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Patricia Kampmeier’s Story:

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When Rita Dwyer handed Ed Kellogg the pictures, I noted my impressions. They were: First, that Ed would choose the third envelope, which he did. Second, I sensed a flash of bright colors, red and several others, when he took the envelopes in his hand; I couldn't quite grasp the images.

After I got back to the room, I sat down with my tape recorder, the way I log all my dreams, and logged the impressions I received when Ed took the envelopes.

Then I went to bed and started to read one of the great dream books I had bought that day at the conference, at the same time trying to let my unconscious reach out and roam. I would stop reading and log impressions as they filtered in while I was reading.

Eventually, along with the roaming, I went through a mental checklist about artwork in general, asking myself questions in certain categories. For example: 1) Is it an oil painting, a watercolor painting, a collage; 2) is it modern / abstract, Impressionism, Medieval /Renaissance, Representational, Hudson River School, etc.; 3) bright colors, black and white, dull and dark; 4) broad strokes of color, black outlining, finely detailed as in pen and ink drawings, loose or controlled, etc.; 5) large or small picture; 6) horizontal or vertical; old master or less well-known; 7) emotional tone: funny, romantic, satiric, painful, etc.

Sometimes specific images, colors, paintings I know come to mind and I try to log those impressions. Sometimes I get a sense of figure placement or other arrangement of details. An example of this would be my reference to Chagall's painting with his wife in the sky; in the target picture there is an exuberant woman in the air. Often when I have done this contest before, Gauguin's paintings are the first to come to mind. Hits here would be 'sarong', (which I would consider equivalent to a bikini, especially as I logged water /ocean images at this time. The first picture had two women in bikinis in it.); 'woman' (there was at least one woman in each of the four pictures); 'stage' ("If it were a stage, the front of the boat. . ." A stage was the setting of the target picture.)

I cannot check out the colors I picked up on, as the four pictures published in Dream Time are black and white. I did mention the colors red, blue and green; the clown is wearing red pants. I mentioned flowers and some of the bikinis look to me to be flowered. I mentioned an eggshell white dress (the feather dress on the woman in the target picture).

I said the painting was by a man (wrong) and was "fairly modern, might be considered surrealist" (I would consider these two to be hits).

In fact, the word collage suddenly came to mind, but I rejected it and stayed with the types of paintings I usually think of, i.e., watercolor and oil, although I did consider acrylic, which to me would be brighter and more modern. I chose watercolor rather than oil, and I would consider this a partial hit, I think, in the sense that watercolor paintings are usually more delicate, narrower line e.g. than oil paintings.

I said that they were triple panels and hung in a museum in the Hague (WRONG!); I don't know if Rabinowe originally planned three collages and then added one more, or if this is simply a miss.
However, the paintings do seem to group together in style and content, so my idea of three panels might approximate that. I said that the painting was large; I don't really know how large the originals are.

When describing the picture before I slept, I mention not only that it hung in the Hague but that it was in our art show. Since Victoria Rabinowe is a living artist and was an attendee, it would be logical that her artwork might be in our art show.

I mentioned Chagall again and I would consider this a partial hit, because stylistically the collages and his paintings have some things in common, such as the placement of people, objects and animals in the sky, and the placement of objects that are not normally grouped together in a painting. Rabinowe mentions in her commentary this idea of the juxtaposition of objects not normally related together as one of her goals, and Kellogg refers to this as 'theater of the absurd' and 'culture clash'.

I tried for the name of the artist and got something like 'Rechovick or Rose, something kind of Dutch-sounding maybe'. Certainly Rabinowe starts with an R as both names do, and has three syllables, as my first try had.

Then I mentioned a female child; I think the chubby female figure in the lower left of the first picture is a child rather than an adult. The clown in the target picture is an image of childhood, for me. The general tenor of the pictures has a quality of childhood playfulness.

Although Rita gave me a hit with horizontal, in fact, the 4 pictures are all vertical!

