Graduate Studies in Dreams and Dreaming

Graduate Studies in Dreams  

        Graduate Studies in Dreams Contacts and Programs Supporting Dream Studies
Note: These are not necessarily graduate *Programs*. Some are courses offered at an advanced and/or graduate level while others are non-accredited programs and classes.  Please contact the specific persons or schools for details about accreditation or other certificates.


Institute for Dream Studies

DreamSynergy™ Certification
with Justina Lasley, M.A.

Institute for Dream Studies
233 South Plaza Court
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

The Institute for Dream Studies

The Institute for Dream Studies offers a certification course for work with dreams in private and clinical settings. It is designed for therapists, counselors, spiritual directors, ministers, health care workers, teachers, as well as persons seeking spiritual insight.

The certification program is a two year program. The first year consists of three weekend sessions in Charleston, South Carolina and at-home studies. Attendance at the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) annual conference is required in order to broaden the participants’ exposure to various experts and areas of dreamwork.

At-home study involves reading, writing, reflecting on personal dreams, attending dreamwork sessions with an approved dream therapist, and developing dream groups under supervision. There will be regular on-line sharing with other members of the program.

Participants will explore the process of organizing and leading dreamwork by honoring the dream in a spiritual manner. Details of individual and group work will be discussed and participants will learn creative methods of dreamwork. The aspects of energy and emotions will be examined in depth, as well as the process of personal growth and individuation. A provisional certificate will be issued to each participant who successfully completes requirements of the first year.

In year two, each student will be required to complete an internship by leading a dream group(s),as well as continuing studies through reading, writing, continuing personal dreamwork, and attending regional workshops and/or the IASD annual conference. On-line group sharing will continue. There will be three required attendance programs in Charleston for further learning during the second year.

With the successful completion of the internship year, the participant will be awarded an official DreamSynergy™ Certification, which will allow use of DreamSynergy™ materials and the authorization to practice under the umbrella of the Institute for Dream Studies.

You may apply on line at www., e-mail Justina@, or call 843-884-5139   


About the Director

Justina Lasley, M.A., founder and director of the Institute for Dream Studies, is also an author and leading dream specialist. She shares with clients her enthusiasm, keen insight, and talent for relating to others, facilitating rapid movement toward a more authentic, fulfilling life. She is internationally recognized as a lecturer, a trainer for dream workers, a leader of individual and group dreamwork, and a facilitator of workshops.
Justina's studies and her experiences in creative arts add depth and imagination to the exploration of dream imagery and metaphor. Her years of experience as a teacher enhance her capabilities as an educator and enable her to assist individuals on their path to personal and spiritual growth. Justina earned her Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in dreams, and has a B.A. in both Applied Art and Education.
After many years organizing and conducting dream groups in Atlanta, Georgia, Justina is now based in Charleston, South Carolina.




Frank Heynick
New York University
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
New for FALL 2005

Dreaming: Its Psychology, Its Meaning
X07.9009 / Non–Credit (no grades given)/ $340 (minus 5% website discount)
Since the discovery of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep in the 1950s, scientists have increasingly studied the physiology of sleep, hoping to unlock the function and meaning of dreams. But for millennia, every culture has had its ideas about dreaming. We explore our culture's psychological theories of dreaming, including those of psychoanalysis (Freud), other depth psychology (Jung), and of cognitive and linguistic psychology. We also look at current research and theories about how dreaming functions and what it means to us as humans, including the phenomena of lucid dreaming (being fully conscious in a dream state); universal dream themes; and myths or "public dreams."
10 Sessions: Wednesday 6:30pm-8:30pm October 5 - December 7, 2005
Professor: Dr. Frank Heynick, PhD Medicine, State University of Groningen (Netherlands) MA Applied Linguistics, Columbia University Dr. Heynick is the author of three books on dreaming and sleep, and dozens of academic journal and professional magazine articles and book chapters, including in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, the Journal of Mind and Behavior, and the Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. For more information contact: Dr. Frank Heynick  Tel.: (718) 375-9101 To enroll Go to:  and type in course # X07.9009 Or call: 212 998-7171Information Line: (212) 998-7200 Toll Free: (888) 998-7204

JFKU in the Bay Area, California
Department of Consciousness Studies
Dream Studies Specialization, an Interdisciplinary program at JFKU in the School of Holistic Studies.

