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JUNE 22-26, 2012





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Jacquie Lewis




Happy New Year!

The New Year is a time many of us make resolutions. I know what you’re thinking – the “c” word: commitment. Tough isn’t it? But I’m going to suggest five resolutions for you. They all relate to you and your dreams and your commitment to promoting dreams and dreaming in your community and throughout the world.

First, give the gift of dreams to others by supporting the IASD Pledge Drive. You can specify how you want your gift distributed. Each year, pledge money helps to provide memberships and awards to students and conference scholarships for students and low income members. You may choose to support dream research or our outreach efforts, such as the website and educational programs. This is a “feel good” resolution.

Second, if you haven’t done so already, start keeping a journal. Record the awesome things that happen to you during the day, especially your emotions, then add the amazing dreams you have at night. Many have found that until they kept a journal, they didn’t realize they were often dreaming about future events.

Third, hold a small gathering of dreamers in your home. It can be as simple as an evening get-together or a morning brunch. Many are finding it a great way to connect with other dreamers in their area who can’t attend IASD conferences or regional events.

Fourth, start dream study group. It is not as difficult as you may think. Self-improvement is a common New Year’s resolution, and the in-depth dream work experienced in the group setting provides unique personal growth and fulfillment.

Finally, share your special talents by joining an IASD committee. Check the committee list on the website, contact a committee chair and ask how you can help. We have special needs in education, regional events, social networking, and the arts.

If you have any questions about these ideas, need help finding people in your area to connect with or need help finding the right person in IASD to get you started on your resolutions, please write to me at roberto@asdreams.org.

Thank you for your continuing support as together we seek to promote an awareness and appreciation of dreams and dreaming throughout the world. I wish you many “feel good” dreams in this coming year.

Robert P. Gongloff
IASD President



 Dr. Curtiss Hoffman has published an article entitled “The Gilgamesh Cantata” in the Winter 2012 issue of Dream Network Journal. This outlines his numerous encounters with musical selections in dreams, leading to the writing of a cantata based upon a text from C. G. Jung’s Red Book. A version of one of the movements from the cantata, without sung words, is available in the on-line version of the journal.

He has also written a review of the new film, “A Dangerous Method”, on the complex interrelationship in 1906-1913 between Freud, Jung and Sabina Spielrein, an analysand of both men and later a psychoanalyst in her own right. This film should appear in most theatres in January 2012. The review also appears in the Winter 2012 issue of Dream Network Journal.


Lynne and Bob Hoss have just received a contract from the Energy Psychology Press to publish a clinical handbook on their Dream to Freedom Technique (DTF). Lynne is a trained clinical psychologist, former counselor and certified energy health practitioner, and Bob is trained in gestalt therapy and author of the book Dream Language. About five years ago they combined their skills to merge dreamwork with energy psychology and created the structured DTF protocol which can be used for clinical or personal work. As for the synergy between the two disciplines, the dreamwork is used to identify a salient unresolved emotional issue that the subconscious is working on and the energy work (tapping) is used to reduce the anxiety and emotional stress surrounding the issue. Once the anxiety is reduced the dream is used to guide closure and progress. The book should be available in about a year and is initially planned for use in energy psychology training and certification workshops. A summary of the protocol can be found at http://tinyurl.com/6pa9lsl

Craig Sim Webb's new dream-inspired song "Lucid" has been blessed with air play on 150 radio stations, and is also written up in the winter issue of Dream Network Journal.

Hear Dr. Marcia Emery on her radio program The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams Thursdays, at 5pm (PT) or 8pm (ET) on Voice America, 7th Wave Channel. The show will be archived on the website following the program. Go to www.drmarciaemery.com to hear past programs and see the lineup for upcoming shows.

The December Line up is:

January 5
Jeremy Taylor
Dreams as the Magic Mirror That Never Lies

January 12
Robbie Bosnak
Dreaming: The Royal Road to the Body

January 19
Jody Grundy, LPC
Dreamlines: Inner GPS for Life Directions

January 26
Arupa Tesolin
Put Your Intuition in Business


This is a sensational newsletter…. Congratulations!
Stanley Krippner

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Tish Bulkley

This newsletter is awesome…. It is filled with news that is important as well as interesting.
Stanley Krippner

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Join us at the annual IASD conference as we go SAILING ON THE SEA OF DREAMS at the Doubletree Hotel, Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, California. This 29th Annual IASD Conference will feature three world-renowned keynote speakers, over 150 presenters from around the globe, plus a chance to network or relax at our many evening receptions and social events. These include the dream art exhibition, the costume Dream Ball, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, and a sunset sail on the “sea of dreams,” a special dessert cruise on the San Francisco Bay.

