August  2012
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PsiberDreaming Conference

4th Annual European Regional Conference:  Bern, Switzerland

2012 Conference Wrap Up

2013 Annual Conference: Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Thank you Jacquie

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IASD Office 209.724.0889

Jean Campbell
Dream-News Acting Editor


At the beginning of July, Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D. announced that she would be stepping down as Editor of the Dream News. This issue is being guest-edited by Jean Campbell while the search for a new Editor is underway.

Coordinating dream-based news from around the globe can be a daunting task, but Jacquie Lewis has done just that since the IASD Dream News began as the IASD Dream E-Newsletter in 2008. She has edited 48 E-newsletters since then, often adding inspiring quotes and imagery.

In January, 2011, with the emergence of many new social media outlets, Jacquie felt it was time to give the E-News a face lift. That month, along with IASD's Graphic Designer, Laura Atkinson, Jacquie unveiled the sleek, modern design of today's Dream News--and also introduced the popular Kid Lucid.

IASD would like to extend its thanks to Jacquie, who has also served as a member of the IASD Board of Directors, has acted as Board Secretary, and was Host of the 2009 IASD Conference in Chicago.

Mark Blagrove, Chair of the IASD Publications Committee, will head the search for a new Editor for the monthly Dream News. If you are interested in becoming our next Dream News Editor, contact Mark at 


The Editor of IASD's academic journal, Dreaming, submitted the following information to the IASD Board in July:

"As many of you already know, IASD’s journal Dreaming is now back in the Thomson Reuters Impact Factor Social Science Citation Index. Our 2011 rating was just released and it has us right in the middle of the pack for psychology journals--a very respectable ranking for a specialty journal, and one which should help increase submission rates."

Dreaming Thomson Reuters (ISI) Impact Factor Rating (Social Science Citation Index, 2011 Journal Citation Reports)

Measure: 2011
Total citations: 266
Impact factor: 0.841
Ranking—psychology, multidisciplinary:  68/124


Dear IASD Member,

It’s been a month since the Dream Ball brought  IASD’s 27th annual conference “Sailing on the Sea of Dreams” to a close. For me, it’s such a blessing to attend our conferences, and to meet new friends with whom I can share my dreams, and who understand how to hold the space for me when revealing such deep and personal experiences. Indeed, what I call “deep friendship” has become more important to me than just about anything else in my life. And it’s among IASD members that I have found many such deep friendships.

Since becoming IASD’s president last month, I have reflected on my experiences as Membership Chair and what I’ve learned about our diverse international community over the past two years. As part of the Membership Team, I have had the privilege of reviewing each and every new and renewing membership application as they arrive, and obtaining a sense of who we really are as a community. I was amazed that artists, therapists, laboratory researchers, priests, lay dream workers, and academicians alike can sit comfortably at the same table without regard for their outward differences in education, training, and interests. Indeed, there is something about our mutual respect for our dreams that connects us in a way that defies the diversity of our constituency. Indeed, our commitment to our dreams establishes an interior basis for relating to each other that transcends the conventional politics of our outward lives.

IASD enjoys increasing recognition and relevance in the world today. Indeed, the Berkeley conference hosted the largest number of reporters and videographers than ever before. You might ask, What accounts for this increase? I believe it’s because the IASD is unique in making the dream--an experience that we all share--the basis for our organization. While IASD espouses a refined and widely embraced code of ethics about how to share and work with dreams, we also respect the way that dreams elude our attempts to categorize them and to appropriate their meaning into familiar categories. Dreams stretch us, and the IASD respects their capacity to do so. Such an orientation attracts people who hunger for authentic vision, and who put creativity and mystery above what can be easily reduced to familiar terms. This deep respect for the power of the dream to inspire and to remake us keeps our organization vital through time. While the leadership may change, the dream world remains fresh, surprising, and elusive. We are thus bound together by something that remains available but endlessly mysterious. 

As President, I look forward to working closely with our new Membership Chair, Diane Rickards and the rest of our Membership team to take our response to new and old members alike to a new level. I hope that you will contact her at or myself at any time to let us know how we can do a better job at deepening your sense of belonging to an organization that feeds your soul.

Gregory Scott Sparrow
President, IASD


2012 Request for Grant Funding Consideration

Offered through a partnership between
the DreamScience Foundation TM
and the International Association for the Study of Dreams

Submission Areas High quality quantitative and qualitative research Letters of Intent are invited in areas related to dreams and dreaming, including but not limited to: the neuroscience of dreaming, psychological studies of dreaming, and dream research in such fields as anthropology and cultural studies.