Then I went to sleep and logged my dream in the morning. My dream starts with 'a new house beside a small dumping area that the city or town was going to clean up but hadn't yet'. I see this as a hit for picture #1, with the trash can in it, which is 'beside' the target picture. Also in picture #1 is a 50's kitchen, certainly part of a house. I mention renovation and clean-up of the house, to my mind logical with a 50's kitchen. Also, the third picture, on the other side of the target picture, is of the living room in a house which has 'antiques' of 'dark wood' in it, which I mentioned in my description. I also mention 'square or rectangular tables downstairs' which are seen in picture #3. I say, 'the house had a nice feel to it'; I feel this is a hit, too.

'There was a sense of happy, busy activity'. I consider this a hit as well, clearly in the target picture with its exuberant woman in the air and the clown and the theater. Pictures #1, #2 and #3 all have this quality, in my opinion.

I don't seem to have as much pick-up on picture #4. However, I do mention in my dream report 'a teen-age male', 'a bow and an arrow drawn, pointing kind of in the area past my left shoulder, one of the old-fashioned gods or goddesses shooting the arrow, male, male'. The picture shows a male arm with the finger pointing upward. What are those things hanging from the ceiling? Paintbrushes, arrowheads?

I mention 'an audition'; the woman at the left in picture #4 could be seen as an actress or singer who is emoting, though that may not have been the artist's intention; also, 'audition' certainly links with the stage in the target picture.

In Rita Dwyer's article in Dream Time she wrote, "As usual there were hits on the target picture randomly selected from a pool of four. We were again amazed to see hits on the other three images that were not selected or sent telepathically during the night." (p. 15) It may be that this is the first time in the contests that all four pictures are by the same artist, a living artist and one who was present at the conference. This being the case, it seems to me to be theoretically possible to pick up the pictures from Victoria Rabinowe rather than from Ed Kellogg, and perhaps partially explains why there was so much pick-up on the other pictures.


Moe Munroe’s Story:

The following dream is the one I submitted for the 1999 ASD Dream Telepathy Conference. When I wrote the dream down for the contest, I did a bit of editing to fit it on one piece of paper. I had not participated in the contest before and was not sure what to do. The enclosed dream is exactly what I had written down upon waking. I had thought of a title of "Wacky Trickster Parakeet" but shortened the title to "Wacky Parakeet".

"Wacky Parakeet"

Erin B. has a pet parrot, a green gray cheeked parakeet about 8" in length. It is playful and it likes to bite in a fun way. I have it on my shoulder. I hope it doesn’t bite too hard. It’s rowdy. It goes across the floor at one point, and when it does, it is flattened, almost like it has been stepped on. Then it becomes darker, blacker. It can change shapes. At one point it goes on to a coffee table and morphs into 3 rings or more -- some with stones, maybe red and blue stones on silver and black bands.

I watch to see when the bird will morph back - amused, like he’s playing a trick. Others are there. A lady who isn’t aware of the trick tries to clear the table with her hand; there are bits of something she is gathering together. I stop her quickly and say, "No, watch the rings. They’re a bird." We all stare at the rings, when gradually we see it morph back into itself. As it starts to reanimate, it starts to laugh hysterically, and is amused that we were so ‘tricked’ and amused by its performance. The lady is amazed by the bird. I make a comment like "Anything is possible!" or "Why not?"

Comments: I was stunned when I first saw the (winning) picture that Saturday morning. The first thing I noticed was the bird feathered outfit worn by the woman and her expression, which reminded me of my dream parakeet as it morphed back -- he was laughing with his eyes closed.

The other thing that struck me was the clown’s little ‘Ring-o’ button. I owned a parakeet named Li’l Ernie, which reminded me of the dream parakeet who morphed into ‘rings’. I also saw the gray spot or star on the clown’s cheek which reminded me of the gray spot on the parakeet’s cheek. I also noticed in my dream notes that I used a ‘star’ symbol when making a note about the rings - in other words, a dream pun on, Ringo Starr.