Hear the following keynoters speak: Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., a pioneer and renowned expert in the study of dreams. She is a prize-winning author of eleven books on dreams; her first bestseller Creative Dreaming (1974) is considered a classic. Fred Alan Wolf (aka Dr. Quantum ™) is a world-renowned physicist, writer and lecturer who also conducts research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 13 books and 3 CD courses. Tracey Kahan, Ph.D. is a full-time faculty member of the Psychology Department at Santa Clara University in California. Research conducted by Dr. Kahan and her colleagues has shown that waking and dreaming, especially REM dreaming, are more similar than different.

The deadline for all standard submissions has passed, but Hot-off-the-Press and Poster submissions can be submitted until March 1, 2012 using the online web based submission system at https://asdreams.org/2012

Winners of the IASD annual Student Awards for dream related research and projects will be announced at the conference. Information about Student Awards submissions can be found on http://tinyurl.com/7nnsgsr  or call the IASD office at 209-724-0889. Deadline for submissions is March 15, 2012.


Thank You for Your Thank You to our Thank Yous!

In mid-December, the IASD Pledge Drive sent out an e-mail reminding members that the 2011 Pledge Drive runs until the end of January. The email also said thank you to the many, many members who volunteer countless hours to seeing IASD accomplish its dreams.

Your response was immediate and heartwarming. Over $1,500 in donations were received on the day after the e-mail went out, and more in the days that followed. Thank you!

We are now well over halfway to our $10,000 fundraising goal, with several weeks to go. For a look at the Pledge Drive Wall of Fame, and to watch the Pledge Thermometer rise, go to www.asdreams.org/pledge2011 


Spotlight on Canada
Geoffrey S. Navara, Ph.D.

Dreams are important! In my opinion, dreams––and our attempts to understand them–– weave themselves through our psychological, social and even our spiritual lives. On a personal front, I have been keeping dream journals for the past 25 years – they have often ‘guided’ me in my waking life. For example, I left my home in Australia to move to Canada based partly on a dream. The dream centered on me travelling across the ocean to live a ‘life of constant motion.’ I spent the next eight years based in Canada, while collaborating with NGOs from Central and South America, Western/Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim. This work often centered upon community-based projects, the end result being that I ended up working and living in 35 different countries in a relatively short period of time. It seems that my life, at least at that time, was in constant motion.

Coming in contact with so many cultures inspired me to try to understand the ways in which culture constructs, constrains, and further influences our personal and social psychologies. I returned to university to study psychology at the undergraduate and master’s level. In my doctoral work I focused primarily upon cultural and cross-cultural issues, specifically as they relate to the family, or parent/child relationship. I was particularly interested in how cultural values and beliefs are transmitted and interpreted at both a family and community level. These cultural values and beliefs can include, but are not limited to, religious/spiritual beliefs and how they influence motivation, attitudes and behaviors. I am also interested in the process of how cultural beliefs and values change because of intercultural contact(s).

I joined the Department of Psychology at Trent University in the Fall of 2006––first as a contract faculty member, and just this past year as a tenure-track professor. Another faculty member at Trent University, Teresa DeCicco, and I began to discuss our respective research interests. There were several intersections in our interests, but we decided to collaborate on researching dreams and the connections that they have with our waking life. I was delighted that I could include in my research portfolio the study of dreams, thus incorporating my personal interests into my professional career. We began looking at the connections between dreams and intimate relationships, including aspects of jealously. I then became interested in examining the ways dream imagery elements (such as dream characters, location, emotionality, etc.) connect with what dreamers “discover” when analyzing their own dreams. Using cluster analysis I was able to determine that various dream elements consistently cluster with waking discovery. By combining my interests in quantitative (I am a self-professed stats ‘geek’) and qualitative methodologies I have found the scientific study of dreams to be rewarding both professionally and personally.