Submission Deadline 15 October 2012 for your Letter of Intent research summary. Submissions are reviewed by a research board and those selected as candidates for a grant award will be invited to submit a final proposal within 30 days of notice. Awards are typically in the November timeframe.

Instructions Submission instructions are listed below, or use link to download a PDF form. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ELECTRONICALLY SUBMITTED (e-mail) to

You may contact Robert Hoss at this address with any questions you may have concerning the submission process. If you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days of your submission please contact Mr. Hoss again with a copy to the IASD Central Office All communications will be via e-mail so make sure your e-mail address is correct in all documentation.

Letter of Intent Format/Content All submissions and any attached material must be compiled into ONE COMPLETE DOCUMENT. If separate supporting documentation is needed it will be requested. Please use Microsoft Word (.doc) or plain text (.txt) format. The Letter of Intent must contain at least the following:

1. Submitter’s Name(s) and Credential Designations if any (PhD, MA, etc.)
2. Title of Your Research Activity
3. Affiliation: Name of the institution through which the research will be performed if any (University, College, Non-profit institution, Research organization, etc.).
4. Brief Biography (maximum 50 words) for the researchers that will be involved.
5. Contact Information: name, e-mail address (required), telephone number (required), street address (optional), and fax if applicable.
6. Summary of Proposed Program (maximum 400 words)
7. Benefits: How you see the results furthering dream science.
8. Funding Required: indicate the funding you are requesting from IASD as well as the approximate funding required to complete the work. Note that our grant funds are limited by the donations received (historically in the range of $2000 to $3000 per grant) and may or may not cover the full cost of your request. Indicate what options you might pursue to complete the study if not fully funded by our grant.
9. Permission to Publish: DSF and IASD plan to announce the awards on the web site and in other IASD publications as deemed appropriate. We would also encourage those receiving a grant to submit (on a non-exclusive basis) the results of the research to one of IASD’s publications and request that you present the results at the appropriate IASD Annual conference. The grant award will include one complementary conference fee scholarship, for one presenter, for that purpose. Please indicate whether these conditions are acceptable.
10. Reporting Requirements: Awardees will be requested to send IASD/DSF a brief status report on at least a semi-annual basis. An initial status report will be required prior to funding in the event IRB approval or supplementary funding is pending in order to proceed with the research. Status reports will not be published.


Hawaii, New Hampshire, New Mexico



Hear Dr. Marcia Emery on her radio program "The Partnership of Intuition and Dreams" Thursday, at 5pm PT or 8pm ET on Voice America, 7th Wave Channel. The show will be archived on the website following the program. Go to to hear past programs and see the lineup for upcoming shows. The August lineup is:

Aug 2
Elaine Clayton
Journaling Dreams and Intuition for Enhanced Sensitivity

Aug 9
Kelly Sullivan
Dreams: Rocket Fuel for Awakening

Aug 16
Tony Samara
The Shamanistic approach to Dreams

Aug 23
David Kahn
Our Dreaming Brain Encourages Intuition and Creativity

Aug 30
Robert Moss
Dreaming the Soul Back Home

Nicoline Douwes Isema, author of Wat Heb Jij Gedroomd Vannacht ("what did you dream last night") guest starred on the July 17th installment of maverick morning show host Bert Van Lent's TurbuLent, which airs on 3fm, the most popular music station in the Netherlands. She had lively discussions about dreams with Bert and his listeners from 4 to 6 in the morning, in which she mentioned the IASD.

Click here to view the first seven minutes of the 2 hour show.

In it, she discusses the host's own dream. Note that it is in Dutch.

From author Mostafa M. Dini comes a volume that aims to introduce a different attitude toward the brain outer layer function and defines specific study projects according to the model. Released through Xlibris, Kinematics Of The Brain Activities contributes to complementary and multidisciplinary studies to help trace both brain behaviours and brain macro-scale structure.

This book falls into two parts. In this volume, which covers part one, the attempt has been made to conceptually explain the study. In the next volume, an introduction to kinetic approach to brain behaviours is given. The point that makes this research exceptional is that, up to now, brain functions have been mostly studied by their established neuronal connectivity networks; while in this study, further to communicating networks, their imposed momentum on the related substrates resulting in fine temporary deformation in physical structure has been taken into consideration.

