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19th Annual International Conference for the Association for the Study of Dreams
June 15 - 19, 2002
at Tufts University, Medford, Boston, Massachusetts









For professionals, educators, academics, and researchers, in the mental health and behavioral sciences, health, religious studies, anthropology, and education fields, designated parts of the conference will offer ASD Dream Studies Credits. You may attend any event during the conference, but only selected events are eligible for CE credits. Not all conference events are designated as offering CE credits. Please note that a CE event may be one or two of four or five simultaneous conference tracks. Conference events which are CE eligible are marked in the text and shaded in the schedule grid of the Program Booklet which will appear online in June and will be distributed at the conference. In addition, the ASD CE Credit Log that will be distributed at registration will have all CE information and required logs and certificates.


INFORMATION PERTINENT TO THOSE SEEKING AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION, DIVISION 32 CREDIT: Paid CE conference registrants are eligible to receive APA Division 32 Credit. This applies only to APA Division 32 approved conference events which are marked both in the text of this Program Booklet and in the Daily Schedule Grid in this booklet and in the ASD CE Log. Specific approved CE events will be online in this section of the website by May 31st.


INFORMATION PERTINENT TO ASD DREAM STUDY CE CREDITS (and for California licensed MFT and LCSW Psychotherapists): Earn up to a maximum of 30 CE HOURS (BBSE) Please note that MFT and LCSW therapists can pick as many or as few CE units as they wish as long as they sign in and sign out for the specific events they attend and follow the procedures below.



1)  Pay CE Fees or show receipt or registration form indicating prior payment.

2)  Receive a Credit Log Booklet at the registration desk. You will not receive any credits without this booklet. The Credit Log Booklet has the actual certificates and log forms to count and approve your credits. The packet may have last-minute changes that occurred after the schedule was printed. Please use the booklet as the ultimate authority as it has been printed just before the conference.

3) During each event you attend, fill out the evaluation questions that pertain to each event and get a monitor to initial the fact that you attended that event. There is a log built into your CE Credit Log booklet.

4) Before you leave the conference, take the entire stapled credit log to registration or to any conference CE monitor at the end of an event.

5) Have the monitor tally your credits and fill in the certificates on the 2 last pages of the booklet and detach the 2nd courtesy copy of the certificate to take with you.  No other copy of the certificate will be sent to you.




CERTIFICATES will be issued for successful completion of Dream Studies Continuing Education (CE) hours. Separate certificates will be issued for those seeking APA Division 32 credits. The certificates provide you with a permanent record of training that may be applicable for insurance panels, hospital staff status, or independent studies credit at educational institutions. Please keep in mind that each state and the licensing board of each profession may have different requirements. ASD CE credits or APA Division 32 credits can potentially be used to document training that may be required for admittance or continuation on insurance panels, hospital or clinic staffs, or educational institutions. CE credits are not synonymous with any kind of academic credit. However, they may become part of an independent study credit if your academic institution agrees to accept the credit. In general, CE hours can provide a permanent record of what training you have received for varied professional purposes. ASD cannot guarantee that any particular license board will accept the credits obtained at this conference.

            ASD will maintain records of your CE attendance. We will issue you a certificate at the end of the conference when you have completed all evaluation forms and had your attendance log checked by the monitors. If you do not have your credits checked by monitors during the conference and tallied at the end of the conference, you will not receive credit. We will not mail you a certificate unless you request one and we can only grant one if you have followed all procedures listed above. There is a $20.00 handling fee if you request that ASD reissue a replacement certificate. If you have suggestions or comments about these programs or the ASD CE credit program, please contact ASD CE Chair, Alan Siegel, Ph.D. at E-mail: or ASD Central office at E-mail:

 REMEMBER: You must have a monitor initial each event you attend and turn in your completed CE booklet at the end of the conference to receive your certificate at that time.

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Program Co-Chairs: Mark Blagrove, Ph.D., Jane White-Lewis, Ph.D.
Program Committee: Mark Blagrove, Ph.D., Robert Bosnak, J.D., Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., Ernest Hartmann, M.D., Johanna King, Ph.D., Richard Russo, M.A., Alan Siegel, Ph.D.,
Jane White-Lewis, Ph.D.
Conference Co-Hosts: Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., Nancy Grace, M.A.