9th Annual PsiberDreaming Conference

"We are  such stuff as dreams are made on..."
Prospero in William Shakespeare's The Tempest

September 26 - October 10, 2010

How Does This Online Conference Work?

If you are new to IASD, or new to the idea of online conferences, the online PsiberDreaming Conference may seem a mystery. The brief explanation, as one first-time conference attendee said is, "This is the only conference I could ever attend in my pajamas!"

Through the magic of Internet technology, IASD is able to draw together presenters, facilitators and participants from all around the world. The bulletin board format used for the conference is exactly the format used every day online at https://asdreams.org/  (which you can visit by just following the links on the web site).

For the conference, special login and password information is given to participants so that the conference board (except for particular forums) remains inaccessible to the general public. Papers and workshops are linked to the bulletin board, where information can be read at leisure.

PsiberDreaming Conference presenters agree to be available for discussion for two days after their presentations go online (though many presenters stay for the entire conference). Participants can ask questions and make comments in the bulletin board format, which is very much like writing regular emails, though all who view the board can view all of the comments. The conference bulletin board remains open to participants on a read-only basis for two weeks after the close of the conference.

Conference chats take place in an online chat room. Easy instructions will be available once the conference begins.

The real key to online conferencing is the participants themselves, who share their questions, dreams and experiences, and often forge friendships across the miles.

Features of the PsiberDreaming Conference include:

1. Online Presentations, provocative papers and workshops on popular and cutting edge topics, such as: remote viewing, precognition, dream telepathy, mutual dreaming, psychokenesis, lucid dreaming, visionary dreaming, prodromal dreams, dream healing, the nature of dream reality, and dreaming as a spiritual practice. Workshops will provide resource lists for those who wish to explore topics in greater depth, and practical instructions for techniques or experiments detailed enough so that conference participants can try them out at home.

2. Dedicated PsiberDreaming Discussion Boards where participants can discuss each paper and workshop in depth with authors and other participants, and can post specific questions, etc. Links to relevant threads would appear conveniently at the end of each posted presentation, updated daily to show new threads of interest.

3. Scheduled Chats each week of the conference with presenters and/or other experts on cutting edge topics.

4. Numerous PsiberDreaming Events where participants can test their skills and explore different facets of paranormal dreaming, including dream telepathy and mutual dreaming. Judges will evaluate how well dreamers tune into the designated targets, or how well dreamers perform a specific dream task.

5. A PsiberDreaming Art Gallery: The PsiberDreaming Art Gallery consists of international dreamers who have creatively connected to their dream images through the process of art making. Unlike other galleries, this particular gallery is open to anyone who has artistically connected with their dreams. Participants can display their own dream art (with accompanying dream text or dream poetry), sharing them with other participants. You need not be a professional artist to participate. Links to the previous years Art Gallery will be available for all to enjoy.

Conference Rates

General Public $45 (USD)
IASD Members $40
Students with Valid I.D. $30

Feel free to contact conference host Jean Campbell at jccampb@aol.com for further information on the conference.

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