For more information on Kinematics Of The Brain Activities, interested parties may log on to

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., conducted a pre-conference workshop at "The 7th biennial Meaning Conference" in Toronto, Canada, hosted by The International Network on Personal Meaning. His presentation was titled, "Finding Meaning in Dreams: The Use of Dream Reports in Counseling and Psychotherapy." Click here for details

North of Eden Presenting at the First Myth Symposium at Pacifica

Susan Marie Scavo and Bill St.Cyr, co-directors of North of Eden and master dreamwork analysts, will be presenting at the first Symposium for the Study of Myth at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California, from August 29-September 2nd. The symposium, Exploring Myth: Culture, Theory and Practice, celebrates the 20-year anniversary of the Joseph Campbell archive collection, living at OPUS on the campuses of Pacifica, and the 20th year of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

From the symposium website: “The study of myth is more inclusive than once thought, and the Symposium intends to bear witness to the changing, elastic landscape in which myth studies flourish in surprising and even audacious ways.”

Dreams carry the vibrancy of the mythic journey, but often challenge the old stories. Susan Marie and Bill will be opening up the myths explored in Marc Bregman’s book The Secret of the Pomegranate. In this radical re-envisioning of the ancient myths that inform the Western psyche, they will invite the audience to follow the dream to the underworld to find out whether our civilization has the myths all wrong. What if Persephone is in fact the true hero, leaving the control of her mother Demeter to journey to the underworld to find her divine beloved, Hades? What if we are all called to eat the blood-red pomegranate seeds like Persephone, to bind ourselves to this divine beloved?

Using a form of psychodrama called String Work, Susan Marie and Bill will enter the labyrinth of the psyche through the portal of one person’s current dreams to demonstrate how myths are activated and lived out unconsciously, and how dreams offer openings to the descent to the soul.

For more information about the Symposium

For more information about North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork

Participants needed for a study on language and dreams

Marie-Hélène Maltais is currently recruiting volunteers to participate in a study on the linguistic aspects of dreams. This study seeks to better understand language produced in the dream-state, and specifically how neologisms (new words) are formed through the analysis of a summary of a dream containing the memory of a neologism.

You need to have had a dream containing a neologism. The word needs to be unknown, never heard, read, written or spoken by you and it needs to be nonexistent in current language. It can be any type of word (adverb, adjective, verb, noun, etc) from any language, and may consist of compounds words or an expression.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire on the dream, the neologism and the context in which it appeared. The questionnaire will take you 60-90 minutes to complete.

Participants need to be:

- Over the age of 18
- Currently French-speaking (maternal language or second language)
- Able to summarize your dream in French (except if the neologism is in another language) and answer a questionnaire in French.

If you are interested or you would like more information, please contact Marie-Hélène Maltais by email at 



June New Members = 14
Deborah Andrews
Renee Beck
W. Bryson
Michael Conant
Wake Iam
Dorothea Jacobson-Wenzel
Sharon Livingston
Laura Lockard
Marybeth Roden
Karen Weil
Veronica Blumentals
Anne Kam
Leena Pullinen
D. Leah Steinberg

June Renewing Members = 23
Anonymous 2
Marcia Emery
Scott Sparrow
Iain Edgar
Gale Fralin
Debbie Ganon
Louis Hagood
Ted Jones
Philip King
Dawn Matheny
Karen Michaels
Marja Moors
Zoe Newman
Andrew Paquette
Cheryl Simons
Shanee Stepakoff
Inge Strauch
Jay Vinton
Barbara Herbin
Wolfgang Ronnefeldt
Dianne Brown
Caolyne Dube

July New Members = 11
David Dibble
Elke Bach-Zeerocah
Susanne Doell-Hentschker
Rita Domnitz
Amy Haible
Janet Patterson
Jennifer Wohl
Ivor Bartels
Katherine Lawson
Beverly Bell
Laurentiu Malomfalean

July Renewing Members = 30
Anonymous = 3
Tonnie Albertus
Christine Andrus
Arthur Bernard
Barbara Bishop
Anna-Karin Bjorklund
Marlene Botha
G. Domhoff
Mike Hackett
Paul Hartsuyker
Dolores Ives
Don Middendorf
Julijan Naskov
James Pagel
Charles Stewart
Mary Trouba
Susan Tyburczy
Natalia Zmicerevska
Lykke Anholm
Lisa-Madelle Bottomley
Joan Harthan
Roberta Hinds
Ming-Ni Lee
Gloria Sturzenacker
Diane Jackson
Janet Dennett
Cate Reidy
Rachel Silvini



FREE PsiberDreaming Conference Registration for New IASD Members

Join Host Jean Campbell this year in the Eleventh Dimension, as IASD's popular PsiberDreaming Conference enters its eleventh year of online dreaming from Sunday, September 23 through Sunday, October 7, 2012. Yes, it's online all the time for two weeks. Dream Telepathy, precognitive dreams, lucid dreaming, creative works developed from dreams...all aspects of psi dreaming are up for discussion.

