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MARCH 2012
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IASD Office office@asdreams.org


Jacquie Lewis
Dream-News Editor



Ozgen Felek informs IASD that the edited volume Dreams and Visions in Islamic Societies has just been published by SUNY Press: http://tinyurl.com/75kt6s3

Hear Dr. Marcia Emery on her radio program The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams Thursdays, at 5pm (PT) or 8pm (ET) on Voice America, 7th Wave Channel. The show will be archived on the website following the program. Go to www.drmarciaemery.com to hear past programs and see the lineup for upcoming shows.

The March Line up is:

March 1
Stan Krippner, Ph.D.
Shamanism and International Dream Practices

March 8
Bridgett Walther
The Intuitive Connection With Astrology

March 15
Craig Webb
Dream Inspired Music

March 22
Susann Taylor Shier
A Soulful Perspective on Intuition

March 29
Gayle Delaney, Ph.D.
The Dream Interview and the Animals in Your Dreams

Dream Network Journal is pleased to announce the publication of an interview with Dr. Michael Conforti on the subject of angels. Interviewed by DNJ contributor Paco Mitchell, Conforti discusses his personal view of angels. He also examines angels in the context of the archetypal pattern recognition work he has developed as a Jungian Analyst. Dr. Conforti is the founder of The Assisi Institute. Also appearing will be a thought-provoking article by IASD president Robert Gongloff entitled “Why I don’t believe we should interpret our dreams” and an exceptional and collaborative article by Sherry Puricelli, Laura Atkinson, Deborah Coupey, Brenda Ferrimani and Rita Dwyer entitled “Spirits of the Abbey,” focuses on the extraordinary series of events that brought them together at the IASD 2011 conference in The Netherlands.


Awake (formerly titled REM) is an upcoming fantasy crime drama television series that will air on NBC starring Jason Isaacs. On May 16, 2011, NBC announced that the show would serve as a midseason replacement during the 2011–12 television season. The series is scheduled to premiere on March 1, 2012 and will air on Thursday nights at 10/9 Central. The pilot was made available on Hulu, YouTube and iTunes on February 16, 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awake_(TV_series)
Submitted by Ed Kellogg


Click here for an interesting article on the history of sleep, submitted by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.


I am conducting research trying to link dreaming, personality, art (poetry) and other important factors. You (anyone over 18) can help me by filling out a brief dream survey.

Thank you for your help,
Ernest Hartmann


IASD has received an offer from the American Psychological Association to include much of our literature, such as conference programmes and advice leaflets, on the PsycEXTRA database. This literature is termed ‘gray literature’, to differentiate it from academic peer-reviewed literature. The PsycEXTRA database is wider than the PsycINFO database, which contains abstracts from academic journals, including our journal Dreaming, and would enable many professionals and other interested people worldwide, to find and access much of our website and paper output. Articles from IASD’s DreamTime magazine can be included in the database, with permission of the authors. After legal and procedural discussions between APA and IASD’s Executive and Publications’ Committees a contract has now been signed and we will proceed to deliver material, and abstracts of that material, periodically to APA.


February New Members: 13
Vincent Lowcock
Meihong Xu
Annette Barber
Janey Beach
Charles Fisher
Dawn Fusco
Jan Kieft
Robert Kunzendorf
Marlene robbins
Mark Thurston
Lynette Van Zyl
Elena Sadalskaya
James Mitchell

February Renewing Members: 48
Sandy Ginsberg
Robert Hoss
Robert Van de Castle
Hussein Ali
Susan Benson
Patrick Bertoliatti
Gisela Bondes
Harry Bosma
Margaret Bowater
Kelly Bulkeley
Irene Clurman
Bob Coalson
Mavis Curry
Johnathan De Vierville
Mary-Therese Dombeck
Willem Fermont
Roberta George-Curran
Brigette Holzinger
David Jenkins
David Kahn
Patricia Kampmeier
Andrea Koch
Tamar Kron
Don Kuiken
Louise Marchand
Karen Melady
Pam Otsuka
Gina Pearlin
Carolyn Plath
Sherry Puricelli
Perrine Marie Ruby
Barbara Sadak
Alan Siegel
Sarah Staneff
Nancy Warfield
Michael Zborowski
Beverly Crabtree
Sven Doehner
Jacob Empson
Mary Flaten
B. Frey
Linda Mastrangelo
Pearl Natter
Jean Orost
Patricia Bulkeley
Anonymous: 3