I also noticed the that my dream coffee table functioned as a theater stage area for my performing bird’. And the woman in the picture who was biting related back to my bird biting. Also, I noticed she was eating with chopsticks -- and later I realized the woman in my dream who was trying to clear the table was Oriental. Later, I thought how the clown’s huge shoes look like he is stepping on something, and in the dream my bird was flattened for a time; the clown’s suspenders made me think of how my dream parakeet was in a state of suspended animation.

It was very fun and exciting to participate in this contest!


Robert Waggoner’s Story:

I had some interesting events happen after the Dream Telepathy Contest related to the dreams that night. The story follows.

The night of the 1999 Dream Telepathy Contest in Santa Cruz, I attended the evening contest explanation. As people gathered around in the muted darkness of the softly lit plaza with the mysterious fog skirting above us, I was struck by the setting and the festive, attentive mood. It was almost like an ancient circle ritual. Very entrancing.

That night the one dream that stuck out was hearing these words "Costa Castego" as I saw two people’s legs intertwined on a white sandy beach, making two spiral patterns in the sand. The words sounded Spanish or Portuguese, and held no meaning for me - but there was an intensity to the saying, as if this was somehow important. Within the week I would learn how significant those words were.

My other dreams of the night were the following:

2) I am at a place to conclude a project. There is a big Award. There are two conference rooms there. One award is like ‘leaves of green’ in a vase (I see a vase holding long thin grasses that are fluffy at the top). The other award is similar.

3) I and some others see Ed Kellogg (he was the telepathic sender that night). I also convince a woman to join our path (in my head, I used the word ‘convert’ but rejected writing it since it sounds so evangelical ).

4) An acorn, a nut, a tree (I see a tall tree.)

5) An odd image, like the abstract outline of a huge gate, swinging open to a light. (This was followed by the Costa Castego dream.)

6) I reach into a high wood cabinet that is brightly painted in loud colors (yellows and reds, etc.), and pull out the only thing inside, a clear glass plate (which looks very much like an ‘eye’- a clear pupil and iris).

7) A dream message "we navigate through the world of our assumptions".

In the morning, I was surprised to see a number of my dreams seemed to fit one of the four pictures, and I wrote them out and slipped them into the proper photo selection. Though I received an honorable mention, it wasn’t until days later that I realized the dreams somehow both fit the Telepathy contest, and transcended it precognitively.

Two days later, I was getting a ride to SFO from a friend, Moe. As we motored up the Pacific Coast highway, I was taken by the wild beauty and expanses of beach and hillside there. Suddenly as we came to a grove of trees, I saw a sign pointing inland, it read "Costa..." I started to shout "That’s it, that’s it. That’s just like my dream!" I hurriedly told Moe about this odd dream of hearing ‘Costa Castego’, as if some Spanish or Portuguese person was speaking to me, and then of seeing these legs intertwined on a white beach. I quickly scanned this particular patch of pristine landscape and beaches, and thought ‘This is wonderful. Some day, I’ll come back and check out that place with the Costa name.’ Incredibly, within the week, circumstances led me back there.

After Moe dropped me off at SFO, I rented a car to drive up into the city and meet my vacationing wife and mother in law. We had planned to meet and tour San Francisco, Marin and Napa Valley, then return to Iowa. But days later as we entered Napa Valley, a record heat wave of 107* in Calistoga, caused us to cut short our stay there and head back to the coast for cooler climes.

Although our first thought was to stay in San Francisco proper, a huge convention had taken all the rooms in the Bay area. We decided to head down along the Pacific to Half Moon Bay and keep going on Hwy. 1 until we found appropriate lodging. On the south edge of Half Moon Bay, I turned into a Holiday Inn Express, and was going to inquire about rooms when I had a sudden impulse to keep on going. Miles later, as we passed Pescadero, I began to think that we must be getting closer to that ‘costa...’ sign. We stopped at the Pigeon Pt. lighthouse and asked it there was a place called "Costa Castego" or something similar nearby. The workers there told us that we were only 4 or 5 miles away from an interesting place that recently opened called "Costanoa". We kept going.