The Dream Studies Program at JFKU is alive and well within the School of Holistic Studies. The Specialization offers 10 different courses on dreams taught by our stellar faculty, including Fariba Bogzaran, PhD, Kelly Bulkeley, PhD, Jeremy Taylor DMin, Kimmy Johnson, Mehrdad Fakour, and Marylin Flowler The specific change that has occurred (2007) is that the program became a specialization rather than a certificate. We wanted our Dream Studies graduates to have a fuller academic experience than a certificate alone would provide, so we have now linked the Dream Studies Program with the MA programs within the School of Holistic Studies. The program that is ending is only the certificate version of Dream Studies. The Specialization program continues to be a vibrant part of Holistic Studies.

Marilyn Fowler, MA Program Director Consciousness & Transformative Studies Dream Studies John F. Kennedy University School of Holistic Studies 100 Ellinwood Way Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 Office: (925) 969-3500

It is important for everyone to know that JFKU Dream Studies program began as a specialization in 1996. Gradually, upon demands, was expanded into a certificate program (2000) to accommodate those who already had their degrees. The interdisciplinary courses in dream studies have been gradually added since 1990 and now 19 years later we are offering 10 courses on dreams. At one point we had 13 courses on dreams but those 3 classes were electives and like many other programs curriculum often changes with time.

The University recently eliminated many of the certificate programs. That is the reason our program is now back to be a specialization. As Marilyn mentioned the program is intact with all the major courses.

Fariba Bogzaran Founder, Dream Studies Program John F. Kennedy University

Michael Vannoy-Adams
1 Washington Square Village 5A
New York, NY  10012

John Antrobus
Department of Psychology
City College of New York
NY, NY 10031

Roseanne Armitage
University of Texas SW Medical Center
Department of Psychiatry
Dallas, TX 75235-9070

Deirdre Barrett
Editor-in-Chief, Dreaming
Harvard Medical Annex
50A Beacon St.
Somerville, MA 02143

Mark Blagrove
Department of Psychology
University of Wales, Swansea
Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PP

George Baylor
Department de psychologie
University de Montreal
CP 6128 Succ Centreville
Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7

Kathryn Belicki
Department of Psychology
Brock University
St. Catherines ON L3M 3G7

Mario Bertini, Ph.D.
Departemento di Psicologia
Universita Degli Studi de Roma
via degli Scolopi 19
00136 Roma
261-1619 or 449-2449

Center for Archetypal Dreamwork

The Center for Archetypal Dreamwork offers courses of study in Archetypal Dreamwork. Because every course is available for distance learning through videoconferencing, students from all over the world join those who are physically present at the school in Vermont, USA. The Center offers a General Studies program for those interested in learning about Archetypal Dreamwork and deepening their own personal work in a community of learners, as well as a Therapist Training program for those interested in becoming a certified Archetypal Dreamwork therapist.

Delia Cushway
University of Birmingham
School of Psychology
Birmingham, England
B15 2BJ

Joseph De Koninck
School of Psychology
University of Ottawa
Ottawa  KIN 6N5
(613) 564-9170

William Dement
Sleep Research Center
Stanford University
701 Welch Road Ste. 2226
Palo Alto, CA
Sleep and Dreams 2000 Class

Mary-Therese Dombeck
University of Rochester
53 Genesee Park Blvd.
Rochester, NY 14611-4055

G. William Domhoff
Department of Psychology
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 950640
[No grad program in dreams;
willing to discuss content analysis with students;  and]

Don Donderi
Dept of Psychology
McGill University
Montreal, Canada ?????

