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2014 Annual Conference Berkeley, California Announces Call for Presentations and Volunteers

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2013 Research Grant Proposals Deadline October 15!

The Ernest Hartmann Award for Student Research

DreamTime Needs Your Input by October 15

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Two IASD Members Call For Volunteers in Health Research


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Stanley Krippner will give two workshops in Personal Mythology in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on November 2 & 3, 2013. For more information please contact Susanne van Doorn at: info@therapeutvanbinnenuit.nl


In light of the profound inner work that happened at last year’s North of Eden Archetypal Dreamwork retreat at Hollyhock Retreat Center, excitement is mounting for a return to Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada, on October 13-18 with North of Eden founders Christa Lancaster and Marc Bregman and co-directors Sue Scavo and Bill St.Cyr.

For more information or to register or visit www.northofeden.com


La Integración De Los Sueños (The Integration Of Dreams) is a five week online workshop for the Spanish speaking community of dreamers from November 18 – December 19, 2013, personally guided by Jordi Borràs García, a psychologist and member of the teaching staff of the Institut de Psicologia Transpersonal in Barcelona.

To learn more and to enroll in this workshop, go to www.silenciando.com


"A Gathering of Men and Women Exploring Nighttime Dreams Together, Dreams: Lighting Your Path To Wisdom," led by Tom Lane takes place from 5:30 PM on Friday, January 17 to 3:00 PM Sunday, January 19, 2014 at a FIVE STAR retreat center near Greensboro in Stoneville, NC.

Tom Lane, D.Min. is a Professional Dreamworker and National Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor, founder of Journey Conferences and a former Board Member of IASD. For more information, go to
or contact Tom at Reyourdream@aol.com


Lynne and Bob Hoss have just received a contract from the Energy Psychology Press to publish a clinical handbook on their Dream to Freedom Technique (DTF). Lynne is a trained clinical psychologist, former counselor and Certified Energy Health Practitioner and Bob is trained in Gestalt therapy and is the author of the book Dream Language. About five years ago they combined their skills to merge dreamwork with energy psychology and created the structured DTF protocol which can be used for clinical or personal work.

As for the synergy between the two disciplines, the dreamwork is used to identify a salient unresolved emotional issue that the subconscious is working on, and the energy work (tapping) is used to reduce the anxiety and emotional stress surrounding the issue. Once the anxiety is reduced the dream is used to guide closure and progress. The book should be available in about a year and is initially planned for use in energy psychology training and certification workshops. A summary of the protocol can be found here.


The latest issue of the free on-line magazine, Lucid Dreaming Experience, (ISSN: 2167-616X) focuses on interacting with mirrors in the lucid dream state and includes many articles by IASD members.

Mirrors in lucid dreaming have fascinated lucid dreamers, since the reflected image often does not look like the lucid dreamer, and may show a face from a different gender, race, time period or species. Also, lucid dreamers have used mirrors as a ‘portal’ for movement. This issue of the free magazine features fascinating articles and lucid dreams by IASD members, Ed Kellogg, Mary Ziemer, Joan Harthan, Robert Waggoner, Maria Isabel Pita, Sharon Pastore, a Kid Lucid cartoon by Al Moniz.... and more! In every quarterly issue, we receive new reports of people using lucid dreaming for emotional and physical healing. Many first heard about the idea of healing in Robert Waggoner's book chapter, which used the investigations of Ed Kellogg into physical healing as the primary source. In this issue, a lucid dreamer in London, Caz Coronel, writes about her success in using a lucid dream to heal herself of tinnitus (see page 40).


Research on dream diaries from a WWII Nazi POW camp, presented by Deirdre Barrett and Angela Oh at the 2012 IASD conference, is being published with coauthors Zach Sogolow, Jasmine Pantine, & Melanie Justiano in the fall issue of “Imagination, Cognition and Personality” for the Harvard Gazette. A summary of the findings can be found here.


Dr. Clare Johnson did an exciting live interview for GATEWAYS about her lucid dreaming practice and research into creative lucid dreaming. You can find the interview here. And for more information visit: www.clarejay.com


Craig Webb presented two recent well-attended online webinars on Lucid Dreaming as well as How to Understand Dreams, and also had the good fortune this month to share information about dreams and their benefits on eight different radio programs internationally.


Have you ever been accused of sleeping on the job? That is exactly what artist, Karen Weil did for one solid year, capturing in words and imagery 365 of her dreams. Karen writes, “I invite you to wander through a subconscious mind by stepping into a cylindrical 10-foot diameter by 25-foot linear multi-media art installation, displaying the chronologically placed pictorial stories. Rather than have the installation “sitting pretty” but unused, I am also inviting you (free of charge) to take advantage of the unusual dream-like environment and host a session there showcasing your expertise, be it meditation, yoga, energy healing, dream work, psychic readings, group therapy, or whatever. Whether you lead a spiritual, peaceful session, or a vibrant, playful one with music, or anything in between, it is all up to you.”