My first conference with IASD was at Montreal in 2008. Since then I have tried to attend every year, the latest being in Rolduc. These conferences represent a great opportunity to meet and interact with many people who are fascinated by dreams. They provide a forum where art, spirituality, personal journeys and scientific research can inform and hopefully enrich each of us. My hope is to attend the upcoming regional conference in Australia and present my more recent dream research, which focuses on dream imagery, and liminal or life transition experiences. I examined the dreams of students who are in their final year of undergraduate studies and are facing the next phase of their lives. I assessed the ways in which their dreams provide an opportunity to process or experience this sort of transition if they take the time to reflect upon them.

As I stated at the beginning, dreams are important. They enrich us and provide us with insight, both personally and as a form of research. I am also enriched personally and professionally by many of the connections and friendships that have developed because of my involvement with IASD.

Membership Inquires

Please feel free to contact Jennifer Parker at any time with membership questions or concerns. I always welcome new volunteers. You are the future leaders of IASD and we want your energy, help and visions.

Jennifer Parker: jenniferparker917@btinternet.com

Regional Representatives

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a regional rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To become a regional rep, contact Jennifer Parker, jenniferparker917@btinternet.com

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Please let your Facebook friends know about IASD’s group page, fan page (with 934 Likes) as well as its website. You can help us reach a lot of new people by taking a few minutes to post the urls of these three IASD sites on your Facebook page.


The first Australian regional International Association for the Study of Dreams conference is taking inspiration from the theme of Sydney's New Year celebrations, “Time to Dream.” We are extending the closing date for submission of proposals until 31 January 2012. The summer skies are bright in the Southern Hemisphere, and people are taking time during the holidays for renewal and are preparing for the new year’s work. Join us in Sydney during the autumn season for the Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways conference, April 19-22nd. To find out more visit http://www.dreamnetworkaustralia.com.au/


Laurette Dupuis

The IASD annual conference is a great opportunity for attracting new members. Angela DuPont discovered IASD during the annual conference held in Montreal in 2008. She was impressed by many presentations and particularly by Gayle Delaney’s dynamic formula for dreamwork. So in 2009 Angela attended the annual conference in Chicago as an enthusiastic IASD member. Was it while chatting in the hotel lobby with Patricia Garfield, or was it during the long delay at the airport on the way back that the idea of a Quebec Regional Conference Committee blossomed? Angela supported this project and has been from the beginning an active member of this committee.

As a clinical psychologist in private practice for more than 20 years, Angela was trained as a practitioner of object relations in gestalt therapy (ORGT), an integrated approach developed by Gilles Delisle Ph.D. She trained also to use dreamwork in psychotherapy. Angela specializes in personality disorders and she works with dreams regularly in her practice.

Her interest in dreams was first awakened when, at eight years old, she had a vivid dream which she entitled “The Red Shoes.” These shoes could be seen in a painting at the Psiberdreaming Art Gallery in 2010. Recently these red shoes reappeared in a dream, this time as attractive feminine adult red shoes.

With the development of functional magnetic resonance in the neurosciences and its application to neuropsychotherapy, Angela was thrilled to find a scientific basis for the study of dreams. She published an article in the “Revue québécoise de Gestalt” vol.12, 2010, entitled “Sur les traces de nos rêves” (“Following the path of our dreams”) in which, with the help of dreamwork, the reader is led to an integration of both cerebral hemispheres. The author invites the reader to experiment with travelling in dreams in a right brain mode and suggests a few guiding questions. The left hemisphere is then devoted to an overview of documentation, from multiple fields and pertaining to the process of transformation through dreamwork. Angela also describes the development of neuroscience foundations of dreams and presents a new approach for working on one’s dreams.

Angela was a guest speaker at the 21st annual gathering of the Quebec Association of Gestalt held in Montreal on October 30, 2009, where she encouraged the audience to develop a practice focused on “following the path of our dreams”. On October 3, 2010, at the 47th annual Congress of the French Canadian Society of Radiology, which traditionally invites a guest speaker who is not a member of the medical profession, Angela made a presentation entitled “Les rêves: et si on était plus intelligent la nuit!” - “Dreams: What if we were more intelligent at night!”

Angela has taken on the mission of encouraging psychologists and other therapists to use her dreamwork approach personally as well as in their clinical work. Perhaps you will be able to attend Angela’s presentation at the 2012 annual IASD conference in Berkeley

Dream Cartoon by Al Moniz



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