As always, we recommend that you encourage your friends who are not yet IASD members to join now--and receive the full two-week conference as a free introduction to the global dream community.

This year, we invited only those dream experts who have presented in PsiberDreaming's past ten years. We asked this group to respond to two questions: What has changed over the past ten years in your area of dream work or research, and how has this affected your work? As past IASD-President Jayne Gackenbach, PhD responded, "My field of research did not exist ten years ago!"

Of course, the Eleventh Dimension includes far more than presentations and workshops. A trio of dream contests (with prizes) will be hosted by Ed Kellogg, PhD. Mary Pat Lynch, PhD and Diana Thompson will again oversee the PsiberDreaming Art Gallery; and Dolores Nurss and Curtiss Hoffman, PhD will host the entertainment at the Outer Inn. Conversations, chats, comments and discussion from an international community of participants fill out the enjoyable time of the PsiberDreaming Conference. (Some people schedule vacations!)

Register now at: 

11th-Dimensional Art

Mary Pat Lynch, PsiberDreaming Gallery Host

With this year's conference, PsiberDreaming embarks on its second decade of exploring the edges, interfaces, borders and liminal spaces of dreaming––and dream-inspired imagery is vital to that voyage of discovery. We've celebrated dreams and dreaming through art in many galleries, and take this opportunity to invite, encourage, cajole, nudge, and push a little: We want your art!

Yes, we welcome submissions from the wonderfully talented professional artists in our dream community, and we're also opening our arms to the many creative dreamers who don't consider see themselves as artists while still using imagery to record, explore and expand dreams. This is a chance to share how you include image-making in your dreamwork, a conversation that goes beyond words.

What are we looking for? We'd love to see your original work in any medium inspired and informed by dreams. Paintings, drawings, digital work, photography, sketches, doodles, cartoons … choose something that represents your work, write text that explains how the work relates to your dreaming, and send it in. We limit submissions to five works per artist, which offers a lot of scope for different styles and approaches.

The Art Gallery is a consistent highlight of the PsiberDream conference, and is archived on the IASD website once the conference ends. Share your work, share your dreams, as we move into another decade of dreaming at the edge, in the 11th dimension. For submission form:


There is still time to Register for IASD's Fourth Annual Central European Regional Conference scheduled for the University of Bern in Bern, Switzerland.  

For Registration:  

For conference schedule and further information, click: Regional News You Can Use


With over 500 in attendance, the 2012 IASD Conference held in late June in Berkeley, California, was the largest ever, as we went "Sailing on the Sea of Dreams." IASD would like to thank the many volunteers who worked to make this conference possible, particularly the members of the Conference Advisory Committee, and it's chair Bob Hoss. Events on the Conference schedule included several awards and honors. Conference Recordings are still available. Go to the 2012 Conference web site for further information 

IASD Lifetime Achievement Awards Presented to Three Founders

Three of IASD's founders were awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards from IASD at the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Conference: Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.; Gail Delaney, Ph.D.; and the Rev. Jeremy Taylor. All received the prestigious awards, which are granted from the IASD Board of Directors, through selection of the Board's Executive Committee.

As Past-President and Host of the Opening Ceremonies, Rita Dwyer noted: "You three have long and impressive careers. Within IASD, through the years, you have presented at our conferences, written for our publications, been visible and vocal proponents of IASD and its goals. More importantly, all of you have changed the understanding of dreams and dream work in the world community!"

For more on these awards and the individual recipients: 

Newly Elected Board Members Formally Installed During Berkeley Conference Board Meeting

The IASD Nominating Committee called for nominations in the early spring for member-elected Directors by publicizing the call for nominations in Dream News and Dream Time, the Board listserv and the Executive Committee listserv. Additionally, all members of the Nominating Committee contributed recommendations. The committee evaluated all of those recommended. They also considered members who had been considered by previous committees. From all of the recommendations, the Nominating Committee then had the difficult task of selecting--out of what they considered to be a cadre of extremely qualified members--only seven candidates to be voted on by the general membership. Many factors were considered by the Nominating Committee to insure we selected individuals who would add experience, insight and expertise to IASD's mission and development.