Opening Reception:
October 17, 2013, 6-8pm Exhibit runs October 17 – November 12

Public Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Friday
1pm – 5:00pm,
12 – 4:30pm

Available Hours for Hosting a Session: Tuesday – Friday, 12 – 1pm Location: Kala Artist Project Space 2990 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702

For further information and sign up, please visit: www.thedreamtube.com or call 510-205-2118

In this issue, Hot Off the Press explores the subject of dreams and the brain. The intention of this column is to publish links to evidence-based scientific articles that are written for a non-research audience in the study of dreams.


Are dreams the work of the imagination, or the work of some reflex in the brain? A team of French researchers suggest at its most basic, dreaming is generated by the brainstem, the part of the brain that connects to the spinal cord and plays a role in regulating sleep – a "bottom-up" process rather than a result of the brain's higher functions. SOURCE: POPULAR SCIENCE


A fear memory was reduced in people by exposing them to the memory over and over again while they slept. This is the first time that emotional memory has been manipulated in humans during sleep. The report and research was completed by Northwestern Medicine scientists. SOURCE: MEDICAL XPRESS


Scientists have shown that sleep improves many kinds of learning, including the kind of sequential finger-tapping motor tasks addressed in this study, but they haven't been sure about why or how. It's an intensive activity for the brain to consolidate learning and so perhaps the brain may benefit from sleep because more energy is available or because distractions and new inputs are fewer, said study corresponding author Yuka Sasaki, a research associate professor in Brown's Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences. SOURCE: MEDICAL XPRESS


A new brain imaging study may help explain why people with insomnia often complain that they struggle to concentrate during the day even when objective evidence of a cognitive problem is lacking. SOURCE: SCIENCE DAILY


Melody Lambert
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Attendance at IASD's 2013 PsiberDreaming Conference, "Through the Looking Glass of Dreams" has been the highest ever; a demonstration of growing global interest in dreams and dream work. Over 200 people are attending this year's online conference, including 52 new IASD members. Welcome to IASD!

Although the conference will be switched to "read-only" after the October 6 close date, the forum will remain online and open to paid participants at www.asdreams.org/psi2013. Register now to read some of the most exciting – and pertinent – presentations and discussions about dreams you will ever find.

IASD would like to thank the many hard-working volunteers who make this annual conference possible.


Call for Presentations

The 2014 IASD Annual International Conference will be held from Wednesday evening June 4 through Sunday evening June 8, 2014 at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina on the bay at 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, California, USA.

The Venue • The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina is located on San Francisco Bay with sweeping views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. The hotel, with a pool and fitness center, is surrounded by a waterfront wildlife sanctuary with nature trails that offer spectacular views, hiking, bird-watching, and fishing. Berkeley is a uniquely historical university town and home of the IASD Central Office. Spend time vacationing in the Bay Area and explore San Francisco and the nearby wine country, coastal beaches, redwood forests and Yosemite National Park.

The Conference will feature world-renowned keynote speakers, about 150 presenters from around the globe, an opening reception, the Dream Art Exhibition and reception, a Dream Hike along the shoreline nature preserve, the annual Dream Telepathy Contest, the ever popular costume Dream Ball and a Cruise on San Francisco Bay.

Submissions: High quality proposals are invited addressing any of the following topics: Research and Theory; Arts and Humanities; Education; Religion, Spirituality and Philosophy; Clinical Approaches; Dreamwork Practices; Extraordinary, PSI and Lucid Dreams; Dreams and Health; Mental Imagery; and Culture and Anthropology.

Submission Categories include: Paper Presentations; Symposia; Panels; Workshops; Special Events; Morning Dream Groups; and Research, Hot-off-the-Press and Poster Papers. IASD encourages presenters of all backgrounds to apply. All submissions must be made online.

Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2013
(Hot-off-the-Press and Poster submissions: February 15, 2014)

IASD encourages all potential presenters to address issues of diversity and disability in their submissions and presentations. IASD does not discriminate in approving presenters with respect to race, culture, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, income, various forms of disability. Conference sites are chosen, in part, based on their stated compliance with ADA standards and ability to provide accessibility.