Wendy Doniger
University of Chicago Divinity School
Chicago, IL ??????

Harry Fiss
75 Westmont Street
West Hartford, CT

James Fosshage
16 Poplar Road
Demarest, NJ 07627-1310

Russell Gruber
Eastern Illinois University
Department of Psychology
Charleston, IL 61920

Reverend Gina Rose Halpern
Chaplaincy Institute for Interfaith & Arts Ministries
8831 Terrace Drive
El Cerrito CA 94530

Ernest Hartmann
27 Clark St.
Newton, MA 02159-2425

Stephan Hau
Sigmund Freud Institut
Myliusstrasse 20
Frankfurt/Main D-60323

Clara Hill
University of Maryland
Counseling Psychology
Baltimore, MD  20742
(301) 405-5791

J. Allan Hobson
Harvard Medical School
74 Fenwood Road
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 734-9645

Don Kuiken
Department of Psychology
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada
T6G 2E9
Phone: 403 492-8760;  Fax 403 492-1768

Philip King
Behavioral Sciences
Hawaii Pacific University
Honolulu, HI 96813

Roger Knudsen
Dept. of Psychology
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

David Koulack
University College Room 449
220 Dysert Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

Waud Kracke
University of Illinois
Department of Anthropology
1007 W. Harrison Suite 3102
Chicago, IL 60607


Saybrook University 

747 Front Steer, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111-1920

Dream Studies Certificate Program

 Saybrook University offers graduate online course work in Dream Studies, as well as an online/residential Dream Studies Certificate. The Dream Studies certificate is designed to help students gain an understanding of the important research about dreams and to implement that knowledge in order to accomplish personal and professional goals. Our teaching approach encourages the student to explore personal interests and learn through experience as well as to come to an appreciation of research in the field. This certificate will give students an understanding of dream research, practice and personal meaning.

Contact Information: Dream Studies Certificate Program Co- Directors:

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

Jacquie Lewis, Ph.D.


Admissions Information contact is 


Ross Levin
Einstein College of Medicine
1165 Morris Park Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461

Sonoma State University

Department of Psychology

Depth Psychology Master’s Program

   The Psychology Department at Sonoma State University offers a 36-unit, 2-year M. A. program in Depth Psychology.  The program offers an integrated, intensive curriculum in the study of depth, Jungian, and archetypal psychology, which includes the study and practice of dreamwork.  Small 10-15 person classes emphasize both conceptual and experiential learning, and offer the opportunity for intensive community support.  The program models embodied learning and is cross-culturally sensitive.

 The Depth program develops practical skills in depth inquiry, which is the ability to access, explore, and gain meaning from hidden aspects of inner experience.  Dreamwork, active imagination, symbolic work, art process, body work, mask work, sandplay, and work with myth, movement, ritual, and sound, are all techniques of depth inquiry.

 The first year curriculum includes year-long courses in Theories of Depth Psychology; Methods and Applications of Depth Psychology; and Cross-Cultural Mythology and Symbolism.  These provide the foundation for the second-year passion-of-inquiry process that culminates in the Master’s thesis work.  Students choose 8 units of seminars in their second year, on topics of their choosing.  Past seminars have included Advanced Dreamwork; Authentic Movement; Art and Psychology; Art and Image; Teaching as Transformation; Shamanism; Alchemy; and Writing as Spiritual Practice.

 Students may do a teaching internship in their second year, which involves developing a curriculum around their area of expertise in depth psychology, and teaching an undergraduate course in the Psychology Department at Sonoma State.  Past courses have included Jung and Synchronicity; Psychology of Myth and Narrative; Jung and Tarot; Psychology of Fairy Tales; and Psychology of Masculine and Feminine.