The seven nominees that were presented to the Board were: Mark Blagrove, Laurel Clark, Janet Garrett, Jordi Barras Garcia, Curt Hoffman, Tracey Kahan, Linda Mastrangelo, Robert Waggoner.

The list of nominees for member-elected director positions was approved by the full Board at the Spring meeting on March-24-25, 2012.

Once these candidates were approved, the voting membership was notified and asked to vote and select the top candidates who would fill the five Board vacancies. According to current IASD nomination procedures, voting had to commence 60 days prior to the General Membership Meeting scheduled for June 24, 2012. Voting terminated on June 1. The new member-elected directors were announced and welcomed during the Membership meeting on June 24, 2012. They are as follows:

According to our Bylaws, the candidates who were not elected will be the first members to fill any mid-term vacancies that might arise. All seven nominees deserve our greatest admiration and respect for being willing to put themselves out there for the benefit of our community.

New Board Officers were also announced at the Conference: Robert Gongloff, Board Chair; G. Scott Sparrow, President; Laurette Dupuis, Vice-President; Tracey Kahan, Secretary; and David L. Kahn, Treasurer.

Nancy Richter Brzeski Art Awards Presented

A quartet of California artists walked away with honors at the 2012 Art Show. Hosts Kim Vergil and Richard Russo presented first, second, and third place cash awards and an honorable mention at the Art Gallery's Opening Reception.

Through the ongoing generosity of art patron, Nancy Brzeski, who is herself an artist, First Place ($1,000) in the juried art competition went to Dorothy Nessen; Second Place ($800) was awarded to Bernard Weston; Third Place ($500) went to Walter Berry; and an Honorable Mention ($300) to Evelyn Stettin.

In gratitude for the work she has done to gain support for dream art and artists, including hosting the first IASD art shows, the committee also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Dream Art Award, with a gift of $400, to Fariba Bogzaran, Ph.D.

Awards Presented to Two Outstanding Student Papers

Each year, thanks to a generous grant from an anonymous donor, IASD is able to award two students $500 cash prizes for outstanding papers on dreams and dreaming. The evaluation of the student papers is done by the Student Awards Committee, and we are able to award in two categories: quantitative research and qualitative research. Awardees are required to present their research paper, either at a subsequent IASD full or mini-conference, or via publication in Dreaming or DreamTime.

The Student Awards Committee presented the 2012 awards to two quantitative researchers:

Isaac Taitz: “Learning Lucid Dreaming and Its Effect on Depression in Undergraduates”

Nils Sandman: “The Prevalence of Nightmares”

We look forward to a new round of student papers for 2013. Submissions information will be found on the IASD web site later in the year.

Curtiss Hoffman, Chair
Ann Lerkenborg Bengtsson
Ernest Hartmann
Tracey Kahan
Bernard Welt

Jung and Neuroscience Post-Conference Event

Two days after our Annual Conference, IASD and the Asheville Jung Center teamed to produce a joint, interactive Internet broadcast symposium on Carl Jung and Neuroscience. The event was a great success with over 130 attending “live” from around the globe. More will be able to view the event when the DVDs are made available from the Asheville Jung Center. DVDs are planned for availability mid-August so go to the Asheville Jung Center main DVD page at 

This 5 hour symposium featured Murray Stein (International School of Analytical Psychology) presenting from Zurich and Margaret Wilkinson (Journal of Analytical Psychology editorial board) presenting from the UK with the talk Neurobiology, Metaphor and the Dreaming Process in Clinical Practice: a contemporary Jungian perspective. IASD provided four presenters from our 29th International Conference in Berkeley broadcasting from Sonoma State University hosted by Laurel McCabe, PhD, Professor, Psychology. The IASD presenters included: Ernest Hartmann, MD, presenting The Psychology and Possible Brain Biology of BIG Dreams; David Kahn, PhD, presenting Neuroscience looks at aspects of the self, the brain basis of self, and the emergence of self; Stanley Krippner, PhD, presenting A Neuromythological Approach to Working with Dreams and Robert Hoss, MS, moderating and presenting Recent Neurological Studies Supportive of Jung’s Theories on Dreaming.

For more photos of IASD's 2012 Conference:


…to attend the 30th Annual International Conference of the IASD planned for Friday 21 June through Tuesday 25 June 2013 at the beautiful Virginia Beach Resort Hotel on the shore at Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

The Venue • Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center is located on the beach at 2800 Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia with sweeping views of the Cape Henry bay. The bay-front location provides an ideal venue for beach activities as well as complimentary bicycles, a fully-equipped health club, pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and a professional massage service. The hotel is also less than a mile from First Landing State Park, a wildlife sanctuary where you can experience cypress swamp, salt marsh, maritime forest, freshwater wetlands, dunes, and bay shoreline. The park features camping and cabins, 19 miles of hiking trails, and 5.9 miles of biking trails. Click Here to see the venue.