For further conference details and information about the Call for Presentations, please visit the conference website: https://asdreams.org/2014


Join a great group of volunteers and help make our 31st IASD annual international conference a success. Volunteer positions are offered this year for: registration/information desk; room monitor; audio visual support; and art exhibition. As an on-site volunteer you will work roughly 12 hours during the conference in order to attend the conference and all main receptions, including the dream ball and a special volunteer reception (excluding travel, meals and your other expenses), all for $50. Volunteers also receive a 50% discount on the conference recording.

The conference will be held on Wednesday evening June 4 through Sunday evening June 8, 2014 at the beautiful Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina on the bay in Berkeley, California, USA. Most on-site volunteers are needed early the first day for training and for various shifts each day in the hours from 8AM-9PM (08:00 – 21:00). See the Schedule-at-a-Glance for a preview of the planned schedule structure.

Apply early since acceptance is determined by application date and available positions. If positions fill, a waiting list will be maintained and those on that list will be offered a position if an accepted volunteer does not register or cancels. Once your application has been received, if there is a position available you will be sent a letter of acceptance, and asked to register for the conference by a certain deadline and pay the non-refundable volunteer fee in order to be confirmed. The volunteer fee is $150 with $100 returned after you complete your duties.

If you have any questions you can write us at volunteers@asdreams.org


Board of Directors Meeting

The IASD Board of Directors will be holding their fall board meeting on Saturday, October 26, possibly reconvening on Sunday, the 27. All IASD members are always welcome at board meetings. The meeting will begin at noon, Pacific US time. The conference phone number is 1-559-726-1200. You will be asked to enter an access code which is 962948#. At any time during the year, you are welcome to submit issues you would like the Board to consider. Please address your thoughts or questions to Robert Gongloff, Board Chair, at roberto@asdreams.org

Call for Treasurer’s Position

IASD is seeking an individual to replace the outgoing Treasurer in June, 2014. This volunteer position includes a spot on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and it is ideal for someone with business or finance experience who is interested in expanding within IASD. The incoming Treasurer will be supported by the Finance Committee, along with training and assistance by the outgoing Treasurer. In inquire about the position please contact David L. Kahn at lucidreverie3@gmail.com

Call For IASD Board Nominations

The IASD Nominating Committee is soliciting recommendations for members to serve on the Board of Directors for the term beginning in July 2013. Nominees should be members in good standing who are willing to serve. Please send your recommendations to Susannah Benson, Nominating Committee Chair by December 15, 2013.


Deadline is October 15!

Grants offered through a partnership between IASD and the DreamScience foundation (DSF).

Submission Areas

• High quality quantitative and qualitative research proposal Letters of Intent are invited in areas related to dreams and dreaming, including but not limited to: the neuroscience of dreaming, psychological studies of dreaming and such fields as anthropology and cultural studies.
Submission Instructions

• The deadline is October 15, 2013 for your letter of intent, a summary of your intended research effort. ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ELECTRONICALLY SUBMITTED (e-mail) to bob@dreamscience.org Submissions are reviewed by a research board and final candidates will be invited to submit a final proposal within 30 days of notice. Awards are typically made in the December to January timeframe.

For Submission Instructions go to www.dreamscience.org/iasd


We are pleased to announce that the anonymous donor who has generously provided funding for the Student Research Award for the past seven years has graciously agreed to provide matching funds for the 2014 competition! The IASD board of trustees will provide the balance of funds.

The initial idea for a student research award was put forward at the IASD Board meeting prior to the 2004 Copenhagen conference by the late Dr. Ernest Hartmann. Dr. Hartmann served thereafter as a regular member of the Student Awards Committee. In recognition of his contributions to this effort, the Committee has decided, and the Executive Board of IASD has agreed, to rename the award in his memory. It will henceforth be known as the “Ernest Hartmann Award for Student Research.”

As in previous years, there will be two $500 awards. The first is for the best student submission of original scientific research on dreams and dreaming. The second is for the best submission of original historical, literary, artistic, or theoretical research. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit papers. Please view the following for additional details: https://asdreams.org/2014/student-awards/

All participants must submit their presentations in electronic form, preferably through email to office@asdreams.org or if necessary by mailing the files, copied to a CD or a DVD, to the IASD office by March 1, 2014.

IASD-Student Research
1672 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703 USA
Mark on any mailed box "OK to leave on porch."

Text submissions must not exceed 6,000 words. Participants should submit text in MS Word, and artwork in .jpg, .tif, or .pdf formats.

Participants may also electronically submit videos in AVI formats, or music in MIDI or MPS formats. In the case of papers with multiple authors – in terms of the ideas presented as well as the description of the results – the contestant must indicate clearly, in either the text of the paper or in an accompanying letter, what portions are the submitter’s work.

