine. He found a spike since the beginning of the new millennium -- reason for dreamers to rejoice.


December New Members: 3
Anonymous: 1
Frances Compton
Jeff Lewis

December Renewing Members: 14
Robert Bosnak
William Fermont
Art Funkhouser
Anna-Marie Gabella
Paul Lippmann
Diana McKendreee
Geoffrey Navarra
Stephen Potthoff
Asha Sahni
Suzanne Saldarini
Katia Valli
Patrick Weymouth
Christine Word
Mary Ziemer

Spotlight on France

By Christiane Riedel
(Christine works with Deborah Coupey as IASD Regional Representative from France)

I am a teacher by profession. Dreams are my passion, interpreting them is my pleasure and teaching the art of interpreting them is my vocation.I spent forty years of my life as a teacher in the Education Nationale. I taught two languages, French and German, in France and abroad. Meanwhile I also learnt to understand the language of dreams and to teach it.

In 1976, while teaching in Tahiti, I started to study dreams on my own, guided by the books of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and the Association for Research and Enlightenment––where Scott Sparrow, now an IASD Board Member, was involved in researching and writing about dreams. Thanks to this support, I acquired a solid base.

This link with the ARE was precious to me, when later in Turkey (1978-1982) I continued, still alone, to try to understand my dreams. Nobody in my surroundings understood my passion, and they even told me I was crazy. As a matter of fact dream interpretation was forbidden by law in France until 1992.

From 1982 to 1987 in Berlin, Germany, I studied at the Gestalt Therapy School and at the Freudian School of Psychoanalysis. Then I discovered the Dream Interview Method created by Gayle Delaney. I immediately adopted this efficient tool. Then, in 1985 I started reading Jung. Soon after, a dream showed me a man whom I knew only by name: Etienne Perrot. The dream advised me to work with him. In my search for information about him, I discovered that he was Jung’s spiritual son and translator in France. I worked with him for five years. By analysing my dreams he transmitted Jung’s spirit to me.

In 1987, living back in France, I pursued my teaching career. At the same time I began to transmit what I had learnt and I organized dream study groups. In 1991, I founded an association called Dreams to Live By, which in 2004 became the Academy for the Interpretation of Dreams. Since then I have never ceased teaching dream interpretation in very small groups, where everyone can practice. I also held seminars on symbols. I give interpretations in person, over the phone or through Skype. In 1994 a dream ordered me to write a book. And so, in 1996, twenty years after my first steps in the dream world, Dreams to Live By was published. This book is a practical and spiritual manual for dream interpretation.

Then ten years later I wrote Amour et Sexe dans vos RÍves (Love and Sex in Your Dreams), in which I write about what dreams say about love and what they explain about the sacred path of sexuality.

In 2007 I started a blog to give the French public the opportunity to recognize the value of dreams, and the means to understand them.Lately one of my Canadian students has agreed to translate all these essays into English. Soon our blog will be accessible to the English speaking public at  Welcome to all!

Throughout these years I developed additional activities. The media frequently contact me for newspaper articles and radio and television interviews. I have also just started a dream salon in a small hotel in my neighbourhood, where anybody can come to speak and learn about dreams. I also often give conferences in France and abroad.

Now a member of IASD, it brings me great joy to have the opportunity to exchange with researchers who are exploring and promoting the realm of dreams.



In previous issues of the Dream News, I have raised the question, "what means the most to you about your IASD membership?” Do the conferences, publications, or Member Pages prompt you to join or renew, or does something less tangible––such as a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded and like-hearted people––figure into your “core motive” for belonging to IASD? If so, can you describe it? Hearing your answer to this question could make a difference in the lives of other members, and in our efforts to serve the membership in the future.

In addition to contacting me about your answer to this important question, please feel free to contact me or Jeff Vovillia at any time with membership questions or concerns. We always welcome new volunteers. You are the future leaders of IASD and we want your energy, help, and visions.

Scott Sparrow, Membership Chair:
Jeff Vovillia, Membership Assistant:


Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative Webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly.

If you do not have a regional rep for your area, consider becoming one yourself! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

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Once again the Montreal IASD-Regional team is bubbling with energy, ideas and enthusiasm. The exceptionally warm response to the 2010 Montreal Conference has left its mark on the local dreamscape and already the ticket line-up appears to be shaping up for the box office opening date.

The day will begin with the main speaker, Dominique Rankin, “T8aminik” in his mother tongue: Algonquin. He was born in the forests of Abitibi, Quebec. His father was a powerful traditional chief and medicine man and T8aminik was appointed to take over from his father as leader hereditary and medicine man. T8aminik was Grand Chief of the Algonquin Nation from 1986 to 1989 and was appointed to the Senate Aboriginal in 2003. Sitting among a group of 49 elders representing the indigenous spiritual leaders in Canada, he has been appointed guardian of the Eastern gate within this group. At the 2011 Montreal IASD-Regional Conference Dominique Ranking will tell some of the fascinating legends of the Algonquins and speak of the way his people work with dreams.

After convening around Dominique Rankin, the Conference will offer the participants three choices: a program of 30 minute presentations throughout the day in the main hall, while practical workshops go on in another room and training sessions for professionals in a third room.

Visit the IASD website for information on the 2011 Montreal IASD-Regional Conference,

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