The Conference will feature three world-renowned keynote speakers, over 160 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and reception, a Dream Hike, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, and the ever popular costume Dream Ball and other fun special events appropriate to the beachside location.

Call for Submissions • High quality proposals are invited addressing any of the following tracks: Research; Theory; Arts and Humanities; Cultural, Historical and Anthropological; Education; Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy; Clinical Approaches; Dreamwork Practices; Extraordinary, Psi and Lucid Dreams; and especially the “Dream Castles” Conference Theme. Submission Categories include: Presentations; Symposia; Panels; Workshops; Special Events; Morning Dream Groups; and Research based Hot-off-the-Press and Poster Papers. All submissions must be made online. Deadline for submissions is 15 December 2012 except for Hot-off-the-press and Poster Sessions which is 1 March, 2013. Submission instructions and forms will be posted on the 2013 conference page in the mid-August timeframe.

Continue to check with for conference information

Call For Nominations for the Research Keynote in the 2013 Conference in Virginia Beach

Usually, one of the three keynote speakers at the annual conference is a
researcher, selected by the research committee. As research in dreaming is of
interest to all dreamers and the research keynote is expected to give a talk
that addresses all the members of the audience, the research committee would
like to invite all IASD members to nominate a research keynote speaker for the
2013 conference. To nominate a keynote speaker, send the name of the nominee,
contact information and a brief description of the qualifications of the nominee
to Katja Valli latest by September 9th. Please, keep in mind that the person should be well known and accepted in the field of dream research, have demonstrated his or her credentials through published books, chapters in books or peer reviewed journal articles in dream research, and be an engaging speaker. Further, the nominee should not have been a keynote speaker in recent IASD conferences. The research committee will discuss the qualifications of the nominees and conduct a vote, after which the highest ranking nominee will be invited to give a keynote lecture.

Katja Valli and Michael Schredl
Research Committee Chairs

Seeking 2013 Art Show Team

Attention Artists!

Everyone who has been involved in our annual conference art exhibits knows how magical and inspiring they can be. But for the upcoming 2013 conference in Virginia Beach, we run the risk of missing out on this wonderful experience.

We desperately need an artist, or team of artists, to step forward and help organize the art exhibit program for this year. The online system for submitting and processing entries is in place, but we need someone to oversee the program. The duties include the following:

• Establishing rules and policies for art entry, acceptance, and delivery
• Advertising and Soliciting entries
• Creating a jury and managing the jury process
• Communicating with the artists
• Setting up a gallery at the conference

If you are interested in being involved in this important work, including working with a team to determine alternative ways of including dream-related art work in the 2013 conference, please contact Robert Gongloff as soon as possible.


Annual Conference: Regional Reps Meeting, Dream Tree & New Reps

The lunch meeting room was barely big enough to hold this year’s gathering of Regional Representatives at our meeting during the Annual IASD Conference. Yes, we have grown! Not only in numbers but also in events, ideas and energy. It was very heartening to hear the reports and enthusiasm for the future in this meeting, during which regional activities and programs for the past and upcoming year were shared.

The group focused on several actions for the coming year. Foremost, we determined to create an interactive list serve for Regional Reps to exchange their regional activities and other IASD communications directly with one another.

Other exciting ideas included:
• Develop webinars & other forms of teleconferencing or skype to bring international presenters into regional events without the cost of physical travel.
• Engage seasoned regional hosts to consult with and train new hosts on regional program planning.
• Form “sister regions”: pair two or more regions for exchange, mutual support & development.
• Create info and training video on regionals.

Thanks were offered to all who worked on our programs and helped staff the Regional Committee.

World Dream Tree

The “ World Dream Tree” was a dream come true: a live tree was placed in the foyer of the hotel as a focal gathering point for regional connecting through sharing of dreams, dream poems and reflections. A list of the Regional Reps and their geographic areas was also posted nearby to familiarize members with their Regional Reps.