Submissions must include a copy of the participant’s student ID. Alternatively, a copy can be faxed to the IASD Office at 1-209-724-0889, or scanned and emailed as an attachment to office@asdreams.org. A note or cover letter should be included to indicate that this is for the IASD Student Research Award. Participants must specify which of the two awards they are applying for.

Winners will be announced at the IASD annual conference, which will be held at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Berkeley Marina in Berkeley, California from June 4 -8, 2014, during the General Membership Meeting. Check the schedule of conference events to find out the exact date and time.

Curtiss Hoffman
Student Research Awards Chair


Do IASD Members care about their publications?  

In the first two days of the DreamTime Survey being conducted this month, nearly fifteen percent of the IASD membership voted for the changes they would (or would not) like to see happening in future issue of IASD's popular magazine DreamTime.  That is a remarkably high percentage of membership participation, and we thank you!  

ONLY IASD MEMBERS CAN VOTE in this survey.  We encourage you to vote by the OCTOBER 15 DEADLINE.  What you decide will influence the look and content of DreamTime for years to come.  Take the DreamTime Survey 

From Susan Benson, Regional Events Co-Chair

In this month’s column we share news of an online dream class with Marcia Emery, an update on IASD Toronto’s recent quarterly meeting, and early advice on the planned 2014 Montreal Regional Conference.  

With the PsiberDreaming online conference drawing to a close, it feels like just the right time to share news of further online dreaming opportunities. The PsiberDreaming Conference is a great venue for connecting with IASD members around the world and getting a sense of the breadth of our regional connections and international community. Marcia’s first online dream class drew members from all over the USA as well as participants from Europe. Her next class begins in October.

The Toronto Region seems set for a busy autumn event period and continues to grow, drawing more participants to quarterly meetings. Claude Desloges, Regional Events Co-chair, reports on early planning for the proposed 2014 Montreal Regional Conference. In 2013, the Montreal Conference attracted over 370 participants. We wish the Montreal Conference Committee every success with this continuing program.  

An Online Dream Class Experience with Marcia Emery, Ph.D.

Conference time has passed, or maybe you weren't able to attend. Here's an opportunity for you to join a group of kindred souls discussing interpretation techniques with people from all over the world. How can you do this? The answer is simply to join an online dream group. This past August 1, Marcia Emery led my first adventure, flying into virtual reality with a group of dreamers from all over the USA and three from Europe.  

The mutual intent was to engage in this online dream class. Though I missed the personal interaction of immediate feedback and discussion, I was attracted by the prospect of engaging in this particular group setting with people from so many distant places who had varying expertise in the field of dreams. Not being able to view them physically was less distracting and helped focus on the message. When a dream was posted, most of us jumped in to give the usual "if it were my dream" interpretation. The daily lesson or forum was provocative and elicited comments from all the members. And if you didn't get to respond one day or even one week later and still had a comment to add, you were able to go back to the forum thread and do so.  

This pilot online dream class was highly successful and kept me smiling for days. One participant had never recalled a dream and her therapist assured her she never would because of her medical history. I love a challenge and told her she was my test case, because being surrounded by dreamers and technique talk would elicit a dream. Her first dream that she joyously reported was a long one. We are headed back to the virtual space for the Month of October – and invite you to join us. For more details, go to www.drmarciaemery.com  

IASD Toronto Region Update  

Twenty-two Toronto Regional members and their guests participated in a full day event on Sunday, September 29th.  The day began with dream sharing facilitated by Sherry Lynn, who has recently started her own dream group.   

Regional business included Ange Friesen speaking on IdeaFest and our presence at this October 26th event in Markham, Ontario.  We then discussed our member participation in Whole Life Expo, a weekend long event on November 24-26. The Whole Life Expo is in its 27th year and boasts upwards of 18,000 attendees.  Four of our members; Patti Allen, Julia Ray, Chris Sowton and Jeanne Van Bronkhorst will introduce attendees to IASD, IASD Toronto Region and our member books, courses and events.  Member participation in events such as these helps us to meet our regional member commitment to community outreach.   

The afternoon began with Anat Thompson engaging the group with her knowledge of Ancient Egyptian dream interpretation and later guided us to our Inner Sanctums with her presentation ‘An Ancient Egyptian Awakening’.  Our late afternoon panelists Patti Allen, Christopher Sowton and Rosemary Gosselin discussed the Practical Considerations for Running Dream Groups along with an informative Q&A session.  To help grow the dream group community and in the spirit of IASD, mentoring was offered to new dream group facilitators.  