Deadline for 2012 Juried Dream Art Exhibitions Entries: March 23, 2012 (midnight Pacific US time). Two juried exhibitions of dream-related works will be displayed in conjunction with the IASD annual conference; one at the conference site from June 22 - June 26 and another at the aMFa Art Gallery in Berkeley, in partnership with IASD, from June 15 - July 15, 2012. Thanks to the generous support of Nancy Richter Brzeski, several thousand dollars in prizes will be awarded. Go to www.asdreams.org/2012 and click on the “Submit Your…” link and the Call for Artwork menu item.

Student Research Awards: Last Chance to Enter – Deadline Extended to April 1, 2012 As in previous years, there will be two $500 awards for dream related research and projects--one for best student submission of original scientific research on dreams and dreaming; the second is for the best submission of original historical, literary, artistic, or theoretical research. Go to www.asdreams.org/2012 and click on the “Submit Your…” link and the Student Award Application menu item.

Deadline for Early Bird Conference Fee Discount: April 1, 2012.  https://asdreams.org/21023/registration.html  Don't Miss Out on the Discounted Rates for the Annual IASD Conference!

Help Us Advertise This Conference
The return to Berkeley is always an exciting event for IASD members. Not only is our IASD Office headquartered in Berkeley, but nearly one third of the IASD membership lives on the West Coast US or Canada--where dreams are fanned by ocean breezes. So we would like to make IASD 2012 not only the best, but the biggest conference ever.

We need your help to advertise, especially now when Early Bird Registration rates are still in effect. We would be grateful if you could:

* Send a conference announcement to your personal e-mail list

* Put up a conference poster in your school or work place

* Provide an announcement to a local bulletin board or media outlet

* Advertise the conference on your web site or blog (More than thirty people are doing this already. Thanks!)

If you can help with these things, we have provided an entire page of various size conference logos at the conference web site https://asdreams.org/2012/graphics.html for easy participation.

Help us promote IASD 2012; help others to discover the world of dreams.

The Program

The conference offers something for everyone with Morning Dream Groups plus sessions organized in tracks around the following disciplines and themes: Dream Research and Theory; Clinical Practices; Dreamworking Practices; Spiritual and Religious; Arts and Humanities; Cultural and Anthropological; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucidity; and Education. Meet and network with world-famous authors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, artists, educators, parapsychologists and researchers, and make personal and professional connections. Up to 25 CE credits will be offered for selected conference events. IASD is approved by the APA to sponsor continuing education (CE) for psychologists. IASD maintains responsibility for the program and its contents.

Our keynotes include: Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. aka Dr. Quantum™, “The Dreaming ‘I’ in Universe.” Fred is a world-renowned physicist, writer and lecturer who also conducts research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the author of 13 books and 3 CD courses. Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., “Dream Amulets Around the World: Ancient and Modern.” Patricia is a pioneer and renowned expert in the study of dreams and is a prize-winning author of eleven books on dreams. Her first bestseller, Creative Dreaming (1974) is considered a classic. Tracey Kahan, Ph.D., “Self-reflective Consciousness in Dreaming: An Adaptive Edge?” Research conducted by Dr. Kahan and her colleagues has shown that waking and dreaming, especially REM dreaming, are more similar than different.

The Preliminary Program is NOW Online for Viewing
The initial list of presenters and presentations and the preliminary conference schedule are now available for viewing. These may change slightly as any last minute conflicts are resolved, but provide a good representation of the presentations and events that will be offered. There will be three world-renowned keynote speakers, over 160 presenters from around the globe plus a chance to network or relax at our many evening receptions and social events including the dream art exhibition, the costume Dream Ball, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, a dream hike along the Bay, and a sunset sail on the “sea of dreams” - a special dessert cruise of the San Francisco Bay. Go to www.asdreams.org/2012  for information on the conference, the full conference program and to register for the conference.