Many individuals stopped and hung their dreams and writing on this living tree that was later planted in a Berkeley garden. In past years we have utilized different methods of bringing members into contact with one another from their geographic areas as well as with their Regional Reps. This has often taken place at a members’ regional lunch where folks are seated by region. We’ve also met up via locating ourselves on a world map, at hospitality receptions with regional tables and in other ways. We hope to return to the custom of a members’ regional lunch next year, but also hope that the “Dream Tree” become an ongoing tradition: perhaps it will become a virtual tree on which members from around the world can hang their dreams and poems even if unable to be physically present at the conference. Your ideas and feedback on this topic are welcome.

Welcome New Regional Representatives

We welcome the following new Regional Reps to our network now 66 Representatives strong:

Marina Abdala, Araraquara, Brazil; Laurel Clark, Midwest USA (Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri); Tamar Kron, Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv); Fred Olsen, Northwest USA (Idaho, Wyoming, Montana); Ravil Sandreev, Russia, Ukraine.

Calendar of Regional Events

There are additional Regional events developing in Australia, Korea, Japan, Montreal and other parts of the world. We will cover them and post a comprehensive calendar in the next edition of Dream News. Please send your event info to me to compile for this column and let us know if you need help in creating a dream gathering, small or large.

Jodine Grundy, Regional Committee Chair

Montreal, Canada Regional Event: “Integral Dreaming” August 6, 2012
Hosted by Centre L’Arc-en-Ciel & Sponsored by IASD

Fariba Bogzaran and Daniel Deslauriers will be in Montréal on August 6, 2012 to present their new book Integral Dreaming. A fruit matured over two decades, “Integral Dreaming” presents a holistic vision of dreams. Joining science with depth psychology, the authors describe dreaming as an integrative and purposeful state of consciousness, poised at the boundary between self, community, and the natural world. The authors propose a way of being with dreams that fosters creative expression and insights, and the cultivation of awareness. Up to date, fifty persons have confirmed their presence at the presentation that will be done in French, at Centre L'Arc-en-ciel.

Contact Host, Claude Desloges
Regional Representative, Eastern Canada

The Dream Connection”: 4th IASD European Regional Conference
September 7-9, 2012 Bern, Switzerland.

Daniel Erlacher, with the help of his IASD Regional Committee will host a substantive and most interesting program, realization of several years of planning. The Organization Team/Conference Committee includes the following:
* Daniel Erlacher (Host)
* Michael Schredl (Program Chair, Scientific Track)
* Art Funkhouser (Program Chair, Workshops)
* Tadas Stumbrys (On-Site Registration)
* Olaf Gerlach Hansen (IASD connection)
* Markus Schwarz (Team)
* Milena Sotirova-Kohli (Team)

This Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday conference aims to have a wide range of papers and workshops on a variety of topics from different perspectives. These include cross-cultural studies, nightmares, lucid dreams, dreams and religion, women’s dreams, children’s dreams, dreams and education, using dreams for therapeutic purposes and dreams and creativity.

The Keynote addresses, panels of speakers & workshops will reflect these themes and morning dream groups will add an experiential component. Presenters coming from 14 different countries will deliver 24 paper presentations and 8 workshops.

Keynote speakers are:

Prof. Thomas Metzinger (University of Mainz, Germany)
“Minimal Phenomenal Selfhood and the First-Person Perspective“

Dr. med. Ralf Binswanger (Zürich, Switzerland)
“A Renewed Approach to Freudian Dream Theory”

Dr. Lutz Wittmann (University Hospital Zürich, Switzerland)
“Dreams and Trauma”

Daniel Erlacher reports receipt of 41 early registrations and the organizers look forward to further registrations through August and early September.

The Bern Conference Homepage opens with this thought:
“Dreams are nodal points which connect.” The Conference logo reinforces this image and idea. Please further these dream connections by sharing this information with your friends and colleagues and consider attending this important IASD Regional Conference!

Information and Registration at the IASD website, Bern Conference Homepage:


Toronto Quarterly Regional: Sunday, September 23rd, 10-4, 2012

Host: Mara Zadnoff, Regional Representative. The meeting will take place in Toronto, location to be determined.

This regular Toronto Regional meeting will feature a presenter, dream sharing time, and IASD development work. Toronto members who attended the IASD annual conference will each take 2 minutes to share their experiences followed by group discussion of this special IASD experience.

The September speaker, Patti Allen, MA, will speak about “embodying the dream, a shift of perspective” in her talk called “My Body, My Dreams.” In a desire to get to the meaning of a dream we often turn dream interpretation into an intellectual exercise. While understandable, it leaves out our body, our greatest instrument and ally in dream understanding and self-knowledge. In this presentation, Patti will demonstrate how the body can be part of the process of knowing ourselves through dreamwork.