 The Committee responsible for the organization of the regional conferences in Montréal, met on September 13 to lay the groundwork for the planning of the next “Colloque Rêves”. Committee members Nicole Gratton, Monique Séguin, Angela Dupont, Yves Dubuc and Claude Desloges agreed that the 4th Colloque Rêves would be held November 1st at Maisonneuve College in Montréal, where the 3rd Colloque was held in April 2012. As in the past, it would be a one-day event. However, the committee is considering the possibility of having two tracks, instead of just one as we had last year, to include a wider range of presentations – and perhaps also workshops that should interest newcomers as well as regular participants.

Regional Representatives Network

Please check the IASD website for up-to-date names and contact information for the regional representative in your area. The Regional Representative webpage  is divided into regions, making your search more user-friendly. If you do not have a Regional Rep for your area, consider volunteering to become one! You could serve an important networking role for IASD.

To volunteer to become a Regional Representative, contact Susannah Benson at: dreamtracking@gmail.com  or Claude Desloges at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca

For corrections or feedback on member contacts from Regional Reps, contact Claude Desloges, (Regional Representative Eastern Canada) at: claude.desloges@videotron.ca


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In this issue we have two IASD members who wish to conduct studies on health and dreams.

Breast Cancer Dreams Research Project from Larry Burk, MD, CEHP

As described in my recent PsiberDreaming Conference presentation on “Prodromal Dreams of Breast Cancer and Clinical Correlation” I am beginning a Retrospective Study of Prodromal Dreams in Breast Cancer Patients with the intention of presenting the results at the IASD conference in June. I am reaching out to women all over the country who had dreams warning of them of their breast cancers to volunteer to participate in this study during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The study, jointly sponsored by Healing Imager, Inc. and Dreams Book, will help to shed light on this phenomenon. You can learn more by watching this 6 minute video and you can sign up for the study at the social networking site Dreams Cloud. To help us spread the word, please share this link with friends, family, breast cancer support groups or anyone you think may be interested. 

The project is now seeking volunteers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer after experiencing warning dreams, to participate in the study and share their dreams from now until November 15, 2013. The study will help to determine what aspects of such dreams may be useful to healthcare professionals for the detection of breast cancer in the future.

Volunteers with a proven diagnosis of breast cancer can participate by signing up at Dreams Cloud.

Participants, who may share their dreams anonymously, must be willing to sign a consent form, fill out a 19-question survey, and post their dreams on Dreams Cloud. Participants will not be asked to share additional medical information, only dream-related information. Those dreams will remain in their secure dream journal for life. For more information about Larry Burk please visit Let Magic Happen 

Call For Volunteers For Dream Study On Health

IASD member Susanne van Doorn, PhD is looking for volunteers to participate in research about dreams and health. The purpose of the research will be to give people working with dreams clear guidance about how to receive the best care.

If you wish to participate, please click here 

KID LUCID - By Al Moniz


The IASD Dream-News provides late-breaking news, IASD conference information and links to new articles on the IASD Website. Please forward this IASD Dream-News to interested friends and colleagues so they can also sign up for IASD’s free Dream-News. E-mail Submissions by the first of each month to: IASD Dream-News Editor mailto:dreamnews@asdreams.org">dreamnews@asdreams.org    


The deadline for the IASD Dream-News is the first of each month.
There is no Dream-News published in July.
Submissions by IASD members should be e-mailed to the IASD Dream-News editor.

Please limit your articles to 200 words. The article title should be entirely in capital letters. Any article sub-headings should be in upper and lowercase. Submissions can be submitted in the body of an email message or as an attachment. When sending attachments please include, in the body of the e-mail, your name and an indication that it is an IASD Dream-News item. Acceptable files for attachments are Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format (RTF). E-News articles should be submitted in the following format: Verdana font, 12pt., and black ink. No words should be bolded, underlined, or italicized. Feel free to include photos as attachments. Do not imbed photos or logos in text.

The editor reserves the right to shorten and/or edit articles for clarity and to fit space restrictions.
Articles over 200 words may be heavily edited. IASD reserves the right to accept or reject any article.

IASD members who would like to inform other members of their presentations, lectures, or workshops should submit their names, the titles of the events, the dates, and locations. Please also include either an e-mail address, website, or phone number so that IASD members can contact you for additional information. Submission of book tour dates and lecture series are limited to the following:
individual, contact information, dates, cities, states, or countries.

The IASD Dream-News accepts notices on member media interviews and appearances.
Members should include the IASD member name, the name of the show or publication, the date, and the topic discussed.

IASD holds no responsibility for the content or quality of non-sponsored IASD events
or individual member lectures, presentations, or workshops.

To subscribe to the IASD Dream-News:

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Please direct any technical problems to Richard Wilkerson at the IASD office: office@asdreams.org

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