 SSU Depth M.A. Faculty with Dream Interests

Marsha Connell, M. A., is a multi-media artist and teacher whose working methods bridge traditional studio practice and expressive arts. An adjunct instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, she has also won several California Arts Council Artist-in-Residence grants and is a Fellow of the California Arts Project. She is currently working on a book bringing together her Dream Vessels collages and poetry, some of which are published in the Spring 2004 Moving Journal. Her collages and plein air landscape paintings responding to spirit of place have been exhibited in many regional and international venues and publications and are in over 300 public and private collections.  Web site:

 Mary Gomes, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at SSU. She is the coeditor of Ecopsychology: Restoring the earth, healing the mind, as well as a coeditor of the journal ReVision. Her interests center around ecopsychology, ritual, shamanism, dreams, and cross-cultural earth-based practices.  Web site:

 Myrtle Heery, Ph.D., M.F.T., is a psychologist who utilizes humanistic and existential approaches in her work as a therapist, supervisor, and author. She is the Director of the International Institute for Humanistic Studies, and maintains an active teaching exchange program with therapists in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She teaches internationally on in-depth inquiry for therapists, and on group process. She has published numerous articles on inner voice experiences and on topics in humanistic and existential psychology.

 Jurgen W. Kremer, Ph.D., Diplompsychologe, is an Executive Editor of ReVision, and author of Towards a person-centered resolution of intercultural conflicts. He is former Dean of Faculty and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Saybrook Institute; Academic Dean, Integral Studies Program, East-West Psychology Program, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS); and Co-Director of the PhD program for Traditional Knowledge, CIIS. He has edited ReVision special issues on Peace and Identity; Paradigmatic Challenges; Culture and Ways of Knowing; Indigenous Science; Trance and Healing; and Transformative Learning.  Web site:

 Laurel McCabe, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychology at SSU, and Coordinator of the Depth Psychology Master’s Program. Her interests include psychological initiation, depth feminine and masculine, alchemy and transformation, dreams, and spirituality in modern life. She emphasizes body-based techniques in working with dreams.  She has expertise in women’s development and psychological growth in adulthood.  Web site:

 Maureen Murdock, M.A., M.F.T., is an author and psychotherapist. She has been core faculty in the M.A. Counseling Psychology program at Pacifica Graduate Institute, as well as in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program. She is the author of Unreliable truth; The heroine's journey: Women's quest for wholeness; The hero's daughter; Father's daughters: Transforming the father-daughter relationship; as well as other books. She has published numerous articles on myth, women's development, and memoir.  Web site:

 Susan Stewart, Ph.D., M.F.T., is a Professor of Psychology at SSU and a psychotherapist. Her interests center around creativity, creative expression, and the soul.

 Jeremy Taylor, D.Min., is an innovator and international teacher of group process in dream work, and the author of three books on dreams, including The living labyrinth; Where people fly and water runs uphill; and Dream work. He blends the values of spirituality with an active social conscience and a Jungian perspective. He is a Unitarian-Universalist minister and is the director of the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work, as well as co-founder and past president of the Association for the Study of Dreams.  Web site:

 Bryan Wittine, Ph.D., is a Jungian psychoanalyst in private practice in San Francisco and Mill Valley and a member of the teaching faculty at the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. He is a co-founder and former chair of the Graduate Program in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, and former Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Holistic Studies, at John F. Kennedy University. He has practiced meditation for over 30 years and has been trained in esoteric, Buddhist, and Sufi traditions. He lectures internationally and has published several papers on the integration of mysticism, narcissism, and depth psychology.

 SSU Psychology Department Faculty with Dream Interests

Glenn Brassington, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology.  Sleep and dream research; body-mind psychology.  Web site:

Lorna Catford, Ph.D., Lecturer, Psychology.  Humanistic and transpersonal psychology; myth, dream, and symbol; creativity.

Charles Merrill, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology.  Myth, dream, and symbol.  Web site:

Geri Olson, Ph. D., Assistant Professor, Psychology. Myth, dream, and symbol; creativity; the psychology of the doll.