As we made the turn into the eucalyptus covered lane towards Costanoa, I felt an inner thrilling, like something was going to happen. We rolled down the windows and felt the cool breeze scented with eucalyptus invade our senses. It seemed heavenly, passing through this shadowed lane. Beyond the trees, we headed to the registration area in one of the western lodge buildings. It was beautiful sight. I booked two rooms in the main lodge, and then told the registration clerk about this odd dream that I had at the recent dream conference and the words "Costa Castego". The clerk had read about the conference, and thought the dream words were close to Costanoa. She said that their resort had just opened only three weeks before, so there was little chance that I had heard of it.

As I stood there, I noticed that the Costanoa logo was leaves of fluffy headed grass, just as in my second dream! Then, the rest of the dream made sense --"I’m at a place to conclude a project (this was the final night of our trip - my mother-in-law’s lifelong dream to visit San Francisco ). There’s a big award. There’s two conference rooms (we occupied two rooms across the hall from each other). One award is like ‘leaves of grass’ in a vase (just like the Costanoa logo; their symbol for the beautiful lodging). The other award is similar."

I walked outside and was taking in the view when the lodge director walked by. I told her what a beautiful place this was and how a dream word "Costa Castego" had led me here. She told me that it was interesting how I pronounced that, because the early Spanish settlers called the local Indians "Costenos" (sounding much like my off-the-cuff spelling, Castego) and that I was historically correct; this was the Costa of the Costenos. She said dreams were incredible, and obviously I was meant to be there.

Carrying luggage into the lodge, I struck up a conversation with a tall, lean older guest with a gleeful expression on his face. He told me that he and his wife simply stumbled upon Costanoa, but liked it so much that they were on their third night! He said that his wife had told him the most interesting thing that day. I asked, "What was that". He continued, "She said that she realized that she had been sitting there, thinking of Nothing!

Nothing at all. It made her so happy." I quickly related how I had given a talk at the Dream conference on 20+ years of lucid dreaming that led to lucid dreams of Nothing - no objects, just a lovingly aware emptiness. We both shook our heads and grinned. I thought of my dream of a clear glass plate that looked like an eye -- symbolically it seemed, the clear plate that looked like ‘nothing’ would hold everything on it and remain its true self.

As the sun began to set over the ocean, I recalled another of that night’s dreams -- that of a huge gate swinging opening to distant light. Watching the sunlight setting between the coming fogbank created an effect very similar to that of two doors of a gate (dream #5) -- a pleasant other-worldly vista. Back in my room, I leafed through the resort’s literature and read that the native Indians called this place "dancing on the brink of the world". It had the feeling of being an opening, the doorway to another realm, a mystery.

My third dream of having a woman join our path appears to be precognitively related to an event the day following the dream. I was walking by a woman at the dream ball and had a sudden impulse to talk with her. So I did. She said that she had attended my presentation on "Distant Explorations in Lucid Dreaming", and was a complete ‘convert’. She used the word ‘convert’ consistently with regard to my presentation’s presumption that one could create a meaningful spiritual life by virtue of the deep inner listening of dreams. It was only days later that I realized the dream connection.

The fourth dream of an acorn, a nut and a tree only made sense in the last few days when I opened up my dream journal to see what dreams I had the night I stayed at Costanoa. That night I dreamt that my father (who had passed away almost 2 years ago) had left us a Tree with minerals like a gold nut-acorn looking thing and other valuables along the tree trunk and branches. My final dream is hearing my father say ‘get up’ as I felt the bed being shook.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our stay, and there were many more small moments that held symbolic meaning for me and others there. As my final dream simply stated, "We navigate through the world of our assumptions."

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