Sponsored by the Asheville Jung Center in conjunction with IASD, June 28, 2012: IASD and the Asheville Jung Center are pleased to announce a joint Internet symposium on “Carl Jung and Neuroscience.” This event will feature Murray Stein (President of the International School of Analytical Psychology) presenting from Zurich and Margaret Wilkinson (member of the editorial board of the Journal of Analytical Psychology) presenting from London, as well as presenters from the 29th Annual IASD International Conference held in Berkeley California (June 22 - 26, 2012). The IASD presenters at this point include Ernest Hartmann, David Kahn, and Stanley Krippner, with moderator Robert Hoss and Sonoma State University host, Laurel McCabe. The seminar will be five hours in duration with a one hour break (11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Eastern time). Other partners in this event include Sonoma State University, the International School of Analytical Psychology and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. For information about this joint event please visit http://tinyurl.com/88qs3oy 


Spotlight on Great Britain
Mary Ziemer , IASD Member from London

Thank you for taking this time to reflect on dreams with me. I had a dream recently in which Bob Dylan said, “Dreams are like songs sung.” That makes sense to me. In waking life, Bob Dylan has recently said: “The songs are my lexicon. I believe in the songs.” ‘If you substitute the word “dreams” for “songs,” then Dylan's words speak for me: I believe in the dreams. They are my lexicon and liturgy.

Dreams have guided me through life. In a dream, my guide summed it up well. Addressing my family and friends, he explained, “I know Mary’s life may not have turned out as you might have thought it would, but it had to be that way for the dreams.” In the past ten years, dreams--particularly what I call dreams of lucid surrender--have guided me into new dimensions of being and consciousness, teaching me to know the wisdom of Kahlil Gibran’s advice: “Trust the dreams for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.”

Over the past few years, through IASD conferences and Dream Time as well as the website http://www.luciddreamalchemy.com I’ve had the opportunity to share the path of lucid surrender with those new to it and those already experiencing it. I look forward to helping set up a dream research institute in London at the Centre for Counseling and Psychotherapy Education directed by Dr. Nigel Hamilton. Meanwhile, it is good to know that IASD believes in dreams and hears their song.
Mary Ziemer

From Diane Rickards , Membership Chair

During the last few years, whether through sharing dreams with IASD friends across four continents or within a local long-term dream group, dreams have continually brought deep connections. They provide a springboard for working with others that is not only based on understanding, but also trust and open-heartedness.

Briefly, in 1999 I became an IASD member and discovered a like-minded community -- a mosaic of writers, researchers, therapists, and more who all were focused on various aspects of dreaming. I've been recording my dreams for over 30 years. Dreaming has captured my attention and enriched my life bringing deep interests in mysticism, meditation, Jungian psychology, lucidity and the dynamic flow of inner and outer arcs. Hence, this year when invited to become membership chair, I accepted. I look forward to getting to know more about the membership.

I hope you will have the opportunity to attend an IASD Regional (such as in Sydney in April) and/or the international conference (in Berkeley this June). Perhaps you could introduce a friend or colleague to IASD this year. Building IASD membership will bring greater creativity, broaden dream research, and aid cross-cultural understanding and deep connections, all toward collective wholeness. Like the rest of the world, our IASD community is shifting and this is the time to move forward and build -- liminal space creates openings and opportunities.

Diane Rickards - deg66@me.com

Thank you to Mary Ziemer, an IASD member from London, UK, for contributing to the membership news this month. Mary will be presenting at the IASD "Sailing on the Sea of Dreams" Conference in June.

Regional Representatives

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a regional rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a regional rep, contact Jodine Grundy, grundyj@fuse.net

Join IASD'S Facebook page and visit out new fan page

Be sure to join our Facebook group page! We have 473 friends and growing!