Additional Program Characteristics

The Depth Program offers a monthly Visiting Scholars lecture series, which brings noted authors and thinkers in the field to the program.

The James Jarrett Award is a monetary award presented annually to two students who have presented their original work at professional conferences.

Five courses in Psychology are prerequisites for the Depth M.A. program:
            Child Development
            Adult Development
            Abnormal Psychology
            Research Methods

At least a semester-long experience in symbolic process is also a required prerequisite.  This involves using a symbolic mode such as dreamwork, art, myth, or sandplay, to explore and reflect on aspects of one’s personal development.

Sonoma State is an hour’s north of San Francisco, CA.

Cost and Financial Aid

The program cost for the 2005-6 academic year is $450/unit for a 36-unit program, at 9 units/semester.  Financial aid and scholarships are available through the University; a few small awards are also available through the Psychology Department for second year students.  Sonoma State is WASC- accredited.

Contact Information

Karen Fischer, Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Phone 707 664 2682, email

Laurel McCabe, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Psychology; Coordinator, Depth M.A.

Phone 707 664 2130, email

Program Web Site:


Mailing Address:

Depth Psychology M.A. Program

Department of Psychology

Sonoma State University

1801 E. Cotati Ave.

Rohnert Park, CA 94952



Barbara Meier-Faber
Universitat Zürich, Klinische Psychologie
Schmelzbergstrasse 40
Zürich CH-8044

Tore Nielsen
Dream & Nightmare Lab
Hopital Sacre-Coeur
& Dept. of Psychology
University de Montreal
Montreal H4J 1C5
(514) 338-3350

North of Eden Archetypal Deamwork

An organization, cofounded by Christa Lancaster and Marc Bregman, of therapists and teachers dedicated to Archetypal Dreamwork, a form of experiential dreamwork founded by Bregman in 1974. In the tradition of Jung’s Red Book, this alchemical work invites dreamers to enter into and experience the unconscious in a direct, visceral way that sidesteps the mind and engages the consciousness of soul. North of Eden offers one-on-one therapy, intensive individual and couples’ retreats, workshops, classes through the Center for Archetypal Dreamwork, books, and an extensive website that includes a program in which visitors can submit a dream and receive a response from an Archetypal Dreamwork therapist.

Carl W. O'Nell
University of Notre Dame
Department of Anthropology
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Michael Perlis
6063 N. Avon Road #1
Honeoye Falls, NY  14472-8805

Helene S. Porte
Department of Psychology
Cornell University
216 Uris Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853

Raymond Rainville
Department of Psychology
SUNY at Oneonta
Fitzelle Hall
Oneonta, NY 13820

Marina Roseman
1352 Mercedes Drive
Bloomington, IN  47401

Carol Rupprecht
Department. of Comparative Literature
Hamilton College
Clinton, NY  13323

Michael Schredl
Holderlinstrasse 46
Mannheim, D-68259

Alan Siegel
2607 Alcatraz Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705-2702

Carlyle Smith
Trent University
Department of Psychology
Peterborough, Ontario K9J 7B8

Reverend Doctor Jeremy Taylor
University of Creation Spirituality
2141 Broadway
Oakland CA 94612

Barbara Tedlock
Anthropology Department
Buffalo, NY

Hendrika Van de Kemp
180 N. Oakland Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101-1714

Edwin Verstraeten
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Faculteit Psychologie
Pleinlaan 2
Brussels B-1050

Trevor Watt
Canisius College
Amherst, NY  4068

James Wood
University of Texas at El Paso
Department of Psychology
El Paso, TX 79968

The Dream Institute of Northern California
1672 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703


The Dream Institute is an experimental cultural center that offers public lectures and workshops, dream study groups, dream-based cultural events, professional dream consultation, and the innovative method "Culture DreamingSM."
 Call to receive our printed quarterly newsletter with calendar of events.

or see the Calendar of Events at




International Association for the Study of Dreams