Contact: Mara Zadnoff

New England, USA Regional: “The Creative Power of Dreams”
January 12, 2013.
Host: Curtiss Hoffman

Creative people in all walks of life have gained inspiration from their dreams to bring forward new ideas and works of art. Join Curt Hoffman and his IASD Regional team January 12, 2013 at Regis College, Weston MA near Boston, for a one-day exploration of this fascinating aspect of dreams. The program will feature two keynote speakers, breakout panels and a unique musical presentation manifesting creativity that arose from dreaming. Further information on this IASD regional conference will be available soon!

Contact: Curtiss Hoffman

Regional Representatives Network

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a Regional Rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a Regional Representative, contact Jodine Grundy,

For corrections or feedback on member contacts from Regional Reps, contact Claude Desloges,


From Membership Chair, Diane Greig Rickards

Thank you to Ann Aswegan for contributing to the Membership News this month, and bringing attention to how dreams invite us into deeper relationship with others and ourselves. A new edition of Ann’s book, Awakening to the Song of Your Self: Revelations by Day and Dreams by Night has recently been released.

Also, thank you to Billie Oritiz for contributing this month and highlighting the importance of dream sharing in groups toward a deep understanding, which aids in the “healing of the entire planet.” Learn more about Billie’s work at:

As the fall approaches, remember the 4th IASD European Regional Conference, The Dream Connection, is Sept. 7-9, and if you are attending, consider inviting a friend to attend/ become a member. Also, if friends who are not yet an IASD member join now they will receive the full two-week fall Psiberdreaming conference free.

The Psiberdreaming conference is a great portal to becoming part of the IASD community!

Thank you,
Diane Greig Rickards

Highlighting Members from: United States


I still recall the intensity of my childhood dreams, which poured forth after I listened to my father’s dragon stories at bedtime. Whenever those vivid images spilled over into my waking thoughts, I would stage my own reenactments using bits of tin foil, bottle caps, matchbook covers, and other discarded objects. This quelled my terror and helped me to appreciate my more peaceful dreams.

No matter what career path I took as an adult, I was continually drawn back into the world of dreams. Throughout my work as a high school teacher, registered nurse, and holistic health educator, my dreams beckoned until I responded to their call. Twenty-five years later, I am still exploring and enjoying them by offering classes, workshops, retreats and individual sessions to people of all ages.
I believe that dreams invite us into relationship - guiding us to know ourselves more completely, enhancing our friendships, and deepening our sense of belonging. When I attend IASD conferences, it’s the community building aspect that I seek. I look forward to hearing others’ dreams and dreamlike experiences in waking life. I celebrate the opportunity to gather with people from around the world to hear their perspectives and share my own. And I marvel at how each of us contributes to the formation of this vital, global network.


In 1996, I was on a soul’s quest, seeking something that would enthuse me and give me a sense of belonging and purpose. During my spiritual journey, I came upon Dr. Ron Masa, who invited me to join his dream group. I ended up becoming a permanent fixture of the group for the next five years! I was enthralled as to how each dreamer, regardless of their age, gender, race or socioeconomic status, found helpful guidance through a deeper understanding of their dreams.
In 2000, I attended a Jeremy Taylor workshop, which opened my eyes to the gentle power of the projective method of dreamwork. I witnessed how by using the "if it were my dream" format, all of us began to communicate in an egalitarian and empathetic way. Every dream became everybody's dream. I had an epiphany that weekend realizing, not only are the dreams healing for us as individuals, but the compassionate sharing between a group with the common purpose of a deeper understanding of our dreams can ultimately be healing for the entire planet.

In 2002, I had a dream titled “Dream Camp” which inspired me to create a workshop centered around dreamwork and including other activities such as yoga, art and music, with all of us staying onsite getting to know one another throughout the weekend…sort of like camp! In August of 2003, the Dreamwork Retreat was born and is still going strong. This Oct 2012, we’ll host retreat number 19. Over the years, the retreats have blossomed into a bi-annual event with a community of dreamers from all over the country, many of whom look forward to attending each and every time. In honor of the upcoming tenth anniversary of the retreats, in August 2013, I will be hosting a special event, “Waking the Dreamer Within,” an inspirational weekend dedicated to dreams, art, poetry, music and authentic expression. (More info at

I also host a dream group in Boulder, Colorado, offer private dream sessions and teach classes about Fairy Tales and Myth, always dedicating many hours to my passion of enlightening others to the endlessly fascinating and infinitely rewarding world of dreams and metaphor!

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KID LUCID - By Al Moniz


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