Please let your Facebook friends know about IASD’s group page, fan page (with 987 Likes) as well as its website.

 Also, check out IASD’s new page on Google+ by going to http://tinyurl.com/8yxxxur  As mentioned last month by Ryan Hurd in Dream News, Google+ is growing 10 times faster than Facebook. You can help us reach a lot of new people by taking a few minutes to post the urls of these IASD sites on your Facebook page. When you have time, please remember to update your IASD member page!


There are wonderful regional developments around the world to report. In addition to those mentioned last month new ones are emerging. In this month’s column you’ll see regional events on the calendar for the rest of 2012. Several conferences in the pipeline for 2013 are also listed. The announcement of the 2012 Annual IASD Conference, “Sailing on the Sea of Dreams” has just been sent out. We invite all of you to forward it to your friends and colleagues and print it to distribute at your meetings, small and large. A new 2012 IASD brochure will be printed soon that will display “banners” of our Regional Events for 2012 and the 2013 Annual Conference.

I mention all of these things in “one breath” to promote the idea that IASD regional activity and development is more than regional conferences, though we highlight them specially. It is the synergistic and creative activity of regional representatives working with membership and with IASD committees and leadership. So, when you initiate a meeting in your region, when you forward our conference announcements, when you share our brochure and web address with those you know and when you talk about IASD in your dream groups, you light up your part of the world with IASD’s presence and further our mission. The regional and membership committees work together to serve our entire community and help implement your initiatives.

We are grateful to everyone who staffs these committees and especially to Claude Desloges our new dispatcher of member registrations; Diane Rickards, incoming membership chair; Scott Sparrow, past membership chair; regional reps and all of you who engage in regional development. If you are interested in volunteering on one of these committees, please let me know.

In future columns I’ll describe several levels of regional events you might consider hosting or attending. For now consider that regional events may be very small, a house or restaurant gathering, an evening or half-day program, or a multi-day regional conference. Dream on it!

This picture from a February regional meeting in Tokyo, Japan says it best: they dreamed it and did it, lunch and dreamwork. (Kimberley Hughes, Misa Tsuruta, Sheila Asato, Tajiri Takanari, Shuhei Enomoto.)

Finally, please watch the 2012 annual conference schedule for opportunities in planning stages to meet with others from your regions. The regional reps annual lunch meeting will be held Monday, June 25.
Dreaming with you,
Jody Grundy, Regional Events Chair
Email: grundyj@fuse.net

2012 Upcoming Regional Events:

IASD Southern California dreamers will host a morning workshop in Whittier, CA.
Saturday, April 21, 2012, 9:00 A.M. - noon.
Contact: Rev. Geoff Nelson ggnelson@ix.netcom.com

DreamNetWork Australia hosts the IASD Regional Australasia Conference: Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways, Sydney, Australia, April 19-22, 2012. Contact Susannah Benson: www.dreamnetworkaustralia.com.au

Susannah Benson sends this updated message:
“We are about six weeks away from the opening day of the Dreams and Imagination: Healing Pathways Conference, April 19-22nd, 2012. The excitement is growing as we field more enquiries and see the increased traffic on our Facebook page and website, www.dreamnetworkaustralia.com.au We are looking forward to welcoming our local, national and international travelers. In addition to our own strong Australian representation, we have participants from New Zealand and individual presenters from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Korea. We also have two past presidents of IASD and the current IASD Board chair, Jody Grundy.”

IASD and the University of Bern , Institute for Sport Science Co-Sponsor the fourth IASD European regional conference: “The Dream Connection,”
University of Bern, Switzerland, September 7-9, 2012
Contact: Dr. Daniel Erlacher, Host: daniel.erlacher@ispw.unibe.ch

2013 Proposed Regional Events:

Spring 2013: Southern California dreamer’s third regional one-day event
Spring 2013: Colloque Reve 2013, fourth regional one-day conference, Montreal, Canada
Quarterly Meeting 2013: Toronto dreamers (also, one day program to be arranged).


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